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Congratulations, and thank you for choosing a high quality kitchen appliance from Espressions! If it is well maintained, you will enjoy it for many years. Before using the appliance for the first time, read the instruction manual carefully and follow all the safety precautions provided below. People who have not familiarised themselves with the instruction manual for this appliance may not use it. Keep the packaging for later use, but dispose of all the plastic packaging material, as it can be dangerous for children who play with it.
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Espressions safety regulations

Espressions safety regulations for your Espressions Smart Slow Juicer To avoid danger to people, animals and property, read these instructions carefully before using your Espressions Smart Slow Juicer and keep them handy for future reference.

  • For more information on using your Smart Slow Juicer, download the latest information from
  • The manufacturer and seller will only be held responsible for safety, reliability and performance if:
    • the machine is used in accordance with these instructions;
    • the electricity supply in which the machinery is used complies with the laws and standards in force and is in conformity with the technical specifications of the machinery.
  • Before first use and periodically throughout the product’s life, check the power cord to ensure it is not damaged. If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, by the service department or by a third party with sufficient qualifications to prevent any risk.

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  • Never insert the plug into the socket with wet hands.
  • Only connect the appliance to an earthed socket.
  • The input voltage of the device is 230 Volt and 50 / 60HZ. Before using the device make sure that the power source meets the requirements. Insufficient or wrong power supply may damage the device.
  • When the appliance is not in use, unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • To avoid damage to components, breakage and fire, do not place the unit near heat sources, sources of high magnetic fields, flammable or highly flammable gas sources, gas stoves or ovens.
  • Do not place the removable parts of the Smart Slow Juicer in a dishwasher and do not use water with a temperature of 60°C or higher for cleaning to avoid deformation.
  • The appliance is not suitable for use by children or people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or with lack of experience and knowledge for their own safety, even if supervised or instructed in the use of the appliance.
  • Before each use, check the machine for damage to the power cable, plug, press screw or other parts. If any damage is found, stop using the machine immediately and contact an official repair or service centre. Do not attempt to repair any damage yourself.
  • Unplug the machine before removing any detachable parts and before cleaning the machine. This is to prevent the risk of short circuit and electrical shock.
  • Before connecting the appliance to a power source, make sure the appliance is correctly assembled.
  • Do not use the machine without ingredients to prevent damage to the moving parts of the unit.
  • The machine should be placed on a horizontal and stable surface. To prevent damage to the machine, do not place it on a sloping surface, carpet, textile, plastic, paper or flammable materials.
  • The unit is equipped with an overload and damage protection system. This switches the machine off automatically after 15 minutes of continuous use. Unplug the machine and wait at least 30 minutes after an automatic switch-off before resuming pressing to allow the machine to cool down.
  • If the press chamber becomes overloaded or obstructed during pressing, the machine will stop automatically and continue automatically after a few seconds. If the machine stops again after this, use the reverse function to clear the chamber. If this does not work, switch off, unplug the machine, clean the machine and remove the ingredients before continuing with the pressing.
  • If the machine beeps after starting or during operation and the control buttons do not work, unplug it and disassemble, clean and restart it according to the instructions. If the problem persists, contact an authorized repair center or authorized dealer.
  • All parts of the machine that come into contact with food during pressing, comply with all certification requirements for materials in contact with food. Plastic parts which come in contact with food such as carrots and beets may become discolored. This phenomenon is normal and not harmful to your health.
  • Clean the removable parts immediately after each use of the unit. Be careful when cleaning the parts to avoid damage or injury.
  • Do not use abrasive, corrosive, strong, or aggressive detergents to clean the unit or its parts. Do not heat, wash in dishwasher or clean at temperatures or agents higher than 60°C.
  • Standby mode: When the device has not been used for more than 5 minutes, it automatically switches to standby mode to save energy consumption.
  • This device is intended for domestic use and similar applications. Do not use the device outdoors.
  • Store and operate the unit only in dry and heated areas and not in an ambient temperature below 5°C or a relative humidity above 80%.
  • Repairs and maintenance on the appliance should only be carried out by authorized Espressions service points. As Espressions regularly works to improve its products, designs and specifications may change.
  • Pack and protect the unit carefully during transport and storage.

