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User Manual eSSL FL100 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Locks

Product Layout:

Please keep internal/external panel clean before installation.

eSSL FL100 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Locks - FigeSSL FL100 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Locks - Fig 1

Spindle and Screw Installation

eSSL FL100 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Locks - Fig 2Spindle with spot, direction from outside to inside door (outside keep 15mm, inside keep 10-30 mm, spring should plug in the square hole)
Panel and lock body installation steps.

  1. Adjust latch direction according to door opening side.
  2. Lock body and cylinder installation: Put lock body into the hole made then tighten the screw, put cylinder into lock bodyguard hole after that tighten cylinder screw.
  3. Panel Installation
    a. Change handle according to door opening side put stud and guidepost on front panel part at the same time. Put spring into a square hole, cut spindle, and lock core when necessary.
    b. Put spindle into the lock body(follow drawing), take data line from above lock body into the inside door, spindle and stud should be in the corresponding hole, front panel should be compactly installed on the door.
    c. Connect the mainboard cable to the corresponding interface of the back panel.
    d. Put spindle, cylinder, and snib core into the corresponding position tighten the back panel onto the door and tight panel installation screw.
    e. Try handle & snib, check if it works well otherwise adjust panel & cylinder to make. sure it can work smoothly.
    f. Install battery cover, try opening by fingerprint, RFID card or pin code, or manual key.
    Change Handle Direction Lock Body Change Direction 
    eSSL FL100 Intelligent Fingerprint Door Locks - Fig 3

Product Features:

  • Multiple-way to access: Fingerprint, Pin Code, RFID Card, & Mechanical Key.
  • Fingerprint: Advanced semiconductor sensors with 360° scanner.
  • Pin code Elegant keypad with code scrambling feature. Before correct password can input 12 digital which can avoid password peeping.
  • Dual authentication mode: Fingerprint mode ( master + common user ), fingerprint + pin code, fingerprint + RFID card mode, After this setting dual authentication will be required to access the lock at the same time to open the door, suitable for special occasions.
  • The lock can have multiple access users capacity: Fingerprint ( 5 Master Users & 85 Normal Users ), Pin-code ( 5 Master Users & 15 Normal Users ), RFID cards (99 Normal Users)
  • Alarm: Tamper, low battery alarm, and password protection.
  • External power supply: Can use a power bank with 5V for emergency power supply.


  1. After installation of the lock please reset the lock to factory default mode.
  2. After factory default mode makes sure to register 1 master user.
  3. The handle is the key part for opening and closing doors, and its flexibility ratio directly influences the usage of the door lock, hence, don’t hang articles on the handle.
  4. Gently press fingerprint on the fingerprint sensor for registration of fingerprint. Please don’t press with great force to prevent scratching the fingerprint sensor.
  5. This lock uses 4 AA high-energy alkaline batteries (1.5V). When it prompts” the voltage is low, please replace battery” for the first time, the door can be opened about 100 times as per different battery capacities; At this time, the battery should be replaced promptly to avoid inconvenience due to the exhausted battery.

User Addition:

  1. Reset factory default: Press RESET at the back of the lock for 5 seconds, voice will prompt reset succeed.
  2. Register master/user:
    2.1 Initial mode: Touch screen keypad for lights on and press # for 2 seconds and voice prompts additions of master code.
    2.2 Once the master user is added:
    a. Add new master: Touch the screen for lights on and press # for 2 seconds, voice prompts confirm master, input any registered master, and press # again to add the master user (fingerprint /password)
    b. Add a new common user: Touch the screen for lights on and press # for 2 seconds input any registered master user “and” voice prompt “add user” to add a new fingerprint, password, card, etc.
    2.3 Addition of “One Time password or Guest password”: Users can be added with password access which will provide access one time and will expire after its use.
    1. All fingerprints need to scan 3 times for addition.
    2. Password is 8 digit and has to be entered 2 times for addition.
    3. The card is registered after voice prompts “add user” & scan the card near the RFID scanner for confirmation.
    4. After successful registration press * to exit.
  3. Delete registered fingerprint/card/password:
    3.1. Deleting individual fingerprint:
    Touch screen for lights on & long press 1 for 2 seconds. After the voice prompts input fingerprint to delete, press fingerprint on the scanner to delete.
    3.2. Deleting by user numbers: Touch screen for lights on & long press 1 for 2 seconds. After voice prompts input the fingerprint code to delete and enter the user number of the fingerprint to delete.
    3.3. Delete all cards: Touch screen for lights on & long press 2 for 2 seconds press # to enter in to delete all cards option and # again to confirm the deletion.
    3.4. Delete the corresponding password: Touch the screen for lights on & long press 4 for 2 seconds at this time input the password code and press # to confirm.
    3.5. Delete all passwords: Touch the screen for lights on & long press 4 for 2 seconds press # to delete all passwords.
    1. When Deleting fingerprint, one master user in fingerprint has to be left.
    2. When the keypad light is off use “0” as a doorbell.
  4. Checking lock information:
    Touch screen for lights on 2 long press 0 for 2 seconds:
    Press 1 To open with any registered user.
    Press 2 For dual authentication with a fingerprint.
    Press 3 For fingerprint + password opening.
    Press 4 For fingerprint + card opening.
    Press 5 To get the lock storage status: Number of master users, number of normal users, for fingerprint, RFID & Pin code access.
    Press 6 To get the lock series information: XXXXXXXX
    Press 7 For the rest factory default and # to confirm.

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