EDIFIER X3 TO-U Earbuds User Manual

To our valued customer

Thanks very much for choosing the true wireless earphones from EDIFIER & MAOXIN, and giving us a chance to serve you with our best effort. Please read this manual carefully before you use the product, and keep the warranty card in a safe place.

Caution : 

When using. please read the following suggestions to help you comply with the warranty terms and extend the service life of the product.

  • Keep the product dry and do not put it in a damp place, so as not to affect the internal circuit of the product. Avoid using this product during intense exercise or sweating to prevent from penetrating damage to this product.
  • Do not put the product in a place exposed to the sun or high temperatures. High temperatures will shorten the service life of the electronic components, damage the battery, and deform certain plastic parts.
  • Do not place the product in a cold place to avoid damaging the internal circuit board.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the product. If you are not professional, you may damage the product.
  • Do not drop, strongly vibrate, or hit the product with hard objects to avoid damaging internal circuits.
  •  Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents to clean the earphones.
  •  Do not use sharp objects on the surface of the product to avoid damaging the outer case and affecting the appearance.
  •  If the product does not work properly, please send it to your qualified service agency. The staff will be enthusiastic to help you solve the problem.

Product description and accessories

diagramProduct description and accessories

  • Charging box
    Product description and accessories
  • Earmuffs *3 pairs
    Product description and accessories
  • USB charging cable
    Product description and accessories

This product is equipped with different types of earmuffs, please use suitable earmuffs

Operation Guide

  • on/off
    1.  Power on: take the earphone out of the charging box and it will turn on automatically.
    2. Turn off: Put the earphone into the charging box, the earphone will automatically turn off.
  • Bluetooth connection
    1.  Binaural earphones mode to connect the phone Open the charging box to take out the two earphones, press and hold the touch button of the left earphone to enter the pairing state. Red and blue lights flash quickly; Search for this model on your mobile phone and select the connection. The blue light flashes slowly after connected successfully.
    2.  Single earphone mode to connect the phone: When using a single earphone take the left or right earphone from the charging box and connect it according to the above-mentioned ‘Binaural mode to connect the phone’ process.

TWS pairing and connection for left and right earphones:
When the earphones are shipped from the factory, the left and right earphones have been TWS paired. When you need to pair again on some special circumstances, please follow this: (i)In the absence of TWS and Bluetooth connection, double-click the touch button to enter the TWS pairing status and blue light flashes quickly. ©After the pairing is completed. blue lights of the left and right earphones flash slowly.

Warranty card

Product Name : __________________

Product Code :___________________

Date of purchase : _________________

Customer Name: _________________

Customer Phone: _________________

Customer Address : _________________________________________

 Functional operation instructions

  • Music play mode (operation of left and right earphone are the same )
    diagram Functional operation instructions
  • Call mode (operation of left and right earphone are the same)
    graphical user interface, application Functional operation instructions
  • Clear the phone pairing record: without Bluetooth or TWS connection, press and hold the touch button for 8 seconds.(left and right earphones are executed separately)
  • Disconnect from the phone: When the phone is connected, no music is played, and no call, press and hold the touch button for 5 seconds.

Charger indicator

Earphone charging:
During use. only the red light flashing indicates that the power is too low. Please use it after full charged. Put the earphone into the charging box, the charging time is about 1.5 hours, the red light slowly flashes when charging and turn off after full charged.

Charging box charging:
Tito The flashing numbers of the indicator light indicates the number of times the earphone can be charged. The indicator flashing quickly indicates the power is not enough. please charge in time. When charging, the indicator light is always on, when it is full charged, the indicator light will be off.

Charger indicator 
Charger indicator 

Warning: The rechargeable battery of this product must be disposed of properly for recycling. Please do not put the battery in a fire to avoid an explosion.lt is recommended to charge the battery every three months if not used.


  •  The red light flashes instead of the blue light.
    A: Indicates that the earphone battery is low, you need to charge it again.
  •  When charging, the red light does not light.A:
    1. Please make sure the earphone is connected with the charging box.
    2. If the earphone is not used for a long time, the battery will enter the sleeping mode. The red light will be on only after charged for about 30 minutes.
  •  The earphone can not hear sound. A:
    1.  Confirm that the earphone is working.
    2. Confirm that the volume of the earphone is appropriate.
    3. Confirm that the earphone is properly connected to the phone.
    4. Confirm that the earphone is in the normal working range.
  •  The earphone is not working well. A:
    1. Confirm if the mobile phone is in a strong signal area.
    2. The effective distance of the earphone is 10 meters. Please confirm that the earphone is within the effective distance, and there is no obstacle between the earphone and the mobile phone.
  • (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)M,V0 When playing music, the earphone can not be paused, resumed. and skipped to previous/next song. A: This function requires the device paired with the earphone support AVIRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) protocol.


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  1. The external surface of the earbuds are too smooth. It is very difficult to take out of the charging box. There should be a ring of about 3 mm wide with rough outer surface which can be held while taking out the ear buds. This will be very convenient.

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