WARNING! Please, read carefully this manual prior to the installation and operation of this appliance!

Technical specifications

Rated voltage / frequency 230V— / 50Hz
Power of the appliance 3000 W
Cooking zone diameter 0145 mm 0120/180 mm
Cooking zone power 1200 W 750/1800 W
Weight – net / gross 4.1 / 5 kg

Information for domestic electric cooktops – Regulation No. 66/2014

Symbol Value Unit
Model identification code PS21
Type of cooktop Electric
Number of cooking zones/areas 2
Heating technology Radiant cooking zones
Diameter of useful surface area per electrically heated cooking
zone 0145, rounded to the nearest 5mm
Ø 14,5 cm
Diameter of useful surface area per electrically heated cooking
zone 0180, rounded to the nearest 5mm
Ø 18,0 cm
Energy consumption per cooking zone 0145, calculated per kg EC el cooking 193. Wh/kg
Energy consumption per cooking zone 0180, calculated per kg EC el cooking 192. Wh/kg
Energy consumption for the cooktop calculated per kg EC ei cooking 193. Wh/kg

Table 1
Residual heat indication duration “H” (sec)

Operating time (sec)/Power level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 P
15 – 30 30 50 60 150 180 360 360 600 750 750
30 – 45 60 90 150 180 300 360 480 720 900 900
45 – 60 90 150 210 240 420 480 670 900 1200 1200
60 – 120 120 210 300 450 540 780 900 1200 1500 1500
120 – 180 120 300 600 600 960 1200 1500 1500 1800 1800
180 – 240 360 540 720 900 1200 1200 1500 1500 1800 1800
240 – 300 480 720 900 900 1200 1200 1500 1500 1800 1800
nosedive or 300 600 720 900 900 1200 1200 1500 1500 1800 1800

Table 2

Power level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 P
Maximum operating time (hours) 10 5 5 4 3 2 2 2 1 1
On-time / 1,2 2,5 5 6,4 8 12,5 18,1 25,6 32 cont.
Off time (sec) 38,8 37,5 35 33,6 32 27,5 21,9 14,4 8


For your safety, please read and observe the following safety measures. They are intended to minimize the possibility of injury. Before proceeding with the installation and commissioning of the cooktop, it is mandatory to read the full text of this booklet. The requirements and recommendations set out in it must be observed both by you to make it easier for you to use the appliance and by the qualified persons who will install and possibly repair the appliance in case of damage. Compliance with the rules is part of the measures for safe use of the appliance and is one of the warranty conditions. Keep the installation and operation manual in a safe place. Check the cooktop after removing it from its packaging. Do not connect the appliance to the mains if it has been damaged during transport.
WARNING! When the cooktop is installed without an oven underneath, it is mandatory to use a dividing panel between the lower end of the cooktop and the kitchen cabinet. WARNING! If your appliance is defective or a crack or breakage appears on the surface of the glass-ceramic cooktop, disconnect the appliance from the power supply to avoid possible electric shock and contact the nearest service center. Do not use the appliance until the glass-ceramic part has been replaced.
WARNING! When connecting the appliance to the mains, it is mandatory to connect it correctly to the neutral and protective conductors of the electrical installation. Failure to do so will impair the safety of the appliance and prohibit its use.
WARNING! Provide easy access to the plug for any need to disconnect the appliance from the power supply after installation.
WARNING! This appliance is not designed to operate with an external timer or a separate remote control system unless the appliance operation is stopped by a device complying with EN 50615.
WARNING! Failure to comply with the requirements for connection to the electrical installation may reduce the safety of the appliance and prohibit its use. The consequences are not within the scope of the manufacturer’s and seller’s warranty obligations and are at the expense of the non-compliant with the requirements of this instruction. The inspection of the electrical installation and the connection of the cooktop to it is performed only by qualified and qualified persons.
WARNING! The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. Care must be taken to avoid contact with the heating elements. The residual temperature indicator “H” warns you that the cooking zones are hot.
WARNING! Children under the age of 8 should be kept away from the appliance unless when continuously supervised.
WARNING! This appliance may be used by children over 8 years of age and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience or knowledge, provided that they’re under supervision or have received information on how to use the appliance safely and understand risks that may occur by a person who is responsible for their safety and understand the associated hazards. Children are not allowed to play with the appliance. This appliance should not be cleaned or maintained by children without supervision.
ATTENTION! The appliance should only be used for cooking and frying at home and in the office. It is not intended for commercial or industrial use. WARNING! Never use the cooktop to heat the room.
WARNING! Cooking unattended with grease or oil on the cooktop can be dangerous and can cause a fire. Never try to put out a fire with water, switch off the appliance and then cover the fire with a lid or fire blanket, for example.
WARNING! Fire hazard: do not store things on cooking surfaces.
ATTENTION! Drawers must not be installed directly under the cooktop.
WARNING! Do not store any flammable objects or vials around the countertop or in drawers or cabinets under the countertop. THERE IS A FIRE HAZARD! ATTENTION! Cables from other electrical appliances must not touch the cooking zones. This can damage the cooktop and the cable insulation.
WARNING! If the cooktop overheats and the display shows an error, switch off the appliance. THERE IS A RISK OF BURNING! Contact the after-sales service. WARNING! Protect the appliance from direct sunlight.
ATTENTION! If the cooktop switches itself off and cannot be used, then disconnect it from the power supply and contact an after-sales service immediately.
ATTENTION! Uneven pans can scratch the glass-ceramic. Check your pans.
ATTENTION! Never place hot pans on the control panel and/or display area. This may cause damage.
ATTENTION! Salt, sugar, and grit cause scratching of the glass-ceramic. Do not use the cooktop as a work surface or storage space. Remove any spatula spray immediately. ATTENTION! Damage can occur if hard or sharp objects fall on the cooktop. You did not store such items on the countertop.
ATTENTION! Turn off the cooking zones after use.
ATTENTION! Plastic boxes or aluminum foil placed on the cooktop melt. Oven protective foil is not suitable for this cooktop.
ATTENTION! If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent, or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
ATTENTION! Use only lukewarm water with alkaline solutions for cleaning. Corrosive or abrasive preparations should not be used as they may form dark spots. Never clean
the appliance with high-pressure water, steam, or pressurized steam.
CAUTION! The cooking process has to be supervised. A short-term cooking process has to be supervised continuously.

