eta 6172 Air Fryer


Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our product. Please read the operating instructions carefully before putting the appliance into operation and keep these instructions including the warranty, the receipt and, if possible, the box with the internal packing.


  • Before first use, please read this manual, look at the figures and keep it for further reference.
  • Please check if the product label data conforms to the voltage of your plug socket.
  • Do not plug and unplug the electric socket plug with wet hands and do not pull the plug with the power cord!
  • The product is intended for home use and similar (in shops, offices, and similar workplaces, in hotels, motels and other residential environments, in facilities providing accommodation with breakfast). It is not intended for commercial use!
  • This product can be used by children at the age of 8 years and older if they are supervised or if they were instructed regarding the use of the appliance in a safe way and if they understand possible risks. Children must not play with the appliance. User cleaning and maintenance must not be performed by children if they are younger than 8 years and unsupervised. Children younger than 8 years must be kept out of reach of the appliance and its power cord. The appliance may not be used by children 0 to 8 years of age.
  • The device may be used by persons with reduced physical or mental abilities or lack of experience and knowledge only if they are under supervision or they have been instructed about using the appliance safely and understand the potential dangers. Children must play with the appliance.
  • Before replacing accessories or accessible parts, which move during operation, before assembly and disassembly, before cleaning or maintenance, and after use turns off the appliance and disconnect it from the mains by pulling the power cord from the power socket!
  • Disconnect the appliance from the power source immediately if the power cord is damaged. The power cord must be replaced by the manufacturer or by a service technician or a qualified electrician to avoid electric shock or fire hazard.
  • Always unplug the appliance from the power supply if you leave it unattended.
  • Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged in any manner. Return the appliance to the manufacturer or the nearest authorized service agent for examination, repair or electrical or mechanical adjustment.
  • ATTENTION: The case of the appliance and its internal components are hot during operation and until they cool down! Use protective equipment for manipulation (such as gloves). When handling the internal parts (e.g. container), wait until they cool down.
  • ATTENTION: Do not use this heater in series with an external timer, remote controller or any other device that switches on the appliance automatically, since a fire risk exists when the heater is accidentally covered or displaced at the moment it switches on.
  • When the appliance is in operation, prevent pets, plants or insects to get in contact with it.
  • Do not leave the appliance unattended while working and check it during the whole time of frying.
  • Use the deed fryer only at places where the risk of tilting over is prevented and which is far enough from flammable objects (e. g. curtains, drapes, wood, etc.), heat sources (e. g. heater, electric/gas stove, etc.) and from wet surfaces (sinks, wash basins, etc.).
  • The deep fryer (heating element) is equipped with heat protection against overheating.
  • Never immerse the fryer and the heater into water (not even partially) and do not wash under running water!
  • If the container for frying ingredients is hot, do not put it onto a wooden table, varnished surface, or any other type of sensitive surface, which could get damaged by the heat.
  • When frying, do not touch the area where steam/hot air comes out, there is a danger of burning and scalding. Also, watch out for hot steam coming out after the container is pulled out!
  • Before connecting the fryer to electricity, it must be assembled correctly. Never turn the fryer on without the container with the handle properly inserted into the drip tray.
  • Do not pour any liquids, including frying oil, into the fryer! Frying is secured by hot air circulation.
  • All the ingredients being prepared must be placed in the frying container, to prevent them from coming into contact with the heating coil.
  • When in use, never cover the inlet and outlet vents.
  • Do not place the appliance against a wall or other appliances. Leave at least 20–30 cm of space around and above the appliance.
  • If you see smoke coming out of the appliance, immediately disconnect it from electricity, ventilate, and after the smoke is gone, eliminate the cause (if caused by the prepared ingredients).
  • After heating up, the appliance requires approximately 30 min. to cool down for safe handling and cleaning.
  • When pulling out the containers by the handles, proceed carefully and hold the body of the fryer with your other hand.
  • The power cord must not be damaged by sharp or hot objects, by an open flame and it must not be submerged under water. Never place it on hot surfaces and do not leave it hanging over the edge of a table or a workbench. If the cord is tripped over or pulled by for example children the deep fryer may tip over or be pulled down and lead to serious burns!
  • If use of an extension cable is needed, please make sure the cable is in perfect condition and conforming to applicable standards.
  • Use the appliance only with original accessories from the manufacturer.
  • Do not use the appliance for purposes other than those defined and described in this manual!
  • The manufacturer will not be liable for defects caused by improper use of the appliance and accessories (e.g. degraded food, injury, damage, fire etc.) and the warranty provisions will become void in the case of non-compliance with safety measures.


A – body of the fryer

  • A1 – drip tray
  • A2 – container (frybacket) for frying ingredients
  • A3 – handle
  • A4 – safety button cover
  • A5 – container locking latch A2
  • A6 – air outlet
  • A7 – power cable
  • A8 – switch/timer (0-30 min.)
  • A9 – temperature setting (80-200 °C)
  • A10 – operation indicator
  • A11 – heating indicatoreta-6172-Air-Fryer-fig-1


Before the first use, wash the parts that will be in contact with food in hot water with detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe till dry, or let dry. A short mild emission of smoke may occur, this is not a defect and is no reason for complaint. Now the appliance is ready for use.

