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EXPLORE Finder and Guiding TelescopeEXPLORE Finder and Guiding Telescope 2Sucher- und Leitfernrohr / Finder- and Guiding Telescope
8×50 / 10×60
Art. No. 0620170 / 0620180

DANGER! Never look directly at or near the sun with this device without a solar filter! Direct sunlight will cause serious damage of your eyes or even blindness within a few seconds.
DANGER! Ne regardez jamais directement ou pres du soleil avec cet appareil sans filtre solaire! La lumiere directe du soleil causera de graves dommages aux yeux ou meme la cecite en quelques secondes.

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EXPLORE Finder and Guiding Telescope - SCOPE OF DELIVERY

  1. Guiding Telescope.
  2. Eyepiece unit with the crosshair.
  3. Crosshair illumination unit incl. batteries.
  4. Viewfinder holder with viewfinder shoe.
  5. Instruction manual.


EXPLORE Finder and Guiding Telescope - HOW TO USE

  1. Objective Lens.
  2. Finder Adjustment Screws.
  3. Helical Focuser.
  4. Eyepiece Clamping Screws.
  5. Eyepiece Clamping 1.25“.
  6. Focusing Crosshair.
  7. Switch Illumination Unit.
  8. T2 Thread Adapter.
  9. Clamping Screws Finder Shoe.

EXPLORE Finder and Guiding Telescope - figure 1
Guiding CAM 1.25“
EXPLORE Finder and Guiding Telescope - figure 2
Guiding CAM T2
EXPLORE Finder and Guiding Telescope - figure 3


  • 8×50 /10×60 viewfinder and guiding telescope
  • Perfect image sharpness and good viewing comfort
  • FMC Multi-coated lens surfaces
  • Lens focal length: 220mm / 250mm
  • Max. possible camera weight: 550g
  • Removable eyepiece/cross hair unit
  • Camera connection via 1.25 inch / 31.7mm plug connection or T2 thread
  • T2 thread: M42 x 0,75mm
  • Precise helical focuser for focusing the visible image
  • Focuser travel range: 28mm
  • Close focus distance: 3 m
  • Laser-engraved millimeter scale from 0 to 28mm on the focuser
  •  Focal plane (back focus) is approx. 22mm behind the T2 thread
  •  Separate focusing of the crosshair at the eyepiece
  •  Very large field of view FOV of 6.96 /6,0 degrees
  •  With adjustable red cross-hair illumination
  • Scale markings crosshair with 1.0 / 0.85-degree graduation
  • Power supply of illumination unit: coin battery type LR41 (2pcs)
  • Brass ring clamp and 3 clamping screws on the 1.25-inch plug connection
  • With optional eyepieces, magnifications from 8x-40x / 9x-50x can be achieved
  • Suitable are almost all eyepieces with 1.25 inch/31,7mm shaft
  • Mounting of the viewfinder telescope is completely made of aluminum
  • Viewfinder mount with 6 large adjustment screws with a knurled head for easy grip
  • Finder shoe suitable for EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC, BRESSER MESSIER etc.
  • Additionally, a suitable viewfinder shoe is included
  • Bore distances of the viewfinder shoe are 31.7mm on the longitudinal and transverse axis
  • Adjusting and clamping screws have plastic tips


  • Only clean the lenses (eyepieces and/or objectives) with a soft, lint-free cloth (e.g. microfibre). Do not press the cloth too hard to avoid scratching the lenses.
  • To remove heavy dirt residues, moisten the cleaning cloth with a glasses cleaning fluid and wipe the lenses with little pressure.
  • Protect the unit from dust and moisture! After use – especially in humid conditions – allow the unit to acclimatize to room temperature for some time so that the residual moisture can be removed. Replace the dust caps and store the device in a dry and heated place.

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EXPLORE Finder and Guiding Telescope [pdf] Instruction Manual
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