Important guidelines for safe slow juicing

  • For efficient and safe operation of the appliance, it is recommended to cut the ingredients into smaller pieces before pressing. It is recommended to cut harder and tough pieces of fruits and vegetables smaller than 5 x 5 cm and to add and press them one by one.
  • Fruits and vegetables that contain no or virtually no juice such as banana and avocado are not suitable for pressing.
  • Peel ginger and cut it into pieces of approximately 4 cm before pressing in order to prevent damage to the appliance.
  • Fruits with pips and large hard seeds (plums, peaches, grapes, kakis, apricots, mangoes, etc.) as well as fruits with firm skin (citrus fruits, mango, etc.) may clog, overload and damage the juicer. Carefully remove pits, seeds and peels before pressing to prevent damage to the appliance.
  • The machine is not suitable for pressing coconut, sugar cane and other fibrous foods.
  • Peel citrus fruits before squeezing them.
    Clean the fruit carefully and cut it into smaller pieces prior to pressing so that the pressing screw can feed and press it properly. If pieces remain in the hopper, use only the provided pusher to push them towards the squeezing screw. If ingredients are stuck so tightly that they cannot be pushed through with the pusher, use the reverse function to rotate in the opposite direction. If the ingredients continue to block the Smart Slow Juicer, unplug and remove the hard pieces.

Features and components of the Smart Slow Juicer

ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig4

  1. Pusher
    Used, if necessary, to push the fruit through the pressing chamber towards the Smart Slow Juicer’s pressing screw.
  2. Entry mouth
    For feeding fruit and protects against splashing, equipped with rotating hand guard. In the case of larger pieces of fruit and vegetables, put them in and turn them over so that they fall into the feed mouth.
  3. Hopper
    Connects the feed mouth to the press chamber.
  4. Press screw
    The most important element of the Smart Slow Juicer. The press screw grinds ingredients and ensures the extraction of juice.
  5. Plastic filter
    The plastic filter separates the juice from the pulp and is easy to clean.
  6. Press chamber
    Here, fruit and vegetables are pressed and the juice separated from the pulp. Juice and pulp run from here to the right outlet.
  7. Pulp outlet
    For the export of pulp.
  8. Juice outlet
    For the export of the juice.
  9. Housing / motor part
    The Smart Slow Juicer’s housing houses the motor and other technical and electronic components of the device.
  10. Used to start and stop the Smart Slow Juicer.
  11. Reverse button
    Used to change the direction of rotation
    of the press screw and to remove blockages in the pressing chamber
  12. Cleaning brush
    To clean the removable parts and spouts.
  13. Juice container
    For juice, place under the juice spout.
  14. Pulp container
    For pulp, place under the pulp spout.

Using the Smart Slow Juicer

Before using for the first time, thoroughly rinse all parts of the appliance that come into contact with food. For instructions see ‘Cleaning, Maintenance & Storage.’

Installing the Smart Slow Juicer
Assemble the machine according to the instructions below and only use the machine in this assembled state for pressing.

  1. Place the plastic filter firmly in the pressing chamber.

    ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig5

  2. Place the press screw in the center of the chamber and press lightly. If the press screw is not tightened properly, the hopper will not fit properly onto the chamber.

    ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig7

  3. Place the hopper on the press chamber (1) so that the tabs fall into the recesses and turn the hopper clockwise on the press chamber (2).

    ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig6

  4. Now place the complete upper part on the housing of the Smart Slow Juicer. If this does not slide on correct immediately, press lightly until both parts fit together well.

    ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig8

Pressing with the Smart Slow Juicer

Play (start/stop) button
By pressing Start/Stop when the machine is plugged in, the machine will start to press. By pressing this button again, the machine will stop.

Auto reverse button
Pressing the reverse button will cause the press screw to turn in the opposite direction a number of times. This function can be used

ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig9

to clear the press chamber of any blockages. When the chamber is free, the Start/Stop button can be pressed again to stop this function.

