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eSSL TL200 Fingerprint Lock With Voice Guide Feature Instruction Manual

eSSL TL200 Fingerprint Lock With Voice Guide Feature

Before Installation

Packing List

Door Preparation

  1. Check door thickness, prepare the proper screws and spindles.
    Door Thickness D Spindle L Spindle J Screw K Screw
    35-50 mm

    85 mm

    60 mm

    30 mm 45 mm
    50-60 mm

    45 mm

    55 mm
    55-65 mm 60 mm
    65-75 mm 105 mm

    85 mm

    55 mm 70 mm
    75-90 mm 125mm 70 mm 85 mm
  2. Check door open direction.
    Note: 1. Please install the mortise and strike plate according to the above pictures.
  3. Check door type.
    Mortise without hooks is applied to wooden door, and mortise with hooks is applied to security door.


  1. How to change the direction of latch bolt?
    Step1: Push the switch to the end
    Step2: Push the latch bolt into the mortise
    Step3: Rotate the latch bolt at 180° inside mortise, then loose it.
  2. How to change the handle direction?
  3. How to use mechanical key?
  4. How to use emergency power?
  5. How to change the location of stud bolts?
    1. Step1: Twist down the ten M3 screws and M5 stud bolt to take down the mounting plate.
      Note: For the door with the existed holes, you can adjust stud bolts location to make the lock suitable.
    2. Step2: Twist down the other stud bolt.
      Note: There are four square holes to be used.
      Note: There are two round holes to be used.


  1. New lock is configured to grant ANY fingerprint access to unlock.
  2. Please register one administrator at least for the new installed lock, If there is no any administrator, registration for normal users and temporary users are not allowed.
  3. The lock is equipped with mechanical keys for manual unlocking. Remove mechanical keys from the package and keep them in a safe place.
  4. To power on the lock, eight alkaline AA batteries (not included) are required.
    Non-alkaline and rechargeable batteries ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.
  5. Do not remove batteries when the lock is in working state.
  6. Please replace the battery soon when the lock prompts the voice of low battery.
  7. The operation of setting lock has a stand-by time limit of 7 seconds. Without any activity, lock will shut off automatically.
  8. Keep your fingers clean when using this lock.


Drill holes on the door

Note1:Align the template along the vertical center line of the mortise(E)at the desired handle height, and tape it to door.

Mark the holes first, then start drilling.
Install the mortise(E)

Install outdoor unit(B) with gasket(C),and spindle(D)


  1. The small triangle must be placed toward the letter of R or L.
  2. When the small triangle is towards to R, it is right open.
  3. When the small triangle is towards to L, it is left open.
  4. Install mounting plate (I) with gasket(C), and spindle(L)
  5. Install indoor unit (M)
  6. Install battery (O)
    Note: Push cable into the hole.
    1. Step1:Place the battery cover in the position as above picture showed, then press down it gently.
    2. Step2:Sliding down the battery cover.
  7. Mark and drill holes for strike
  8. Test the lock by mechanical key(A) or fingerprint
    Mechanical Key Instruction:
    1. Key A is coated with brass color, which is used only for lock installer and upfitter.
    2. Key B is packed in the sealed plastic wrap for safety, which is used for house owner.
    3. Once Key B is used, Key A will be disabled to open the lock.

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eSSL TL200 Fingerprint Lock With Voice Guide Feature [pdf] Instruction Manual
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