EAZYRC DPEZ11807RTR 1/18 Glacier RC Crawler 4WD RC Truck RTR




  • 1:18 GLACIER, new masterpiece from EAZYRC comes to rock you shocking momentum!
  • Pickup trucks,being the symbol of post-modern US western culture, are born with ruggedness and conquest,from which EAZYRC boldly brought in for the first time to develop a brand new
  • model-That is 1:18 Glacier.
  • The Glacier features hard and strong body lines offering a great taste of American vintage, bringing you right back to American 70s at once with a glance of the square-shaped front end. The bold
  • design renders the characteristics of grandeur and Vividness with the exquisite body head and tail design. Customized license stickers are available for players to decorate the front and rear of this
  • car model.
  • Metallic luster has been in full display when electrostatic spray is deployed on the vehicle, making the craftsmanship and visual presentation up to the level of the real car.
  • The body adopts the typical design of pickup truck, meaning you can access to large space of the bucket carrying different items and opanable bucket rear door panel. Great fun and authentic are
  • well enhanced no matter for static set-up or dynamic walking.
  • In terms of frame suspension, the bearing angle of the rear spring suspension is adjusted according to the truck model to achieve a longer and smoother driving journey .
  • Move your attention to the hood design, as always, EAZYRC provides openable hood and enough engine compartment space for players to DIY based on their interests, such as increasing the
  • counterweight for better driving posture, or replacing the larger-capacity battery to improve the endurance, etc….
  • The interior is realistically drawn, the dashboard and steering wheel are restored according to the original scale. Simulation of one seat replica history, all parts are precisely injection molded in one
  • piece.
  • Cool lights, simulating the real car light set, including headlights, turn signals and reversing lights.
  • Newly equipped with newly developed high-performance retro wheels and all-terrain tires, grip is substantially improved.
  • Glacier storm skin is a comprehensive entertainment and RC remote control model car, to the hand that is to play, to achieve at any time and anywhere as you like climbing, crossing.


  • Always check the radio range of the vehicle prior to operation in order to prevent radio loss or interference.
  • Operate this product within your ability. If the vehicle is dangerous to retrieve, it’s never worth the risk.
  • Always turn on the transmitter before connecting the battery on the model. When turning off the model, always
  • disconnect the battery first, and then turn off the model, always disconnect the battery first, and then turn off the
  • transmitter. If this order is reversed, the model may become uncontrollable and cause serious damage.
  • Never allow transmitter batteries to run low as it may cause loss of vehicle control.
  • Plastics on the vehicle are susceptible to damage or deformation due to extreme heat and cold climate. Do
  • not store the model near any source of heat such as oven or heater. Store the model indoors, in a
  • climate-controlled, room temperature environment.
  • Never shorten the receiver antenna; this may affect the transmitting range of the radio system.

Setting the Gear Mesh

The gear mesh is the clearance between the pinion and spur gears in your vehicle. If the motor or gearing components are replaced,check that the gears are not meshing too tightly as this may cause premature wear.

Charging the Battery

  1. Connect the charger to a USB port then connect the battery to the charger.
  2. When charging.the Green LED is flash, when charged, the Green LED is stable
  3. Do not let the battery charge unattended!
  4. If the battery or charger is hot, disconnect the battery and charger immediately as this may be caused by an internal short-circuit.EAZYRC-DPEZ11807RTR-1-18-Glacier-RC-Crawler-4WD-RC-Truck-RTR-FIG-2

Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery Warning

  • Never charge a lithium polymer battery with a charger designed for Nicd, NIMH, or any other type of battery
  • chemistry.Use ONLY charger designed for LiPo battery.
  • Do not leave LiPo battery unattended during charging
  • Do not overcharge the battery.
  • Always charge LiPo batteries on non-flammable, heat-resistant surfaces.
  • Always use a LiPo-safe bag or container while charging. Do not allow LiPo cells to overheat at any time.Cells
  • which reach greater than 140 Fahrenheit(60°C) will usualy become damaged and will catch fire.
  • Do not charge the LiPo pack while it is still in the model. Never charge or store battery packs in a vehicle.
  • Do not discharge LiPo; doing so will damage the battery.
  • Do not expose LiPo cell to water or moisture at any time.
  • Do not store battery near open flame or heater.
  • Do not assemble LiPo cells or pre-assembled packs together with other LiPo cells or packs.
  • Always store LiPo battery in a secure location away from children.
  • Always remove the LiPo battery if model is involved in any kind of crash.
  • Carefully inspect the battery and connectors for even the smallest damage.
  • CAUTION:Cells may become hot after usage.Allow the pack to cool to room temperature prior to recharging
  • Do not allow the electrolyte to get into eyes or on skin.Wash affected areas immediately if they if they come
  • into contact with electrolyte.Do not alter or modifv connectors or wires of a LiPo battery pack.
  • Always inspect the condition of the battery before charging and operating.
  • Do not short circuit the LiPo battery.
  • Do not have contact with a leaky/damaged battery directly.
  • Do not charge battery out of recommended temperature range(0°C-45°C)EAZYRC-DPEZ11807RTR-1-18-Glacier-RC-Crawler-4WD-RC-Truck-RTR-FIG-3

Spare parts list

  • E1071
  • EAZY GLACIER Front and Rear Light Cup Set
  • E1023 EAZY 5 wire 9g SERVO
  • E1072 EAZY GLACIER Hood Mount Set
  • E1080 EAZY GLACIER Window
  • E1036 EAZY 1:18 Rear wheel shaft
  • E1073 EAZY GLACIER Rearview Mirror And Wiper
  • E1074 EAZY GLACIER Bumper And Side Panel
  • E1037 EAZY 1:18 Wheel Hex
  • E1075 EAZY GLACIER Lens
  • E1038 EAZY 1:18 Rear axle plastic parts
  • E1041 EAZY Connecting Rod
  • E1042 EAZY 1:18 M4 ALLY BALL
  • E1011 EAZY Teraz Tire 19.2 x 13.5 x 56
  • E1043 EAZY 1:18 BALL HEAD
  • E1012 Eight Planets Style Wheels plastic parts
  • E1044 EAZY 1:18 C HUB PARTS
  • E1014 EAZY LIPO Battery 2S LIPO 380mAh
  • E1016 EAZY USB Charger
  • E1045 EAZY 1:18 FRONT/REAR AXLE parts
  • E1046 EAZY 1:18 SERVO HORN
  • E1019 EAZY 050 Motor set
  • E1020 EAZY Gear set
  • E1079 EAZY Transmission Shaft full set GLACIER version
  • E1049 EAZY 1:18 Gear Box Plastic Parts

Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

declare under our responsibility that the product


  • Type of Equipment: Patriot Driving System & 2.4GHz Control System
  • Brand Name: EAZYRC
  • Equipment Model: 11807
  • to which this declaration relates is in conformity with the essential requirements and other relevant requirements of the
  • RED Directive 2014/53/EU, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU,FCC Indentifier 2AUBx-TX01Z and EU RoHS Directive 201/65/EU.
  • The product is in conformity with following standards and/or other normative documents:
  • ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3 (2019)
  • EN 61000-3-3:2013
  • ETSI EN 301 489-17 V3.2.4 (2020-09)
  • EC/EN62368-1
  • EN 55032:2015
  • EN 62368-1:2014+A11:2017
  • EN 55035:2017
  • EN 62479:2010
  • EN 61000-3-2:2014
  • EN 300 328 v2.2.2:2019-07


  • North America:
  • Sweden:
  • AMain Distributing
  • Minicars Hobby Distribution AB
  • Annelundsgatan 17C
  • 749 40 Enköping, Sweden
  • Tel.: +46-171-14 30 02
  • 424 Otterson Drive
  • Chico, CA 95928
  • https://www.amaindistributing.com/
  • 530-894-9082


  • The United Kingdom
  • CML Distribution Ltd
  • Model Engines Pty Ltd
  • Saxon House, Saxon Business Park, Hanbury Road
  • Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
  • B60 4AD, England
  • Tel.: +44 (0)1527 575349
  • Unit 1/32 Bluett Drive
  • Smeaton Grange
  • NSW 2567 Australia
  • Tel.: +61(0)411128284

Documents / Resources

EAZYRC DPEZ11807RTR 1/18 Glacier RC Crawler 4WD RC Truck RTR [pdf] Instruction Manual
0830DPEZ11807RTR, 1 18 Glacier RC Crawler 4WD RC Truck RTR, DPEZ11807RTR 1 18 Glacier RC Crawler 4WD RC Truck RTR

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