Practical tips for the best results

  1. Wash fruit and (leafy) vegetables carefully before each use.
  2. Use fresh fruits and vegetables with a high juice content for best results. Highly juiced fruits and vegetables include apples, pine- apples, pears, peeled citrus fruits, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.
  3. Peel fruit and vegetables with a firm skin before pressing. Think of mango, melon, pineapple, citrus fruit, etc.
  4. Remove large and hard seeds before pressing to prevent damage to the appliance. For example, the seeds of mangoes, cherries, plums, apricots, etc.
  5. Juice can taste bitter when many small seeds are pressed into the fruit. Remove these if necessary before pressing.
  6. The amount of juice and the consistency
    of the pressed juice can vary, this is a normal phenomenon and depends on the ingredients used and the season.
  7. Freshly squeezed apple juice can turn brown relatively quickly due to oxidation by exposure to oxygen. This can be delayed by adding some lime or lemon (juice) to the freshly squeezed juice during or immediately after pressing.
  8. Juicer as they contain virtually no juice. Examples are potatoes, bananas, papaya, avocado, figs, etc. These are however very suitable to be mixed through the juice with a blender or hand blender.
  9. With proper preparation, high-fiber ingredients like ginger can also be juiced
    in the Smart Slow Juicer. Before you start pressing, peel and cut these into 3 to 5 centimeter long pieces.
  10. Tough vegetables with long stalks like celery can also be pressed, but cut them into 3 to 5 cm long pieces before pressing.
  11. Squeeze leafy vegetables such as kale in smaller amounts and alternate with juice-rich foods such as apple to promote the flow of juice and prevent constipation.
  12. For harder fruit or fruit with a lower juice content, also squeeze fruit with a high juice content in between. This will stimulate the flow of juice. For example, combine pieces of apple or carrot with pieces of mango or orange.
  13. If the Smart Slow Juicer becomes clogged, clear by using the auto reverse button. If this fails, disassemble and clear the Smart Slow Juicer of the blockage before continuing to press.

Cleaning, maintenance and storage

  1. Always unplug the appliance before cleaning.
  2. Clean the appliance and rinse the removable parts carefully and immediately after each use to prevent ingredients from drying out and sticking.
  3. The Smart Slow Juicer housing (motor part) must never be submerged in, or cleaned with, water or other liquids. Use a slightly damp cloth or sponge to clean the housing.
  4. Always store the device in a clean and dry place.
  5. Disassemble and clean the Smart Slow Juicer as follows after each use:
    • Close the drip stop of the juice spout and pour a small amount of water into the machine through the input nozzle. Now run the machine for a few minutes and, after switching it off, run the liquid through the juice spout. In this way, part of the fibres and residues of the ingredients will be soaked and flushed, which makes cleaning the appliance easier.
    • We recommend using the reverse button at the end of pressing and letting the press screw turn the other way for 2-3 seconds. This will make disassembly easier. Now stop the machine and remove the plug from the socket.

      ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig10

    • Turn the hopper counter-clockwise to unlock and remove the upper part completely. The hopper can now be removed from the press chamber.

      ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig11

    • Remove the press screw with a vertical movement.If the press screw is difficult to remove, remove it together with the plastic filter (see next step).

      ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig12

    • Take out the plastic filter.

      ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig13

    • Wash the removable parts thoroughly and rinse them under running water. Dry thoroughly before placing them back on the housing. If necessary, wash the parts in lukewarm soapy water.
    • Do not wash in dishwasher or hot water to avoid wear and deformation of the parts.
    • Dry the parts and follow the steps in ‘Assembling the Smart Slow Juicer’ to reassemble the device.

      ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer-fig14

Package contents

  • Smart Slow Juicer
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning brush
  • Container for juice
  • Container for pulp
  • Pusher

Technical specifications

  • Model: EP6900
  • Voltage:220-240V~50/60Hz
  • Power:150 W
  • Net weight: 4,4 kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD):525 x 221 x 176 mm
  • Rotation speed of press screw:50 RPM
  • Maximum continuous operating time:15 minutes
  • Interval between each use:5 to 20 minutes


Problem Possible cause Solution
The device is connected to the mains but does nothing when the

Start (on/off) button is pressed.

• The plug is not fully inserted into the socket.

• The overload and damage protection system is activated after prolonged use of the unit.

• The components of the Smart Slow Juicer are not assembled correctly.

• Plug the power cord securely and completely into the power outlet.

• Unplug and let cool for 30 minutes. Then try again.


