eta Freshie III Vacuum Sealer User Manual
eta Freshie III Vacuum Sealer


Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our product. Please read the operating instructions carefully before putting the appliance into operation and keep these instructions including the warranty, the receipt and, if possible, the box with the internal packing.



  • Consider the instructions for use as a part of the appliance and pass them on to any other user of the appliance.
  • Check whether the data on the type label corresponds with the voltage in your socket.
    The power cord plug may only be connected to the electrical socket complying with the applicable standards.
  • This appliance may only be used by children aged 8 years or older, and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. Children younger than 8 years must be kept out of reach of the appliance and its power cord.
  • Do not leave the appliance running without attendance and check it during the whole process of welding!
  • Before replacing accessories or accessible parts, before assembly and disassembly, before cleaning or maintenance, turn off the appliance and disconnect it from the mains by pulling the power cord from the power socket!
  • Always unplug the appliance from power supply if you leave it unattended and before assembly, disassembly or cleaning.
  • Never use the appliance if the power cord or power plug are damaged, if the appliance is not correctly operating or if it has fallen on the floor and been damaged, or if it has fallen into water. In such cases take the appliance to a professional service centre to verify its safety and correct function.
  • Pay careful attention when handling the appliance to avoid injury, (e.g. burns). – The appliance has a hot surface. Persons insensitive to heat must be careful when using the appliance.
  • When the appliance is in operation, prevent pets, plants or insects from getting in contact with it.
  • The appliance is intended for home use and for similar purposes (in shops, offices and similar sites, in hotels, motels and other residential premises, or in facilities providing bed and breakfast service). It is not intended for commercial use!
  • Do not plug the power cord in the electrical socket and do not unplug it with wet hands or by pulling the power cord!
  • Never immerse the appliance into water or any other liquid (even its parts)!
  • Holes for air ventilation must not be covered. Do not insert or throw any objects into the holes.
  • Avoid contact with the sealing wire when hot.
  • The producer does not undertake any responsibility for damage caused by improper use of the appliance (e.g. deterioration of food, injury, burning, scalding, fire, etc.) and its guarantee does not cover the appliance in the case of failure to comply with the safety warning above.
  • After completion of the vacuum process leave the cover of the appliance open for the welding part to cool down.
  • CAUTION – The appliance is not designed for constant operation.
    Do not use the welder constantly for longer than 15 minutes, then leave it to cool down for approx. 10 minutes.
  • It is not intended for outdoors use.
  • The appliance must not be used in damp or wet environment and in any environment with the danger of fire or explosion (spaces where chemicals, fuels, oils, gases, paints and other flammable or volatile materials are stored).
  • Do not seal fluids in liquid state with vacuum function. If you want to store liquid food (such as soups), first freeze the food in an appropriate container, cut the food into pieces, put in bags and seal/vacuum them. Put the individual bags into freezer.
  • Do not place the appliance on unstable, fragile or flammable surfaces (e.g. glass, paper, plastic, wooden varnished boards and various fabric/table cloths).
  • Use the appliance in the working position only at places with no risk of turning over and in sufficient distance from heat sources (e.g. heater, stove, cooker, oven, grill), flammable objects (e.g. curtains, drapes, etc.) and wet surfaces (e.g. sinks, wash basins, etc.).
  • If the power cord of the appliance is corrupted, it has to be replaced by the manufacturer, its service technician or a similarly qualified person so as to prevent dangerous situations.
  • Never put the power cord on hot surfaces and never let it hang over table edge or worktop edge. If the cord is caught or pulled, e.g. by children, the appliance may overturn and fall down, causing a serious injury!
  • The power cord must not be damaged with sharp or hot objects, open fire, it must not be sunk into water or bent over sharp edges.
  • In order to ensure safety and proper function of the appliance, use only original spare parts and accessories approved by the manufacturer.
  • Only use this appliance for the purpose it was designed for, as specified in this manual.
    Never use the appliance for any other purpose


Product Description

  • A – bag sealer body
    • A1 – lid
    • A2 – buttons for releasing the lid
    • A3 – welding part
    • A4 – the sucking area
    • A5 – sealing gasket
    • A6 – airproof loop of sponge
    • A7 – port for external extraction
  • B – control panel
    • B1 – light indication
    • B2 – external vacuum-packing button (CANISTER)
    • B3 – vacuuming + sealing button + cancel function
    • B4 – button for moist food (MOIST)
    • B5 – button for setting the vacuum-packing intensity (PULSE)
    • B6 – sealing button (SEALING)

Optional accessories:

Cling film: 3 m long and 28 cm wide – ETA176200010
Bags 30 x 40 cm (50 pcs) ETA176293040
Bags 25 x 35 cm (50 pcs) ETA176292535
Bags 20 x 30 cm (50 pcs) ETA176292030
Suction hose + Hose adaptor ETA076290020, intended for:
Reusable bags 10 pcs 23×21 cm; 10 pcs 23×28 cm; 5 pcs 30×28 cm ETA176290025
Vacuum-packing box (1x 670 ml + 1x 1360 ml) ETA076290030
Vacuum-packing box (1x 1000 ml + 1x 2000 ml) ETA076290040
Vacuum-packing box (1x 1350 ml + 1x 2570 ml) ETA076290050
Vacuum-packing box (2x 670 ml + 2x 1360 ml + 1x 1000 ml + 1x 2000 ml) ETA076290060


Remove all packaging materials and take out the appliance. Remove all adhesive foils, stickers or papers from the appliance.


Signal lights B1
Blue (flashing) – standby mode; flashing of any light (after activation of any function) indicates completion of the function.
Green (lighting) – air removing has been activated
Red (lighting) – heat sealing has been activated
No light – after approx. 3 minutes of inactivity, the device will be switched to the standby mode. Press any button for switching the device back to the operation mode.

