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SHS Light Guide: Meat Processing EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 1

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Hermetically sealed IP68/IP69K
• IP68 – 4 meters depth
• IP69K to resist high-pressure cleaning
Resistance to chemical attacks and corrosion
• Stainless Steel 304L and 316L
• Unique solution for body coextruded in polycarbonate

The Benefits

Subject to the very highest standards of hygiene, the agri-food industry presents a particularly demanding environment for equipment and lighting. With intensive cleaning, vibrations, and high and low temperatures, lighting systems in the agri-food industry have to cope with numerous constraints. Samode, the specialist in lighting difficult environments, offers durable, robust solutions whilst guaranteeing the levels and quality of lighting required to ensure safety on site.

Samode Guarantee
Samode commits to the reliability and durability of its luminaires: With their experience in extreme environments, Samode offers you long-lasting solutions guaranteeing up to 8 years of 24/7 operation.EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Icon 12

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Conformity to IFS/BRC hygiene and safety standards
• Total cleanability of the luminaire
• No risk of broken glass
• Quality of lighting and visual comfort
Sustainable solutions
• Maintainability and interchangeability of the components
• Industrial electronic components
• Mechanical design resistant to vibrations
Optimization of the
Total Cost of Ownership
• Evolving modular design
• Sustainable and maintainable solutions
• Reduced installation and maintenance costs

Solutions that meet the requirements of agri-food standards

All our products participate in the IFS or BRC and HACCP conformity of your agri-food site by meeting the requirements of these standards in terms of lighting.
An enclosure to withstand all tests

Enclosure ultra-resistant to chemical aggressions

  • The unique solution of a polycarbonate housing covered by co-extrusion of PMMA, combining the chemical resistance of PMMA and the mechanical resistance of polycarbonate IK 10.
  • Metal parts in 304L Stainless Steel as standard or 316L Stainless Steel for enhanced corrosion resistance.
    Designed to resist shocks and vibrations
    Resistant polycarbonate IK10 enclosure and mechanical structure resistant to vibrations in conformity with vibration standard IEC 60068-2-6.
    EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 2

Sealed IP68/IP69K
Thanks to its tubular shape, an axial clamping system by means of a central screw, and a unique three-level gasket, the long-term water resistance of the luminaire is guaranteed,  no matter how many openings or closings.

Comfort and optical performance
High-performance LED integration ensures quality lighting thanks to an IRC>80 and up to 70,000 hours of service life at L80/B50.
Output power, intensive optics, optical diffusion: each solution is adapted to its destination application in order to guarantee light levels all while optimizing the number of luminaires. EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 3

Rapid installation and maintenance system outside the process area

  • Installation flexibility: luminaires can be rotated 360° within the mounting brackets
  • Easy maintenance: quick-release brackets and plugs
  • Reduced intervention on site, no loss of parts.
    EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 4

Durable and sustainable solutions

  • As a designer-manufacturer, Samode is committed to providing you with a continuity of existing solutions, with luminaires that are sustainable and evolving.
  • Light sources, electronic circuits, and mechanical structure: every component is designed to last and be replaceable.
    EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 5

Selection guide

Zones Constraints Luminaires
General lighting
Slaughter and conditioning
Maturation room
Loading Zone
Mechanical shocks and
Intensive cleaning
Tmax = 50 ° C
Workshops and area
Intensive cleaning
Tmax = 35 ° C
Cleanroom Dust tightness
Ceiling Maintenance
Great heights Height < 10 meters FRESNEL
Lighting in the cold
Tunnel Freezers and Cold
Tmin -40°C BERING
Storage Tmin -40 ° C
Great heights < 15 meters
Lighting in hot areas
Cooking areas Tmax = +55°C
Tmax = +70°C
Emergency lighting
Standalone blocks Rescued 1 hour MAXWELL S1H
Standalone blocks Rescued 3 hours MAXWELL S3H
Central source MAXWELL LSC
Low temperature Tmin -60°C MAXWELL BT

EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 6

Slaughter and Conditioning

EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 7

The first steps of processing the meat, the reception, and slaughtering areas are the most challenging areas for the luminaires. These are subject to intensive cleaning and corrosive detergents, vibrations, and shocks during the transport of the carcasses on conveyers and the high temperatures during the phases of scalding the poultry. For these areas, the construction system which secures the gear tray in the luminaire using an axial screw tightening system ensures higher resistance to shocks and vibrations. Equipped with housing made out of polycarbonate/methacrylate, it resists intensive cleaning whilst guaranteeing resistance to IK10 standards.

Workshops and Production areas

EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 8

In the production areas, processing and preparation activities such as cutting have to be performed in optimal safety conditions for the users. As a lighting manufacturer,  Samode designs solutions to ensure users the best quality of lighting thanks to an IRC > 80 and an adapted treatment of the optics to avoid risks of glare in the production workshops (satin-finish housing, treatment of lenses) and associated user fatigue. All the luminaires are available in 5000 K to guarantee quality control.

Tunnel Freezers and Cold Stores

EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 9

Bering luminaires are the Samode solution to resist temperatures to – 40° for the lighting of freezing tunnels as well as for low and very low-temperature storage. They are designed to withstand the wide temperature variations of freezing processes, guaranteeing a long-lasting solution and limited maintenance. Available in different sizes, they offer a wide range of solutions for lighting below 7 meters in storage areas by optimizing the number of lighting points and consumption. For great heights, the Barents, with its intensive optics and 13,700-lumen flux, is a powerful and efficient solution for lighting great heights at temperatures down to – 40 degrees.

Cooking Areas

EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Figure 10

For high-temperature areas, cooking areas, ready meals, and cured meats, the luminaires are subject to very unfavorable conditions which have a significant impact on the lifetime of the LEDs and the aging of the equipment. Samode considers it important to guarantee sustainable solutions in the most extreme environments and is the only manufacturer on the market to offer impervious LED solutions up to +70°C. Thermal management and choice of components ensure a minimum lifetime of 50,000 hours L80/B50 up to 70°C.

Samode: an expert at your side

Whether it is a new installation or a renovation, designing an optimal and durable lighting installation is a matter for a specialist. Like any long-term investment, it requires good support to make the right choice. Sammode’s teams, experts in industrial lighting, are committed and stand by your side throughout your project to advise you on the best solution to implement.

EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Icon 6 Diagnosis and requirements
After an on-site analysis of the operating conditions, installation constraints or other special requirements, we choose together the most suitable models from the wide range of Sammode solutions.
EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Icon 7 Lighting studies
Our design office carries out lighting studies in order to optimize your installation with regard to lighting levels, lighting comfort, the area to be  lit, and the layout.
EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Icon 8 Control systems
To reduce your energy bill and allow better control of your installation, our experts offer you the energy management solutions best suited to your situation.
EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Icon 9 Development of special products
As a designer manufacturer, we systematically study the best technical solutions and know how to adapt them to meet your needs.
EYE LIGHTING Sammode Meat Processing Light - Icon 10 On-site testing and support
We offer our clients a complete project follow-up and regularly test our solutions on-site to verify the requirements.

For over 90 years, the largest industrial groups have entrusted Sammode with the task of illuminating their installations. Choosing Sammode means choosing a trusted partner to bring your project to a successful conclusion with complete peace of mind.

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Sammode, Hoffmeister, and Sill form a new alliance: SHS Lighting, the European specialist in technical lighting.
Industrial and family-owned, our three companies share decades of expertise, innovation, and excellence. Our lighting expertise sets the benchmark. It defines our uniquely high standards, allowing us to guarantee the precision, performance, reliability, and long-term robustness of all our products, with the utmost flexibility and particular attention to design.
We are at the same time designers, manufacturers, and technical advisors. When clients choose one of our products, they get more than a light fixture: they acquire intelligence and service.

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