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Dual Docking Station USB 3.1
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Quick Install

Dual Docking Station 1Mount the HDD/SSD on the SATA connectors

Dual Docking Station 2Attach the docking station with the included cable to your computer
Dual Docking Station 3Attach the powersupply to the docking station

Turn on the EW7014.
Press the `On/Off’ button of the EW7014

Clone your hard disk (without using the pc)
Create a exact copy of your hard disk very easily
Clone your hard disk 1Clone your hard disk aClone your hard disk bClone your hard disk cClone your hard disk dFor service, manuals, firmware updates, or support visit
Multilingual manual
5 Years Warranty


Documents / Resources

ewent Dual Docking Station USB 3.1 [pdf] Installation Guide
Dual Docking Station USB 3.1, EW7014


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