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ELRO AS90KEA Central AS90S Home+ Alarm System Accessories User Manual

ELRO AS90KEA Central AS90S Home+ Alarm System Accessories


With the control panel and a set pin code, you can switch the AS90 Home+ alarm system to Arm, Disarm, and to Home. The control panel has a status LED indicator bar, if the status of the system changes from power off to power on, this bar lights up red, power off is green and night mode is blue. The control panel has a lithium battery that can be charged with the supplied adapter. If you use the control panel without the adapter, the status indicator will remain lit for approximately 10 seconds after each status change of the alarm system. If the control panel is used continuously with a connected adapter, the status bar flashes during the charging of the lithium battery and continuously when the battery is fully charged. The battery cover on the back is secured against unauthorized opening when the Home+ alarm system is switched on or in night mode. The numeric part can read an RFID tag AS90TA. This is useful for those who do not have the app on their smartphone. With this RFID tag, the system can be switched on and off. Useful for your child (ren) or employees at a small-medium business. Scan the QR code and give the tag the name of the person who is using it. Activate the control panel by touching it and slide the tag along the control panel. The app reports the use of the RFID tag name holder.


  1. Status led indication
  2. Arm, Disarm and Home Arm
  3. Keying in the PIN code and Tag RFDI reader.
  4. Sabotage switch
  5. On/off switch
  6. Reset control panel
  7. Lithium battery
  8. Adapter

Pairing the control panel

The lithium battery must be inserted, the adapter must be connected for first use, the ON/OFF switch must be set to ON, and the battery cover must be closed, due to the tamper switch.

  1. Open the app on your smartphone.
  2. Press “Add accessories”.
  3. Choose the option “Scan QR Code.”
  4. Scan the QR code located on the back of the control panel.
  5. Give the control panel a (location) name.
  6. Tap the blue “V” mark for agreement

Setting/changing PIN

While installing the base unit and setting up your account, you may have already entered a PIN code. Here we explain how you can still set/change that code.

  • Go to the “System Settings” via the cogwheel.
  • Choose “More” and then “Reset the PIN for your device”.
  • Enter the PIN here, again to confirm and agree with OK.

Duress alarm

If you have to forcibly hand over the PIN code to turn off the alarm system, you can enter a code that actually turns off the alarm but then alerts to you and fellow users that you have had to forcibly turn off the system.

  • Go to “Notification Settings”
  • Select “Duress Alarm Settings
  • Here you can turn the “Duress Alarm” on and off.
  • Enter the numeric password.
  • Personalize your SOS message.


Input DC 5V-1A adapter included
Battery Lithium-Ion 890mA
Stand-by tijd 6 months with daily use (8 times a day)
Wireless distance 50 m
Frequency 433.92MHz
Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Humidity ≤90%rh (non-condensing)
Weight 162.3 g (with battery)
Dimension 145 x 92,1 mm


  • I, ELRO Europe, hereby declare that the radio equipment type AS90KEA conforms to Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity can be found at the following internet address:
  • Frequency: 433.9MHz
  • Maximum transmitting power: 13dBm


ecycling and Disposal: The WEEE symbol means that this product and batteries must be disposed of separately from household waste. When this product reaches the end of its life, take it to a designated waste collection point nearby to ensure safe disposal or recycling. Protect the environment and public health, handle natural resources responsibly! Read the manual before use and keep it in a safe place for future use and maintenance Warranty visit 

ELRO Europe | Postbus 9607 – Box E800 1006 GC Amsterdam – The Netherlands

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ELRO AS90KEA Central AS90S Home+ Alarm System Accessories [pdf] User Manual
AS90KEA, Central AS90S Home Alarm System Accessories


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