This appliance is marked in accordance with the ordinance for obsolete electrical and electronic equipment. When you make sure that this appliance is disposed of properly after it has been used up, you will help to prevent possible negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by improper disposal.
The symbol SONY MDR-RF855RK Wireless Stereo Headphone System - warningon the appliance or on the documents attached to the appliance indicates that this appliance must not be treated as household waste. Instead, it must be handed over to a specialized collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. When disposing of it, follow the local waste disposal regulations. For more detailed information about the treatment, recovery, and recycling of this appliance, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the appliance.



  • The appliance must be installed correctly and in accordance with the established rules. Any work on the appliance must only be carried out when the appliance is disconnected from the power supply.
  • Protect the appliance from direct sunlight. The place where the cooktop will be installed must not be illuminated by direct sunlight and in particular, the control area. џ Drawers must not be placed directly under the cooktop. When installing the cooktop, the distances indicated in figures 1 to 3 must be observed.
    IMPORTANT! When the cooktop is installed without an oven underneath, it is mandatory to use a dividing panel between the lower end of the cooktop and the kitchen cabinet. Before mounting the cooktop, place it in the hole in fig. 1 by inserting the rear part first to accommodate the cord of the cord, the appliance must be centered in the hole. If all is well, remove the worktop and peel the paper strips from the double-sided adhesive tapes (the seals on the underside of the glass-ceramic marked “A” in Fig. 4). Make sure that the seal is placed correctly on the work surface, without gaps. After gluing the cooktop and it is already fixed to the worktop, you can seal the remaining small joint with silicone (marked “B” in Fig. 4).
ELDOM INVEST PS21 Built In Glass Ceramic Cooktop - fig2
Size of the hole in the worktop, overall dimension of the cooktop, minimum clearance at the back, minimum clearance to cabinets located next to the cooktop. Sizes of vents under the worktop, minimum clearance to the partition
board when installed over a cabinet, worktop width range.
ELDOM INVEST PS21 Built In Glass Ceramic Cooktop - fig3 ELDOM INVEST PS21 Built In Glass Ceramic Cooktop - fig4

Sizes of ventilation openings over the worktop, minimum clearance to the oven when installed over a built-in oven, minimum clearance to a cabinet or aspirator located under the cooktop.

Connect your hob to the power supply with the built-in cord with wires colored in brown (L); blue (N); and green and yellow (grounding) or via the built-in cord with a type F plug. The socket in which the plug of the appliance is to be plugged in must be properly connected, including the safety plug. Provide easy access to the plug for any need to disconnect the appliance from the power supply after installation. The cord should not be extended in any manner! The appliance must be properly connected with all security. The electrical installation to which the appliance will be connected must be constructed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations. In case you are not sure about the correctness of the socket and/or the electrical installation, use the services of a qualified technician or a specialist from a service company.

