e-TWOW GT2020 Electric Scooter

e-TWOW GT 2020 Electric Scooter.


Thank you for buying the GT2020. Please check the main user manual for safety and use instructions.


MAIN PARTSe-TWOW-GT2020-Electric-Scooter-fig-1

  1. Handlebar
  2. Display
  3. LED headlight
  4. Folding hock
  5. Folding hock
  6. Battery charging port
  7. Folding lever
  8. Folding axle
  9. Rear brake
  10. Kickstand

SCOOTER PARTS DIAGRAMe-TWOW-GT2020-Electric-Scooter-fig-2

  1. Acceleration lever
  2. Power button
  3. Settings button
  4. On/Off light button
  5. Horn button
  6. Handlebar
  7. Controller
  8. Folding bar
  9. Fornt fender
  10. Kickstand
  11. Protection cover
  12. Folding buttons
  13. Electromagnetic brake lever
  14. Drum brake levere-TWOW-GT2020-Electric-Scooter-fig-3








GT 2020
Overall Expand Size 1132*1075*382mm
Overall Fold Size 1060*324*150mm
Scooter Weight 13 Kg
Wheel diameter 8” / 20 cm






Maximum load 125 Kg
Top Speed 40 km/h*
Grade Ability 25 degree slope

Range (with fully charged battery)

max. 50 Km
Can vary according to the weight of the passenger, speed, slope degree, wind speed, road conditions, temperature and other factors. Under 10 degrees Celsius autonomy decreases by up to 30%
Power Consumption 7.7Wh / Km
Battery parameters Type Li-ion Battery with Samsung cells
Capacity 48V; 10.5 Ah
Motor parameters Motor type Brushless DC Motor
Rated Output Max. Power 700 W




Charger parameters

Input Voltage 110 V / 220 V Output: DC 54.6V-3 A
Load end Voltage 54.6V Load Voltage high limit 54.6V
Charging time (charger) 4 – 4.5 hr

(3 A)

*Factory speed limit acording to the legislation of each country Germany 20km/h, France 25km/h, Spain 25km/h


Documents / Resources

e-TWOW GT2020 Electric Scooter [pdf] Instruction Manual
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