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EPOMAKER AC064 CNC Kit User Manual


Product Specifications

Product Brand:
Product Model: AC064
Transmission Method: USB wired +BT 5.0 + 2.4G wireless
Interface Type: Type-c
Product Size: 296.5x114x43 + 0.5mm
Product Weight: 1035 + 0.5g
Shell Material: Aluminum
Battery Parameters: 3000mA lithium battery
Button Layout: 64-key layout
Support System: Windows2000/WindowsXP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10

Bluetooth Pairing

Select one of the Bluetooth groups through FN+Q/W/E, the R key indicator backlight will continue to flash until the Bluetooth device is successfully paired, and the backlight stops flashing. (Short press FN+Q/W/E to switch Bluetooth device 1/2/3);

  • Wired mode switch Bluetooth mode: press FN + R to switch to Bluetooth mode, the whole keyboard backlight flashes white three times;
  • Bluetooth mode switch 2.4G mode: press FN + R to switch to 2.4G mode, the whole keyboard backlight cyan flashes three times;
  • 4G mode switch wired mode: press FN + R to switch to wired mode, the whole keyboard backlight flashes red three times;
  • When there is no operation for 10 minutes in the Bluetooth mode, the keyboard backlight will automatically turn off, and there will be no operation for 30 minutes, the keyboard enters the sleep state and disconnects from the Bluetooth device, and only needs to hit any key to wake up the keyboard;
  • When there is no operation for 10 minutes in 2.4G mode, the keyboard backlight is automatically turned off, and you only need to press any key to wake up the keyboard;
  • When the wireless mode is used, when the keyboard power is low, the white light of the FN key backlight will continue to flash;
  • When charging, pay attention to the voltage of 5V and current of 1A. It can also be directly plugged into the computer to charge.

Combination Key Function Description

FN+R = Switch among wired mode/Bluetooth mode/2.4G mode
FN+WIN-L= Lock the WIN button, then press to unlock, the WIN button will light up in white after locking
FN+I/O/P adjust 18 kinds of lighting effects, each button has six kinds of lighting effects

  • FN+I = (6 modes backlit)
  • FN+O = (6 modes backlit)
  • FN+P = (6 modes backlit)
    FN+Z, X, C can customize three groups of game lighting effects
  • Lighting effect 1: FN+Z
    Default FPS mode: W/A/S/D/↑/↓/←/→
  • Lighting effect 2: FN+X
    Default LOL mode: Q/W/E/R/D/G/F/B/V/L-Ctrl/L-Alt/Tab/Space/1-6/Esc
  • Lighting effect 3: FN+C
    Default 36-key office mode: A-Z 26 English letters/[/]/;/’/./,///↑/↓/←/→
    FN+ TAB= There are three game modes, lighting effects for recording/saving lighting mode, press once during recording, the button is a color, a total of 8 colors
    FN+, “= light brightness+ (four-speed adjustment)
    FN+.〉〉= light brightness-(four-speed adjustment)
    FN+[{ = light speed-(fou r-speed adjustment)
    FN+ ]} = light speed+ (four-speed adjustment)
    FN+;: = dynamic light direction switching
    FN+ ‘”= switch backlight color
    When the light speed is the fastest and the slowest, and the light brightness is the highest and the lowest, the upper and lower case key and the WIN key indicator on the left flash for 3 seconds.
    FN+BACK SPACE= long press 3S to 5S to clear the light recording and restore the factory default light effect
    FN+A=switch to WIN system use function (default WIN system use function when booting)
    FN+S = switch to use function for MAC system

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EPOMAKER AC064 CNC Kit [pdf] User Manual
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