Perform initial cleaning by wiping the glass-ceramic surface with a damp cloth or glass-ceramic cooktop cleaner.
ATTENTION! Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleaners. Doing so may damage the surface of the cooktop.

It is very important to use appropriate utensils. Nice cooking utensils give better results and are recognizable by their bottoms. The thicker and flatter the bottom, the better the cooking utensil. Pay attention to the diameter of the bottom of the cookware. Their manufacturers often give the diameter only on their upper edge. Cookware with copper or aluminum bottoms can cause discoloration of the glass-ceramic surface, which is very difficult or impossible to clean. Do not use cookware with rough bottoms, protrusions or deep scratches. When such a cooking pot slides on the cooktop, it may cause permanent scratching. If you use a special type of cookware, such as a pressure cooker or a Chinese pan with a convex bottom, follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Always place the pan (but not empty) before switching on the cooking zone. Contaminated bottoms of cookware and cooking zones impair heat transfer (increase energy consumption). The bottom of the pan must be the same diameter as the cooking zone. When possible, place tightly closed lids on cooking utensils. Turn off the cooking zones before the end of the cooking time. This will allow you to use the residual heat to keep food warm or to thaw. A pressure cooker reduces cooking time by up to 50%.

ELDOM INVEST PS21 Built In Glass Ceramic Cooktop - cooker


ELDOM INVEST PS21 Built In Glass Ceramic Cooktop - CONTROL

  1. ON/OFF button
  2. Cooking zone selection button
  3. Increase button “+”
  4. Decrease button “-“
  5. Timer heating button
  6. Timer display
  7. Power level display for the relevant zone
  8. Indicating light of the large zone extension function


Sensor Cooktop – On / Off / Lock
When you turn on the cooktop, all displays and indications light up for 4 seconds, and continuous beep sounds. The software version of the control is also displayed. The touch panel is switched on by pressing button “1” for on / off for 1 second, during which 2 short beeps are heard. “0” appears on both zone power level displays. If any of the zones is warm, the corresponding display shows “h” instead of “0 “. If you do not turn on the cooking zone within the next 10 seconds, the panel turns off, and 4 short beeps sound. If any of the zones is warm, the corresponding display shows “H”. The cooktop will not work if button “1” and the other buttons are pressed at the same time. The touch panel can be switched off at any time by pressing the “1” button. This is valid even when the Lock function is activated. The cooktop cannot be switched on if the “Button lock” function is activated. Deactivate this function before switching on the cooktop.

Cooking zones – Selection / On / Off / Adjustment
When the touch panel is on, the zone is selected with the “2” button. The indication on the corresponding display remains brighter and a continuous signal is heard. It is switched on by increasing the power level by means of the “+” button. The area begins to heat up. The power of the cooking zone is set by means of the “+” and “-” buttons and can be selected according to the different degrees shown on the display by the numbers from “0” to “9” and the “P” symbol. The number “0” corresponds to the cooking zone switched off. A “P” symbol of powerful heating. Once the cooking zone is selected, holding down the “+” or “-” button helps to reach the desired power level faster. After reaching level “9”, pressing the “+” button again switches on the power heating level, which is displayed on the display with “P”. Subsequent pressing of the “+” button does not switch to level “0”. From step “0” by pressing the button “-” go sequentially through the steps from “P” to “0”. When you switch on the remote cooking zone (to the left of the touch control) the small diameter (Ø120 mm) is switched on, to expand the zone you have to press button “2” again. The “8” indication lights up, indicating that the area is extended (Ø180 mm). Switching to the smaller area is done again by pressing the “2” button. 8 All zones can be switched off at the same time by pressing the “1” button or by holding down any button for more than 5 seconds.