Assembly of the individual parts
Assemble the fryer according to Fig. 1. The A2 frying container can be removed from the A1 drip tray mechanism after pressing the safety button (latch A5), located under the A4 cover. Then slide the container back in the opposite direction and slide the A4 cover to prevent accidental pressing of the A5 latch.

Place the assembled fryer on a flat surface (e.g. kitchen table) at a height of at least 85 cm, out of reach of children. Fill the container with the desired ingredients (observe the maximum amount marked with the MAX line) and assemble the whole fryer properly. Connect the plug of the A7 power cable to the mains. Timer control dial A8 – it also works as a switch. Set the required heating time in the range of 3-30 min. When the timer reaches 0, you will hear a cling and the fryer will switch off. If a manual switch-off is required, turn the dial manually to 0 (counterclockwise). If the preparation is complete while the timer is counting down, always set it manually to 0 (off).

Temperature setting control dial A9 – set the required temperature to 80-200 °C (information about the required temperature can be found on the food label or in the table of this manual). When the cooking is finished, always turn the control dial to.

When the fryer (timer) is in operation, the A10 operation indicator light turns on. Active heating is signaled by the A11 heating indicator. When the set temperature is reached, the A11 heating indicator switches off. When the time set elapses, the appliance will turn off automatically (you will hear a signal sound). After frying, use the handle to carefully pull out the A2 container with ingredients and leave to cool down for a while. Depending on the nature of the cooked ingredients, pour out any liquids from the A1 drip tray.
During the course of the function, the temperature and time may be changed. Termination of the function is accompanied by an audible signal. The heater switches off.

By taking the frying pot out, the appliance’s functioning is interrupted. After reinserting the pot, the set function will continue.

The recommended temperature and time of various menus are as follows:

Icon Raw material Temperature (°C) Time (min.) Notes
eta-6172-Air-Fryer-fig-2 French fries (frozen) 180 15 – 20  

There are some differences in the same kind of

ingredients, and the taste of each user may be different.

The table is for your reference only.

You can adjust the fryting time and temperature according to your favorite taste.

eta-6172-Air-Fryer-fig-3 Ribs 180 20 – 25
eta-6172-Air-Fryer-fig-4 Shrimps 160 15 – 20
eta-6172-Air-Fryer-fig-5 Cake 160 20 – 30
eta-6172-Air-Fryer-fig-6 Chicken drumsticks 180 20 – 25
eta-6172-Air-Fryer-fig-7 Steak 180 10 – 20
Fish 160 15 – 20

Some ingredients require stirring or shaking during cooking. However, never press the locking latch of the handle – it only serves to deliberately pull out the A2 container/fry basket from the A1 drip tray. At the same time, do not turn or tilt the container excessively when shaking, the drip tray may contain hot liquid.


Before carrying out any maintenance disconnect the appliance from the power grid by pulling out the plug on the power cord from the el. socket and allow it to cool down! After each use wipes the outer surfaces with a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasive and aggressive cleaning agents and metal tools, which could scratch the surface during cleaning. Wipe the outer casing with a damp cloth. Wash both containers (frybacket) in hot water with detergent, then rinse with clean water and allow to dry sufficiently (do not use the dishwasher). If necessary, gentle degreasing agents can be used on these parts. Carefully wipe the inside of the fryer base using a damp cloth or a non-abrasive cleaning sponge. If necessary, remove residual dirt from the heater using a cleaning brush.

Never dry plastic molded parts above a heat source (e.g. fire stoves, electric/gas stoves, etc.). It is normal for the color of the surface to change over time. This change in no way changes the properties of the surface and is not a reason for complaint about the appliance! Wipe the power cord A7 with a cloth. Store the appliance thoroughly cleaned in a dry, dust-free location that is out of reach of children and incapacitated persons.


If the size of the appliance allows, all the parts contain marking of the materials used for product packaging, components, and accessories as well as for recycling. The symbols on the product or in the accompanying documentation mean that the electrical or electronic product used must not be liquidated together with communal waste.

To ensure the appropriate liquidation take the used appliance to a collection point where it will be accepted free of charge. Correct liquidation of the product helps to protect valuable natural resources and helps to prevent a potential negative impact on the environment and human health which can be the outcome of inappropriate liquidation of waste. More details can be obtained from your local authorities or the closest collection point. Inappropriate manipulation of such waste can result in a fine according to national legislation.

Maintenance of a serious nature or maintenance which requires interference with the internal parts of the appliance must be carried out by a professional service center! By failing to follow the instructions issued by the manufacturer, the right to the warranty service will be invalidated!


  • Voltage (V) shown on the type label of the appliance
  • Input (W) shown on the type label of the appliance
  • Weight about (kg) 4
  • Protection class of the appliance I.
  • Size of the product (mm) Input in off mode is 0.00 W 265 x 338 x 345

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical specifications and accessories for the respective models.



  • The symbol indicates a WARNING
  • Please read the instructions manual

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eta 6172 Air Fryer [pdf] User Manual
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