vtech IM-566000-000 Animal Friends Boat Instruction Manual

Discover the IM-566000-000 Animal Friends Boat - a fun and interactive toy that comes with a house, friends, and many exciting features. Learn how to assemble, install batteries, and operate the boat with this detailed instruction manual. Ensure your child's safety by following the guidelines. Find out more about this Vtech product and unleash hours of imaginative play.

vtech RM7766HD 1080p nutikas WiFi kaugjuurdepääsu 360 kraadise panoraami kasutusjuhend

Discover the features of the RM7766HD 1080p Smart WiFi Remote Access 360 Degree Pan baby monitor. Stay connected to your baby with the VTech 7 Smart Wi-Fi 1080p Pan & Tilt Monitor, stream live video and audio using your home wireless network. Monitor from anywhere with the MyVTech Baby Pro app. Important safety instructions provided.