Indication of residual heat „H”
When a separate cooking zone is switched off or the cooktop is switched off, the presence of residual heat is indicated by “H” or “h” on the display of the respective cooking zone. This indication signals that the glass has reached a temperature that can be dangerous in case of contact with the area and/or the glass around it. The residual heat display only switches off after the area has cooled down.
ATTENTION! As long as the residual heat indicator is lit, there is a risk of burns.
ATTENTION! In case of power failure, the residual heat indicator will go out and the information that the respective zone is hot will be lost. In such cases, there is a risk of burns from contact with any of the hot zones. If the zones are hot and the power supply is restored, the “H” indication will not light up because the residual heat information is missing (in the event of a power failure, the information is lost). The heating and cooling of the glass are calculated in accordance with the selected power level (from “1” to “P”) and the activation of the cooking zones (time in seconds) Once the zone is switched off, the corresponding display shows “H” until the temperature drops below the critical level. Table 1 shows the time (in seconds) required for the glass temperature to fall below the critical level depending on the set degree and cooking time.
Timer – Delayed Stop function
The Delayed Stop function allows the user to set the time after which the cooking zone will switch off. The timer is activated by pressing the “5” button after the respective zone is switched on (degree other than “0”). “00” (or remaining time) is displayed on the timer display, and the “t” symbol is displayed on the power level display. By subsequently pressing the “+” or “-” buttons, the duration of the operating time in minutes (from 1 to 99 minutes) is adjusted. The duration of the time can be adjusted at any time by pressing the “5” button. The display shows the remaining time. If the “+” or “-” buttons are held down, the change rate increases or decreases dynamically. Adjusting or changing the timer time is without a beep. The timer can be used for both zones, as the timer display shows the time of the selected zone. When one of the zones is running with a timer, the number of the set degree and the symbol “t” are displayed in sequence on its power display. After the timer has elapsed, the cooking zone switches off, which is accompanied by an audible signal and a flashing “00” indication on the timer display, and the symbols “0” and “t” change on the zone display. The beep stops by pressing the “1”, “2” buttons or after a certain time.

Automatic shutdown
In working areas, they switch off automatically if the appliance is not used for a certain period of time to prevent overheating or other damage to the electronic control panel. Each operation performed, using the “-” and “+” buttons, updates the automatic shutdown time depending on the newly set level. The maximum operating time of the zone depends on the selected power level, as shown in table 2.

Button lock (child lock)
The function is activated/deactivated by pressing and holding the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously. The “L” symbol is displayed on the displays and beep sounds.
Sound signal
The operations are confirmed by sound signals.
Power level
The sensor control panel pulses the zones on and off to determine different power levels. You can see the on and off times for the duty cycle in Table 2.


ATTENTION! Do not allow the detergents to come into contact with the highly heated glass-ceramic surface. Detergents are removed with clean water after cleaning, as they may have a corrosive effect on hot surfaces. Do not use aggressive agents such as household wire, abrasive cleaners, and spray for grill or oven.

ELDOM INVEST PS21 Built In Glass Ceramic Cooktop - cleaning

Clean the glass-ceramic surface after each use while it is still warm to the touch. This will avoid the burning of dirt on the cooktop. Remove traces of water, grease, and discoloration with glass-ceramic or stainless steel cleaners.
For slightly contaminated surfaces
Wipe the work surface with a damp cloth. Dry with a clean cloth, leaving no traces of detergent or lint on the surface. Once a week, clean thoroughly with detergents for glass-ceramic cooktops or stainless steel. Rinse the surface with clean water and dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.
For heavily soiled surfaces
Use a glass scraper to remove overcooked food and stubborn spills. Place the glass scraper at an angle so that the entire length of the blade rests on the glass-ceramic surface and remove the dirt by scraping with the blade.
In case of problematic surface contamination
In case of contamination from burnt sugar, aluminum foil, melted plastic, or other similar materials, remove immediately with a glass scraper while still hot.
ATTENTION! There is a risk of burns when scraping the hot zone.


The table below shows the codes that appear on the display in the event of an error, as well as their description and the action required to correct the error

Error code Code Action
FO Problem with sensor operation Switch the power to the cooktop off and then switch it on again. If the error persists, call the aftersales service. If an error occurs during suddenly normal operation,
call a service company.
Fe The control zone is too hot and has turned off all heating elements. Wait until the temperature drops. The cooktop will restore its functions automatically when the temperature reaches the normal level.
Ft The temperature sensor of the control unit could be faulty Wait until the temperature drops.
If the message persists when the temperature reaches the ambient value, call a service company
FE The temperature sensor of the control unit could be faulty Wait until the temperature drops. If the message persists when the temperature reaches the ambient value, call a service company
Fb Oversensitivity of any button Please, check if the cooktop is properly installed. Make sure that the keys properly touch the glass surface.
FU / FJ Error in button protection This is an automatic check error. It disappears when the value is restored.
If the error persists, call a service company.
FA Error in software protection This is an automatic check error. It disappears when the value is restored.
If the error persists, call a service company.
FC / Fd Error in software protection This is an automatic check error. It disappears when the value is restored.
If the error persists, call a service company.
Fr Error in relay protection The relay driver could be faulty. Switch the power to the cooktop off, wait for about a minute and then switch it on again. If the error persists, call a service company.


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ELDOM INVEST PS21 Built-In Glass-Ceramic Cooktop [pdf] Instruction Manual
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