• Reassemble the Smart Slow Juicer according to the instructions in ‘Installing the Smart Slow Juicer’.

Strange smell at first use. • When using a new appliance for the first time, an odour may be released. • If the smell persists after several uses, contact your point of purchase.
The Smart Slow Juicer no longer works during operation. • Too many ingredients can cause a blockage in the press chamber.

• The overload and damage protection system is activated.

• Use the reverse button to remove the blockage. Add ingredients more slowly and do not press too hard. Use harder fruit in combination with softer fruit. Cut into smaller pieces.

• Unplug and restart the unit after a 30 minute break.

The juice contains too much pulp. • The plastic filter may be damaged

• The plastic filter is not mounted or not mounted correctly

• Replace the plastic filter

• Position correctly according to ‘Installing the Smart Slow Juicer’.

Strong vibrations and a strange sound occur during the first use. • The filter or the pressure screw is not correctly fitted or is damaged.

• The motor has been damaged during transport or by a fall.

• Fit correctly according to ‘Installing the Smart Slow Juicer’ or replace.

• Please contact the point of sale.

Juice is leaking between the upper part and the housing. • The rubber seals in the pressing chamber are incorrectly mounted, damaged or worn. • Attach the seals correctly or replace them. The rubber lip should be in the pulp outlet and the round ring on the middle part of the press chamber. Always position in this way before pressing.
The hopper does not fit properly on the press chamber. • The filter or the pressure screw is not correctly mounted. • Assemble the filter and squeezing screw correctly according to ‘Assembling the Smart Slow Juicer’ so the plastic filter and squeezing screw are correctly positioned on the press chamber.

These are the most common problems and solutions. For any other questions, please contact your local Smart Slow Juicer dealer.
Note: The warranty will be voided if repairs are made to the Smart Slow Juicer and the housing is opened unless this is done by an authorised Espressions service point.

Terms of guarantee

This ESPRESSIONS kitchen appliance has been made to a very high degree of excellence in quality and design. However, should there be, within the guarantee period, any defects found in the materials or in the operation, and if we feel it is appropriate, we will replace the defective parts or effect repairs in accordance with the terms of guarantee stated below. This 2-year guarantee applies to parts as well as the costs of labour only in the case of domestic use. Postage costs are not included.

These terms of guarantee are provided in addition to, and will not be prejudicial to, your legal rights. This guarantee does not cover postage or transport costs incurred in the return of the appliance. This guarantee only applies to products that have been purchased and remain within the Benelux countries. The guarantee does not apply to any plugs, electric leads or fuses, and also does not apply to any defects resulting from:

  • Normal wear and tear of the appliance or parts in respect of use.
  • Failure to follow the instructions for use in respect of use or maintenance.
  • Connecting the product to a power source not suitable to the purpose.
  • Damage caused by incorrect use or misuse of the product.
  • Any modifications made to the product by anyone else other than the service personnel authorised by Espressions.
  • The dismantling of or any other interference with the product.
  • Theft or attempted theft of the product.
  • Breakages or defects resulting from transport.
  • Before you return this product under the terms of this guarantee, please make sure:
    • that you have followed the instructions for this product properly.
    • that the power supply to the equipment is working and that you have plugged in the appliance.
    • that the defect is not a result of a faulty fuse.
  • If you wish to make a claim under the terms of this guarantee, then please:
    • Return the product by post or transport services to the dealer from whom the product was purchased or directly to Espressions.
    • Ensure that the product is clean and carefully and suitably packed for transportation, preferably in its original packing.
    • Enclose information in respect of your contact details (name, address telephone number) and where and when the product was purchased, together with a copy of the receipt.
    • Describe the exact nature of the defect.
  • This guarantee does not cover any other claims whatsoever, including and without any exception, any liability for additional, indirect or resulting damage. It also does not cover any costs for modifications or repairs carried out by third parties without the express permission of Espressions. If any part of or the whole appliance is replaced, the guarantee period will not be extended. The original date of purchase shall still apply as the commencement of the guarantee period.
  • For more information you can contact your dealer or:

Documents / Resources

ESPRESSIONS EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer [pdf] Instruction Manual
EP6900, Smart Slow Juicer, EP6900 Smart Slow Juicer


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