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pendoo 32814564 Vacuum Sealer Machine-

Varma Konsiletoj

  1. For your safety, open the top lid from both sides of the machine, NEVER touch the yellow heating sealing bar to prevent burns, especially after sealing.
  2. Make sure you are using sealing bags specifically designed for food sealing vacuum systems with the texture on one or both sides; The smooth bags can only for sealed, not vacuumed.
  3. Ensure the lid cover is pressed down firmly from both sides and locks into place prior to selecting a sealing mode.
  4. For the correct storage without using it, please slightly close the cover, do not lock the lid, it will deform the gaskets and offect the machine’s function.
  5. For most food or too much liquid in the bag, dry or freeze the food before vacuuming for the best result. Wet bags may not seal properly.
  6. Noto: Pre-freeze fruits and blanch vegetables before vacuum packaging because Fruits and Vegetables carry out respiration in anaerobic conditions, produce gas, and cause vacuum sealer bags to inflate.
  7. The opening mouth of the bag should be flatly placed between the vacuum chamber area.
  8. After you press the desired sealing function, allow the unit to operate without interfering or pressing any additional buttons until the motor quiets.
  9. Please leave at least 3 inches of space between the open end of the bag and the contents to avoid overfilling and prevent the bag from the vacuum channel.
  10. Be safe when plugging in or unplugging the power supply and keep your hands dry.
  11. Keep the machine out of the reach of children and keep it in a safe place out of their reach when not in use.
  12. Avoid using the cord as a handle to disconnect the power cord or move the machine by pulling the power cord; Operate the machine when the cord or plug is wet.
  13. Keep the machine away from hot gases, heated ovens, heaters, and any high temperatures. Do not use the machine under a damp or high-temperature environment.
  14. There is an automatic protection design of the machine, if it stops working after constantly working, please wait for 15s to help dissipate the heat.

Produkta Skizo

pendoo 32814564 Vacuum Sealer Machine-fig1

1 Snap-Fit 4 Heating Sealing Bar 7 Sealing Silicone Strip
2 Sigelaj Ringoj 5 evakuado
3 Malferma Butono 6 Malplena Ĉambro

Teknikaj datumoj

produkto Nomo Manĝaĵo-vakua stampilo
Taksita Voltage AC100V~240V
Registrita ofteco 50 ~ 60Hz
indicita potenco 120W
Sigela tempo 6-9 sekundoj
Vac/ Seal time 10-20 sekundoj
Pump down / sealing time ≤30S; If the size of the packaging bag or can is too large, the time will be extended
Malplena Premo Up to-0.8 bar
Suction Speed 12 liter/minute
Maximum vacuum -50~-70KPa
Sigela larĝo 11.81in
produkto Grandeco 14.4in * 5.7in * 2.4in
Produkto Pezo 2.20lb

Instrukciaj operacioj

pendoo 32814564 Vacuum Sealer Machine-fig2

Butono funkcio
pendoo -icon Pressing this button has two operational functions:
(1)  When pressing this key, the machine starts to work- vacuuming and then sealing automatically, and stops automatically after sealing is completed. (Three sounds of drip, drip, drip indicate that the machine has stopped) (2)  Pressing this key while the machine is under a working state will immediately stop the machine.
pendoo -icon1 Press this button to start working on the machine to seal the bag and stop automatically when the sealing is complete. (A single drop indicates that the sealing has been stopped) If you want to stop in the middle of the working process, press the “Auto/Stop” key.
pendoo -icon2 When this button is pressed, the machine starts to evacuate and automatically stops when the vacuum value is reached. (A single drop indicates that the machine has stopped). In the working state of the machine, press this button and the machine will stop immediately. It is possible to control the pumping power of the bags or cans manually; once the desired effect has been achieved, press STOP the machine and then press SEAL to complete the work or remove the pumping pipe to complete the work.
pendoo -icon3 Normal Mode: Strong suction, for hard foods or objects. Gentle Mode: Gentle suction, for soft food or objects. Pressing this button allows you to freely select the mode according to your needs, the system defaults to Normal Mode.
pendoo -icon4 Dry: for dry goods and bags, a shorter sealing time should be used. Moist: for wet items and bags, a longer sealing time must be selected. Press this button to freely select the sealing time according to your requirements, the system defaults to dry.

