SEALEY TC960 Tyre Changer




objekton Parto n. Priskribo objekton Parto n. Priskribo
1 TC960.01 Piedestala Bazo 8 TC960.08 Pedestal Spider
2 TC960.02 Side base Channel 9 TC960.09 Pedestal Cap
3 TC960.03 Tyre Table & Pedestal 10 TC960.10 Tyre Bar
4 TC960.04 Bead Breaker Handle 11 SS1025.S Hex Head Set Screw M10 X 25 Zinc
5 TC960.05 Clevis Pegs 12 SN10.S Steel Nut M10 Zinc
6 TC960.06 R-Clip 4.3 X 3mm. 13 TC960.13 Ŝlosilo Washer
7 TC960.07 Bead Breaker Shoe - TC963 Tyre Bar for Aluminium Wheels (Not Shown)

NOTO: It is our policy to continually improve products and as such we reserve the right to alter data, specifications and component parts without prior notice. There may be alternative versions of this product, please contact us should you require this information.

GRAVA: No liability is accepted for incorrect use of product. Spare parts must be fitted by a competent person


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SEALEY TC960 Tyre Changer [pdf] Instrukcia Manlibro
TC960, Tyre Changer


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