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  • Thank you for choosing a shower chair from Etac.
  • In order to avoid injury during handling and use, please read through this manual first.
  • In the manual, the user is the person sitting in the chair. The carer is the person helping the user.

Intended use

  • The Clean family is a range of mobile shower chairs and toilet chairs (hereafter called the product) intended for indoor use when performing hygiene tasks for people with restricted mobility. The product can be used in the shower, at a sink, or over the toilet, as well as for transfers to and from the hygiene room.
  • The product is intended for use in home environments and institutions.
  • The product is suitable for use in wet areas, but not pools or similar corrosive environments.
  • The product is intended to compensate for various types of injuries or disabilities that limit the mobility of the user.
  • The product is intended for adult users, generally, persons who are at least 146 cm tall and weigh at least 40 kg.
  • The product is not intended for any other use or environment beyond those stated above.
  • The product conforms to the requirements of the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

The product has been tested and complies with the requirements set out in EN ISO 10993-1 and SS-EN 12182.

There are no known contraindications.

etac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-13This symbol appears in the manual along with text. It indicates instances where the safety of the user or the assistant may be at risk.

etac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-14The images which are referred to on each page are found at the start of the manual (pages 3 to 7). See Figures A to J for the corresponding text.

Item list: etac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-15 = Applies to,etac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-16 = Accessories

See the item list on the right which displays the information applicable to each product.

This manual covers the following products:etac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-17

Assembly upon delivery

The product is supplied with parts assembled with the exception of arm supports and footrests. Assemble as shown in figures D and F.etac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-7etac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-9

Product description & technical data






  • A1. Backrest
  • A2. Armrest
  • A3. Seat
  • A4. Foot support
  • A5. Castor wheel
  • A6. Product label (warnings, CE-marking)
  • A7. Item no label (serial no, production date)
  • A8. Rear-wheel
  • A9. User brake
  • A10. Height adjustment]


5-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects. For terms and conditions, see

Product lifetime:
Service life 7 years. For complete information regarding the service life of the product, see

Clean the product using a standard non-abrasive cleaning agent (pH between 5 and 9). Rinse and dry.
Disinfect the product with a 70% disinfectant solution.

The product requires no other maintenance.
The product and its accessories can be safely cleaned at 85°C for
3 minutes (unless otherwise stated). This applies to reconditioning. The product can be reconditioned. Refer to the reconditioning instruc-tions on
Constituent materials are resistant to common disinfectants.


  • B1. Clean the chair with ordinary non-abrasive detergent. Rinse and dry.
  • B2. The product can be cleaned at 85 ° for 3 minutes.
    The following surface treatment methods have been used to protect against corrosion:
    Lacquered surfaces = Polyester powder coating
    Non-lacquered steel surfaces = Fe/Zn-Ni

The product is suitable for reuse. The number of times it can be reused depends on how often and in which way the product is used. Before reuse, thoroughly clean and disinfect the product and check its safety features. If necessary, take remedial action.


See Figure B

  • A defective product must not be used.

In case of an adverse event occurred in relation to the use of the device, it should be reported to your local dealer and the national competent authority in a timely manner. The local dealer will forward information to the manufacturer.


  • B3. Risk of pinching at the armrest.
  • B4. Do not stand on the footrest, risk of tipping!B5. Maximum user weight: 130 kg.
  • B6. The seating position affects the stability.


See Figure Cetac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-6


Over a threshold:

  • C1. Chair only, push down on the wheel attachment.
  • C2. With the occupant, pull the chair backward.

In stationary position:

  • C3. Always lock as many castors as possible when the chair is to be used in a stationary position.
  • C4. Out-turned castors improve the chair’s stability.

Assess the risks and take notes. You as a carer are responsible for the safety of the user. Aids should be used if the transfer is deemed risky. Visit for manual transfer aids.

  • C3-C4. It is important to ensure that the castors are locked and pointing outward before carrying out transfers to and from Clean.
    Remove the armrest on the transfer side of the chair.
  • C5-C7. Carry out the transfer.


See Figure Detac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-7

  • D1. The armrests are swing-away and detachable.
  • D2. The armrests are lockable.

Height adjustment

See Figure Eetac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-8

  • E1-3. The height can be adjusted with ease by placing the screw in the required position.

WARNING: Check that all four castors are similarly adjusted, otherwise stability will be reduced. Do not use the chair if the wing nuts are loose.


See Figure Fetac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-9

  • F1. The carer can easily push in the footrest with their foot.
  • F2. The footrest is detachable.
  • F3. The footrest has 4 different angle and height settings.
  • F4. The footrest has 8 different angle and height settings. F5. More adjustment options are available by moving the pin.

WARNING: Remove the pins once the footrest has been removed. When the chair is adjusted to a height of 47.5 cm, the lowest footrest position must not be used.

Backrest upholstery

See Figure Getac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-10

User brake

See Figure Hetac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-11


See Figure Ietac-78644J-Shower-Commode-Chair-FIG-12

The accessories section shows all the options that are available for your shower chair. Variations from standards can occur in different markets. Limitations in combinations of accessories may occur. For more information visit


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