Vacuum packaging with vacuum bags

  1. Put the food into the special vacuum packaging bag, allowing at least 3 inches of space between bag contents and the top of the bag. Do not overfill the bag with too much food.
  2. Clean up the bag mouth with the articles and make sure that the opening of the bag is free from dust or folds.
  3. Put the open end of the vacuum packaging bag into the vacuum chamber of the machine, to ensure that the bag does not leak, as shown in Figure 1.
  4. Close the top lid and press both ends of the top lid with the palm of your hand to hear a crisp locking sound, as shown in Figure 2.
  5. Press the main button “Food” and select “Dry” or “Moist” according to your needs.
  6. Then press the “Auto/Stop” button and the machine will automatically complete vacuuming and sealing, as shown in Figure 3.
  7. When the vacuum sealing is complete, press the release buttons on both sides at the same time to open the top lip and take out the vacuum packaging bag, as shown in Figure 4.

pendoo 32814564 Vacuum Sealer Machine-fig3

  1. If you cannot do vacuum:
    ①PIs ensure the opening end is put into Vacuum Chamber
    ②PIs ensure the Vacuum sealing strip is not deformed because of too much pressure. If yes, pls take it out and manually restore it.
  2. If the machine stops working:
    ①There is an automatic protection design: It has a 15s Protection. Waiting time after every use helps dissipate the heat.
    ②When the machine constantly works for 10 times, it is normal that the machine stops working for 10-20 mins, which is our intended protection design. After cooling down, it works again. So, pls don’t worry, it is not a defective machine.

Vacuum packaging with a jar or container

  1. Wipe the fresh-keeping can, box or lid clean and keep it dry.
  2. Put the items in the fresh-keeping jar or box, do not overfill, and then cover well the lid.
  3. Insert separately the two ends of the suction pipe into the outer suction port of the machine and on the lid of the freshness can or box to ensure that the can or box is in Sealed condition, as shown in Fig. 5.
  4. Then press two ends of the cover with the palm of your hand. Upon hearing the crisp latching sound, please press the “Auto/Stop button” and the machine will stop working automatically when sufficient vacuum pressure is reached.
  5. Remove the evacuation tube as soon as the evacuation is complete.

pendoo 32814564 Vacuum Sealer Machine-fig4

Bonvolu Rimarki:

  1. In order to achieve a better sealing effect every time, it is best to let the machine cool down for 15 seconds after each pack, remove any excess liquid or chemical residue in the vacuum chamber, and then move on to the next seal.
  2. In order to avoid the sealed heating strip overheating when sealing continuously, sometimes the machine will not work when pressing the “single seal” button, and it can be restored to normal after a pause of 15 seconds.
  3. For best results. use air sealing bags specifically designed for use with food sealing vacuum systems–and for best results, dry or freeze all moist and overly-hydrated foods.
  4. When vacuum-packed in a can or box, the heating strip gets hot, please do not touch the heat strip to avoid burns.
  5. The vacuum bag is too full, too large, or does not have a flat seal when sealing, which will lead to gaps and air leakage when some positions are folded during sealing
  6. When the vacuum sealer doesn’t use regular time, please do not lock the buckle, just make it keep in the unlocked state because long-term locking will cause deformation of the seal and affect the vacuum effect.

Best practice guidelines for vacuum sealer

  1. Do not put too many items in the bag so that the open end of the vacuum bag can be easily inserted into the internal vacuum chamber of the machine.
  2. Ensure that the opening of the vacuum bag is dry, otherwise, it will be difficult to seal. If there is water in the food or the bag is wet, select the “wet” function, which will prolong the sealing time and make it much better. (If there is too much liquid in the vacuum bag, pour out the liquid in the vacuum bag, otherwise, it will be difficult to seal completely or air leakage, After the vacuum sealing process, is complete, press Individually the “Seal” button once to enhance the seal again.)
  3. Please clean and straighten the opening of the bag before packaging to ensure that no objects different are stuck in the seal, don’t let the bag have many folds when vacuuming, and don’t let hard objects on the outside scratch the bag.
  4. Before evacuating, the bag can be pressed gently to expel some of the air out. This will reduce the vacuum load on the machine.
  5. Vacuum bags should be packed without sharp objects such as fish bones, hard shells, etc., which may puncture the bag. If you need to pack similar items, can use a puncture-proof cover to put the items in the bag and then vacuum pack them.
  6. It is recommended to rest for 15s after sealing each bag, this will give the machine sufficient buffer recovery time.
  7. When evacuating, if it does not reach the required level for some unknown reason the vacuum level, please check that the seals are not placed flat or twisted and that the bags are not leaking or incorrectly placed.
  8. Small amounts of liquid or food residues in the bag during vacuum packaging are inadvertently pumped into the vacuum chamber, where they can clog the vacuum pump and damage the appliance. To avoid this, fold some paper towels or put a filter in the vacuum chamber.
  9. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not suitable for vacuum storage at room temperature, because they are respiratory and release heat, making them prone to bag expansion. It is recommended that these items be packaged in a food container and refrigerated in the refrigerator for better results.
  10. Liquids must be cooled before vacuum packaging. Hot liquids will boil when vacuum-packed. It must be packed in a vacuum-packed can.
  11. Perishable foods are generally frozen or refrigerated, and vacuum packaging extends their shelf life but does not guarantee that they will never spoil.