  1. Button for food with higher moisture B4
    Intended for vacuum packing and sealing of foods with higher moisture. Press this button to remove the air and then seal the bag. Place the bag as indicated in Fig. 3B.
    Sealer Functions
  2. B2 button for external vacuum-packing
    Intended for removing air from the sealing box and compatible special bags using air extracting hose (ETA076290020). When the button is activated, air is removed from the vacuum-packing box/bag.
    Insert thin connector to the device and attach wide and rounded adapter to the air extracting port of the box or compatible bag. When this function has been activated, the round adapter will be sucked tight. When switched off, remove the hose (from the vacuum-packing box first).
    • The correct function of the appliance is guaranteed only if you use the vacuum-packing boxes/bags supplied by the manufacturer. Request it from your distributor.
    • For correct function (i.e. generating vacuum), lid A1 must be closed tightly.
    • When removing food from the vacuum-packing box, make sure to release the vacuum first by pressing down the valve in the middle of the cover.
  3. Vacuum-packing + sealing + cancel (B3 button)
    When this feature is activated, the vacuum sealer will remove air from the vacuum bag first (extraction area) and then produce a strong, seamless seal. Place the bag as indicated in Fig. 3B
    Press this button (B3) to interrupt any activated function.
  4. Button PULSE for controlled air removal B5
    Press and hold this button to activate and maintain the air removal function (either using external air removing button or standard bag sealing function). In this way, you can control the air removing intensity. If removing air from the bag, you can release the button after having reached required vacuum, and then activate heat sealing function (button B6) and seal the bag.
    This function is intended for more sensitive food, allowing you to control the air removing intensity by yourselves.
  5. B6 sealing button
    When activated, the vacuum sealer will produce a strong, seamless seal. Place the bag as indicated in Fig. 3A.


  • If sealing function is activated, air is exhausted for a short time

Standard operation

(using standard bags/films)

Connect the appliance to the mains. Follow the instructions provided in Fig. 2.
Operation instruction

  1. Press the A2 button and open the cover A1.
  2. If you are making a bag from a bag roll (both ends are unsealed), prepare and cut it to the desired length first. Then place one end of the cut part on the welding seal A5 and weld with the button B6. Fill the bag with the required raw material, insert the end of the bag into the extraction area.
  3. Close the cover A1 and press down the cover edges so as to lock it (you will hear a click).
  4. Press the button with the required operation (B2, B3, B4, B5 or B6). Activated and finished function is indicated by light B1.
  5. You can now open the cover A1 (press the A2 button first) and remove the film/bag


  • Proper functionality of the appliance is assured only when using the foil/box supplied by the manufacturer. Request these foils/boxes at your retailer. Do not use plastic bags. At the same time you can re-weld many foods in their original packaging (eg bags of potato chips).
  • The vacuum sealer is used to seal cling foil up to the max. width of 300 mm (vacuuming max. 290 mm).

Using an external container and reusable bags ETA176290025 (features B2, B5)

Connect the appliance to the mains. Place ingredients to the vacuum-packing box/bag and close tightly. Connect one end of the extraction hose to the port for external extraction A7 and put the other wide and rounded end on the box valve/air removal port of the bag.

Select the button/feature B5 or external vacuum-packing B2 as required. To open the box, release the vacuum first by pressing down the release valve.


Do not clean appliace if is hot. After each use, wipe the outer parts with a damp soft cloth.
To clean the inner parts of the appliance, wipe all pieces of food and liquids with a paper cloth. Leave to dry properly before next use. Do not use abrasive and aggressive cleaning agents! If the power cord becomes stained, wipe it with a damp cloth. The colour change of the surface in time is normal. This change does not change the qualities of the surface in any way and is not a reason to return this appliance! If particles of plastic adhere to the sealing wire, wipe them off carefully to avoid damage to the wire. If can help to carry out a sealing operation the lid and pressing fully down without a bag in position. This will heat the wire and soften any plastic adhering to it.

Before reusing a bag, we recommend properly washing it in warm water with a small amount of dishwasher detergent, and rinsing in clear water. Place the bag so that water can flow out from inside the bag. Before reusing, dry the bag thoroughly.

Rinse the vacuum-packing box and parts thereof with water and detergent (or wash them in a dish-washer). Allow all the parts to dry out properly before next use or storage.


If the dimensions allow, there are labels of materials used for production of packing, components and accessories as well as their recycling on all parts. The symbols specified on the product or in the accompanying documentation mean that the used electric or electronic products must not be disposed of together with municipal waste. For proper disposal of the product, hand it over at special collection places where it will be taken over free of charge. Suitable disposal of the product can help to maintain valuable natural resources and to prevent possible negative impacts on the environment and human health, which could be the possible consequences of improper waste disposal. Ask for more details at the local authorities or in the nearest collection site. Fines can be imposed for improper disposal of this type of waste in agreement with the national regulations. If the appliance is to be put out of operation for good, after disconnecting it from power supply we recommend cutting off the power cord and thus it will not be possible to use the appliance again.
Environmental Protection

Expert service must do the large maintenance or to intervene into inside parts of the appliance! Non-observance of the instructions of the manufacturer cancels the right for guarantee repair!


  • Voltage (V) shown on the type label of the appliance
  • Absorbed power (W) shown on the type label of the appliance
  • Weight (kg) approximately 1
  • Protection class of the appliance II.
  • Size, (mm): 370 x 110 x 80

Input in standby mode is < 0,50 W

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical specifications and accessories for the respective models. 



The Warning icon symbol indicates a WARNING.


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