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The disposal of used electrical and electronic equipment (applies to European Union countries and other European countries with separate waste-collection systems).

This symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that it should not be classified as household waste. It should be handed over to an appropriate company dealing with the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. The correct disposal of the product will prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health resulting from hazardous substances present in the product. Electrical devices must be handed over to restrict their re-use and further treatment. If the device contains batteries, remove them, and hand them over to a storage point separately. DO NOT THROW EQUIPMENT INTO THE MUNICIPAL WASTE BIN. Material recycling helps to preserve natural resources. For detailed information on how to recycle this product, please contact your local authority, the recycling company, or the shop where you bought it.


It is recommended to keep this instructions manual for future reference. Read the content of this manual carefully before first use.

  1. The power cable must be plugged in the socket with parameters the same as those given in that instruction manual.
  2. Do not immerse the cable or the appliance in water.
  3. Only intended for household use.
  4. Do not use the appliance outdoors.
  5. Before switching the appliance on, make sure that all of its elements are appropriately assembled.
  6. Do not leave your device without supervision.
  7. Always unplug the appliance after operation.
  8. The device can be used by children aged 8 and older and by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or persons without sufficient experience and knowledge only under supervision or if previously instructed on the safe use of the appliance and the possible risks. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and maintenance that are the responsibility of the user shall not be carried out by children without supervision. Protect the appliance and the power cord against children under 8 years old.
  9. Do not touch the appliance with wet hands.
  10. Always pull the plug of the socket before cleaning.
  11. Do not use the juicer when the filter is damaged.
  12. Do not exceed the maximum time of continuous operation of the appliance.
  13. Do not move during use.
  14. Never reach into the feeding tube with your fingers or an object while the appliance is running. Only the pusher is to be used for this purpose.
  15. Do not operate the juicer for more than 40 seconds at a time when juicing heavy loads and let it cool down sufficiently afterwards.
  16. Never use the appliance if the supply cord is damaged. If found dama ged in any way, consult the producer’s authorized service centre. The list of service centres is to be found in the appendix and on www.eldom.eu.
  17. The appliance can be used only with the originally included accessories.
  18. Refer servicing to an authorized service centre. Modifying the appliance or using spare parts or elements other than the original ones is forbidden and can expose the user to hazard.

WARNING: Improper use of the appliance may cause injury.

WARNING: Plastic bag can be dangerous, to avoid danger of suffocation keep this bag away from babies and children.


  1. PartsPusher
  2. Lid
    2a. Plastic tab
  3. Extracting bolt
  4. Filter
  5. Filter base
  6. Juicer collector
  7. Pulp spout
  8. Juice spout
    8a. Juice spout closure
  9. Microswitch
  10. Main body
  11. Spindle drive
  12. Control knob (On, Off, R)
  13. Pulp container
  14. Juice jug


  • power: 400W
  • mains voltage: 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • maximum time of continuous operation: 10 minutes
  • break before continuation of operation: 1 minute

PERFECT JUICER is designed for processing most of fruits and vegetables in a more efficient way than traditional juicer. A large dispensing opening for easy juice squeezing from soft fruit, e.g. apples.

Before using the appliance

  • Read these instructions for use carefully before using the appliance
  • make sure that none of elements are demaged
  • wash all detachable parts,
  • assemble the appliance


  • Place the juice collector (6) into main body (10) and turn right (pic. 1).
  • In juicer collector (6) set: filter base (5), filter (4) (pic. 4) and extracting bolt(3) (pic. 3),
  • set the containers (13,14) under the spouts (7,8) (pic. 4)
  • on the juicer collector (6) put the lid (2) according with the indicators. (pic. 5) and turn it right
  • Slide the pusher into the feeding tube in the lid (2)


The appliance will only function if all parts have been properly assembled and only than the microswitch will be unlocked.

  • always operate the product on a flat, stable surface
  • put the plug in the wall socket
  • slice products into pieces which fit into the feeding tube that is in the lid (2). Do not cut products into too small pieces.
  • make sure the juice jug (14) has been placed under the juice spout (8).
  • make sure that pulp container (13) has been placed under the pulp spout (7)
  • switch the appliance on by turning the control knob (12)to the position „ON”
  • put prepared fruits/vegetables in the feeding tube and gently press them down towards the rotating bolt by means of the pusher. Do not exert too much pressure on the pusher, as that could affect the quality of the end result or evean blocked the appliance.

Never insert your fingers or an object into the feeding tube. Only soft fruit, e.g. apples or oranges can be inserted as a whole. The tunnel in the lid is equipped with a special blade that cuts the inserted products, which should be lightly pressed. Inserting hard fruit/vegetables, e.g. beetroot as a whole can damage the blade and the gears. This damage is not covered by the warranty.

  • The juice will flow directly in the juice jug (14), and the pulp will be collected in the pulp container (13).
  • If the Extracting bolt is locked, you need to set the switch (12) to “R” for 3 to 5 seconds. Repeat the process two to three times, then turn off, and disassemble items of PERFECT JUICER (see CLEANING section) to remove the blcking element.
  • After you have processed all ingredients and the juice flow has stopped, switch the appliance off and wait until the filter has stopped rotating
  • Make sure you observe the maximum time of continuous operation of the appliance. Exceeding the time limit and failing to provide appropriate breaks during the operation of the appliance may cause irreparable damage to the engine.

Figure 1-2-3

Figure 4-5


  • Clean fruits and vegetables, before juicing
  • Use fresh fruit and vegetables, as they contain more juice.
  • Thick peels, e.g. those of oranges, pineapples and uncooked beetroots need to be removed.
  • products should be sliced into pieces which fit into the feeding tube that is in the lid (2). Do not cut the food into too small pieces.
  • do not process the ice or frozen fruits
  • If juicing herbs or leafy vegetables, wrap them together to form a bundle before placing in the juicer or combine them with other ingredients
  • Apple juice turns brown very quickly. You can slow down this process by adding a few drops of lemon juice.
  • frozen fruit may be processed only with filter no 3 mounted on
  • fruit with small seeds (e.g. chokeberry, raspberry, blackcurrant) must be processed in small batches only, about 0,5 kg. Before putting the next batch, turn the device off and remove the components for cleaning (see CLEANING).
  • The juicer is not suitable for juicing very hard and starchy fruits or vegetables such as sugar cane
  • When juicing fruit and vegetables of different consistency it may help to juice first soft products, and than hard.


When device is not used or before cleaning, disconnect it from the network.

The appliance is easier to clean if you do so immediately after use.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, scourers, acetone, alcohol etc. to clean the appliance.

Place the detachable plastic parts on the top tray of the dishwasher. Make sure they are placed well away from the heating element.

Switch the appliance off, remove the plug from the wall socket. Next dissassemble the appliance in the following order:

  • Remove the pushe (1)
  • unlock (turn to the left) and remove the lid (2),
  • unlock (turn to the left)and remove the juice collector (6) together with the base filter (5), filter (4) and extracting bolt (3) and disassemble the appliance.
  • Clean these parts with a cleaning brush in warm water with some washing-up liquid and rinse them under the tap.
  • Clean the motor unit with a damp cloth

Never immerse the motor unit in water nor rinse it under the tap.


  • only intended for household use,
  • it cannot be used for commercial purposes
  • the warranty loses validity in case of inappropriate use


  • the device is made of materials that can be reused or recycled
  • it should be handed to the special collection point, that deals with collection and recycling of electronic and electric devices,

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