Servado kaj bontenado

  1. Before cleaning the machine, make sure the power plug is unplugged from the electrical outlet.
  2. Do not immerse the machine in water or other liquids.
  3. Avoid cleaning the machine with rough materials that may scratch the surface or damage critical components.
  4. Use a mild soap and a soft cloth to remove food scraps or wipe down components.
  5. Make sure the machine is completely dry when you use it next time.


  1. To avoid some diseases, please do not reuse the bag after filling raw meat, sashimi, or greasy food, and do not use the bag heated by microwave or boiled.
  2. After using, please do not lock the top lid, otherwise, it will cause the deformation of the air sealing cotton and affect the vacuuming effect of the machine.

No response when vacuum sealing

  1. Check that the power cord is in good contact with the socket.
  2. Kontrolu, ke la elektra ŝnuro ne estas difektita.
  3. If the machine switch has multiple modes, check that it is in the correct mode. Refer to the operating instructions above for details.

No vacuuming

  1. Seal correctly, the open end of the vacuum packaging bag should be completely placed in the vacuum chamber.
  2. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the heating bar and upper sealing air cotton parts and whether the position is correct. Ensure that the upper and lower sealing rings are intact. Wipe them clean and place them in the correct position.
  3. The vacuum bag may be leaking air. If air bubbles are produced, this proves that the bag is leaking. Re-seal the bag or use another vacuum packaging bag.
  4. Use a vacuum packaging bag with evacuation properties.
  5. Air leaks may be due to folds in the vacuum bag, crumbs, cheese, or other liquids. Open the bag, wipe the ports and stretch the bag flat to ensure that there are no wrinkles, tears, or damage.

No sealing after vacuumed

  1. The machine is equipped with a vacuum pressure sensor. When the pressure inside the vacuum packaging bag does not reach this preset pressure, the machine will not seal automatically. Check that the lower and upper sealing strips have no debris and are in the correct position. Wipe them clean and place them in the correct position and operate again.
  2. Make sure that the upper and lower seals are not deformed or damaged.
  3. The vacuum packaging bag may be leaking. If air bubbles are produced to prove that the vacuum packaging bag is leaking, reseal it or replace it with another vacuum packaging bag.
  4. Air leakage may be caused by folds, tears, foreign objects, or other liquids at the opening of the vacuum packaging bag. Open the vacuum packaging bag, wipe the port part and flatten the bag to ensure that there are no folds or damage.

After sealing, air enters the vacuum packaging bag again

  1. Air leaks may be caused by folds, tears, foreign objects, or other liquids at the mouth of the vacuum packaging bag. Open the vacuum packaging bag, wipe the port section and stretch the bag flat to ensure that there are no folds or tears.
  2. Air in the vacuum packaging bag may cause the food to ferment. Open the vacuum packaging bag and discard the food if it has spoiled. Food that has not been placed in the refrigerator or fluctuating temperatures in the refrigerator can cause food to spoil.
  3. Check the vacuum bag for damage. Do not wrap sharp items, such as bones or nutshells. Wrap sharp parts in paper towels to prevent puncturing the vacuum bag.

Bag Melting

  1. If the sealing silicone strips and sealing heating strips are overheating and causing the vacuum bag to melt, open the lid and allow the sealing silicone strips and sealing heating strips to cool for a few minutes.
  2. If the sealing silica gel and the thermal fuse are excessively hot, bag melting might be caused. Please open the bag to have the sealing silica gel and the thermal fuse cool down for a few minutes.

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