eSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-LOGOeSSL GL300 Fingerprint Glass Door LockeSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-PRODUCT

Safety Caution

  1. o not use in environments with corrosive substances such as intense radiation, high magnetic field, high temperature, high salinity, etc.
  2. Please set an electronic key immediately in case the door is opened illegally.
  3. For your safety, please check whether the key box is opened or not.
  4. To power on the lock, four alkaline AA batteries (not included) are required.
  5. Non-alkaline and rechargeable batteries ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.

Lock PartseSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-fig-1

Basic Function

  • Random Password
    Users may enter any number of random digits before or after the correct password as long as the maximum number of digits entered is 30 or less.
    For example: If the correct password is 123456, the random password can be 89123456807, 1234562363, 389123456, etc.
  • Initialization
    Initializing the lock means all data will be deleted and restored to the factory default setting. Operation steps: Press the reset button on the back body of the lock or enter the menu to operate, the lock prompts the voice of “succeed”, and then the initialization is finished completely.
  • Normal Open Mode
    Normal open mode is to keep the lock always unlocked. Rotate the thumb-turn knob to enable or disable the mode. Or press 2 and 8 after unlocking the door with administrator verification. Press * to cancel.
  • Low Battery Warning
    If the battery is low, the lock will prompt a low battery sound.
    Note: Access to operation is not allowed in low battery status.
  • Others
    Without any operation, the lock will power off automatically within 10 seconds.


Group Verification Mode Capacity


Password 100
Fingerprint 100
Card 100

Normal Users

Password 100
Fingerprint 100
Card 100


  1. It can store one administrator and 99 regular users.
  2. The maximum card/password/fingerprint capacity is 300 for all groups.
  3. The password length is six to ten digits.

Operation GuideeSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-fig-2

How to Use

Verify AdministratoreSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-fig-3

Tips: Please verify the administrator before operating the lock. The default administrator password is 0123456789.

Modify Administrator Password/Card/FingerprinteSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-fig-4

Add User

Delete UsereSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-fig-6

Volume AdjustmenteSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-fig-7

Time SettingeSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-fig-8

Remote ControleSSL-GL300-Fingerprint-Glass-Door-Lock-fig-9


Documents / Resources

eSSL GL300 Fingerprint Glass Door Lock [pdf] User Manual
GL300, Fingerprint Glass Door Lock, GL300 Fingerprint Glass Door Lock


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