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EXLIBRIS Leganto December 2021 Instructor


January 2022 Sneak Preview

  • NERS: Set section view for a reading list
  • NERS: Alert of the associated reading list when withdrawing an item
  • New onboarding for instructors

Main Features

Automatically Create First Section When Creating a List in Leganto

December 2021 Leganto

NERS Enhancement (ID #7235)
When creating a new list in Leganto, the user is prompted to choose a template for the list structure. The blank template, which comes out of the box with Leganto, has been renamed “Default”, and it now includes one section. The section name will be “Resources” unless otherwise configured. Users will be able to start adding resources to the list immediately, bypassing the need to create the first section.

The following labels can be customized using Leganto > General > Labels:EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-1

The tooltip You must have at least one section now only appears if the instructor deletes the section.EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-2

Default template example

For more information, see Saving a Reading List Structure as Template.

Quick Cite: Export a Single Citation in a Specific Reference Format

December 2021 Leganto

Idea Exchange

Quick Cite enables users to generate a citation for a single resource, and specify the bibliography style for the citation. The default style is set in Leganto > Features > Bibliographic Styles. If no default style is set, the first style in the Bibliographic Styles table appears. The Quick Cite feature is enabled by default but can be disabled in Leganto > UI >

Citation Menu


Quick Cite optionEXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-4

Generate Citation
For more information, see Exporting a Citation.

Reply to an Annotation

December 2021 Leganto
Leganto now enables you to reply to public annotations.EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-5

Reply option
The dotted line indicates which reply relates to which comment.EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-6

Reply to a comment
When a second reply is added, the dotted line extends to indicate multiple replies to the same comment.EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-7

Multiple replies
When switching focus from an annotation, the comments are collapsed with an indication of the number of replies.EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-8

Collapsed comments
When deleting an annotation with replies, the replies are also deleted. When there are replies to an annotation, the annotation cannot be changed to Private. For more information, see Working with Assignments.

PDFs Open in a New Tab

December 2021 Leganto
PDFs now open in a new tab, leveraging the full-screen size. Previously, Leganto supported the option to embed PDFs on the Leganto page, but embedded PDFs are especially problematic when Leganto itself is embedded in the learning management system, limiting the space on the page. The new tab uses a view that condenses the citation information to focus on the reader, giving students and instructors maximum space on the page to view the resource and add annotations (when enabled).

Previous DisplayEXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-9
Current Display

Both the brief and full view of the citation display the option to open the resource in a new tab.


Both the brief and full view of the citation display the option to open the resource in a new tab.EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-11

Brief View


Full View

When a new tab is opened, the breadcrumbs are still viewable but they are not links.

Leganto still includes the option to render PDFs read-only (not downloadable). The parameter embed_pdf_by_default was replaced by pdf_use_leganto_viewer (Leganto > UI) parameter. The default setting is true. For more information, see Configuring Whether Instructors can Embed Citations Directly in Leganto.

Additional Enhancements

December 2021 Leganto SF: 05307530
To improve the usability of the Questions and Answers feature, when adding an answer to a free text option, the free text radio button is now automatically selected so that the user no longer has to remember to manually select that answer option.EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-13
Selected answer

December 2021 Leganto

Idea Exchange
Leganto can be configured to create course records in situations where the instructor selects the LTI link to Leganto and the course does not already exist in Alma. See Configuring Whether Instructors Can Create or Modify Courses for more information. Now, you also have the option to include the course start and end dates in the course record that is created, based on data from the learning management system (LMS). To configure, you must update the custom parameters on the external tool in your LMS. For more information, see the instructions for setting up the LTI integration for your LMS on the Developer Network. Both LTI 1.1 and 1.3 support this new feature.

December 2021 Leganto SF: 00895759 00959927
For all roles, when a user selects LIBRARY REVIEW to send a reading list to the library, the text of the button changes to LIST SENT. The LIST SENT button is now disabled until there is a change to the list. When there is a change to the list, the button changes to LIBRARY REVIEW and becomes active. Previously, librarians experienced different behavior from instructors.EXLIBRIS-Leganto-December-2021-Instructor-fig-14

Disabled LIST SENT
For more information, see Sending a Reading List to the Library for Fulfillment.

December 2021 Leganto

Idea Exchange
When rolling over a course, Leganto now enables you to Copyor Reset(Configuration Menu > Leganto > List Management > Instructor Rollover Operations) an:

The default for the options is Reset and they are both disabled.

  • internal library note
  • instructor note

For more information, see Configuring Course Loading.

December 2021 Analytics
The LTI Version field was added to Leganto Student Usage > Student Usage.

Resolved Issues

  • December 2021 Leganto SF: 01008377
    When adding an item from Mendeley, journal articles were added as Journals. These items are now added as Articles.
  • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00990122
    The Links icon and Guest text in the Leganto header now change color on dark/light background colors.
  • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00633039
    When creating duplicate mappings in Primo for chapter title and author, duplicate values were created in the citation (chapter title + regular title). This was fixed.
  • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00972746 00984385 00985753
    Purchase requests failed when the academic department included the & character. This was fixed.
  • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00965724
  • On the branding page in Alma, the Your institution has a customized branding field renamed Leganto logo exists.
  • December 2021 Leganto SF: 00920640
    Item requests created from Leganto now include Legantoin the Creator field.

Documents / Resources

EXLIBRIS Leganto December 2021 Instructor [pdf] User Manual
Leganto, Instructor, Leganto Instructor

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