Guía del usuario de la SILLA DE RUEDAS RHYTHM ARRAY HD K7


  • DO NOT attempt to adjust or operate wheelchair without reading the manual carefully.
  • DO NOT use as an occupant restraint in a motor vehicle. User must always transfer to the vehicle seat.
  • DO NOT operate on streets, roadways, grass, slippery surfaces, stairs or escalators.
  • Wheel locks are not brakes and are not to be used when wheelchair is moving. Wheel locks are only intended to keep the wheelchair in place when it is at a complete stop.
  • Always engage wheel locks before transferring and when using a wheelchair lift or elevator.
  • DO NOT attempt inclines or declines greater than a 10% grade.
  • DO NOT stand or step on the footplates while transferring to or from your wheelchair. This could cause the wheelchair to tip or may cause personal injury or damage to your wheelchair.
  • To reduce the risk of tipping: Before leaning or reaching forward, sit back in the seat and make sure casters are rotated fully toward front of wheelchair. Do not lean over the top of the wheelchair back. Do not tie down or attach anything to the wheels. Do not stand on footplates.
  • Unauthorized modification or the use of unauthorized replacement parts could change the structure of the wheelchair, void the warranty, and create a hazardous condition resulting in serious personal injury.

Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.
This warranty does not cover product failure due to misuse, negligence, improper storage or handling, improper operation or unauthorized modifications.

Normal wear and tear on non-durable components, such as rubber accessories and casters are not covered under this warranty.
These items are subject to normal wear and need periodic replacement.

For Warranty Service, it is recommended but not required, that the product be returned to the Rhythm Healthcare, LLC / Lifestyle Mobility Aids dealer through whom it was originally purchased. However, all Rhythm Healthcare, LLC / Lifestyle Mobility Aids dealers are qualified to assist you in obtaining warranty service. If the product is to be returned to Rhythm Healthcare, LLC / Lifestyle Mobility Aids, prior authorization will be required.

In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, Rhythm Healthcare, LLC / Lifestyle Mobility Aids will determine if the product will be repaired or replaced.



Open wheelchair by tilting to one side and pushing down on seat rail until opened.
Attach Footrests by aligning holes on tabs at top of Footrests with hinge pins on outside of front frame, then swing Footrests to front until Footrest Release Levers lock into place.
Adjust Footrest length (while user is seated) by loosening the cam lever just above the Footplate, pushing in the adjustment button and sliding the inner tubing up or down to desired setting until the adjustment button protrudes fully from the adjustment hole.
Then snap cam lever back into place.
Make sure the Footplate is at least 2.5” from the floor for proper clearance.

Make sure the Footrests are in the forward locked position with the Footplates in the vertical position or REMOVE the Footrests by pulling the Release Levers, swinging the Footrests outward and lifting them from the hinge pins.
Standing behind the chair, grab the center of the seat and pull up until closed.


Clean frame with a damp cloth and dust weekly.
Clean upholstery and armrests with mild soap and water.
NO utilice limpiadores abrasivos ni estropajos.

If exposed to liquid, dry the wheelchair thoroughly as soon as possible.
If any component appears worn or is not working properly, contact an authorized dealer for repair and/or appropriate replacement parts.
Los neumáticos de caucho macizo necesitan un mantenimiento mínimo, pero deben limpiarse ocasionalmente con anuncios.amp paño.

If tires become severely worn or cracking appears, contact an authorized dealer.
Wheels and casters should be checked periodically and adjusted and lubricated as needed by an authorized dealer.


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RHYTHM ARRAY HD K7 WHEELCHAIR [pdf] Guía del usuario

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