NEMO EQUIPMENT Unroll the sleeping pad




  1. Unroll the sleeping pad.
  2. At the head of the pad, pull open the Laylow™ Multi-Valve tab labeled “INFLATE” to allow for one-way self-inflation. The open tab is labeled “DEFLATE” for even quicker self-inflation.NEMO-EQUIPMENT-Unroll-sleeping-pad-FIG -1
  3. Let pad sit to self-inflate while you set up camp. To inflate more quickly, blow into the one-way port of the Laylow™ Multi-Valve or attach the Vortex™ pump sack (not included).
  4. To fine tune inflation, either blow into Laylow™ Multi-Valve for a firmer sleep, or press center of Laylow™ to release air pressure.NEMO-EQUIPMENT-Unroll-sleeping-pad-FIG -2
  5. Fully close cap. Enjoy a restful night’s sleep.NEMO-EQUIPMENT-Unroll-sleeping-pad-FIG -3

Deflación y embalaje

  1. Pull tab labeled “DEFLATE” on Laylow™ Multi-Valve.
  2. Roll pad from foot end, squeezing out as much air as possible. Fully close Laylow™ Multi-Valve.NEMO-EQUIPMENT-Unroll-sleeping-pad-FIG -4
  3. Unroll the sleeping pad and fold in half.
  4. Roll pad tightly and release any remaining air. Once fully deflated and rolled, ensure the valve is closed. Secure pad with strap and insert into the stuff sack.NEMO-EQUIPMENT-Unroll-sleeping-pad-FIG -5

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NEMO EQUIPMENT Unroll sleeping pad [pdf] Manual de instrucciones
Unroll sleeping pad, sleeping pad

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