DURONIC ICM120 Ice Maker

ICM120 – Ice Maker



Safety Instructions


  • This appliance is for indoor/household use only. Do not use outdoors.
  • The ICM120 Ice Maker is only for domestic use, it is not for commercial use.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Do not operate this appliance if the power cable or plug is damaged. If either is damaged, return the machine to Duronic for service or repair by professional technician.
  • Please ensure the mains power supply is 220-240V / 50Hz.
  • Never try to replace the parts and repair the unit by yourself.
  • To reduce the risk of electric shock, never operate this product near water, with wet hands, spill liquid on the appliance or submerge it in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not use the ice maker machine near gas or other inflammable materials (such as benzene, paint thinner, sprays, etc.)
  • Do not place the appliance on or near a hot gas or on a heated oven.
  • Keep the machine 15cm from other objects to ensure heat has space to escape from the vents.
  • Do not put any extension leads or portable power supplies near or behind the appliance.
  • Do not use any accessories which are not recommended by Duronic.
  • Do not insert any foreign or electrical objects into the appliance.
  • Do not store explosive substances such as aerosol cans with a flammable propellant in or next to this appliance.
  • The refrigerant and insulation blowing gas inside this machine is flammable. When disposing of the appliance, do so only at an authorised waste disposal centre. Do not expose the appliance to flames.
  • Unplug the appliance after using it or before cleaning it.
  • When cleaning the ice maker machine, do not use sharp utensils, steel wool, metal scouring pads or abrasive cleaners as they will scratch or damage the appliance.
  • Do not use distilled water in this machine. Mineral water is recommended.
  • When moving the appliance, do not tilt the machine more than 45 degrees and do not turn the machine upside down. This may damage the compressor and the sealing system.
  • It is normal for the compressor and condenser surface to reach temperatures between 70°C and 90°C during operation and the surrounding areas may be very hot.
  • Due to the fast freezing process, ice cubes may appear “cloudy”. This is normal, it is air trapped in the water during the freezing process and it will not affect the quality or taste of the ice.
ICM120 120W 220-240V / 50Hz 1.5L 22.4 x 30.8 x 28.3cm
  • The ICM120 makes bullet-shaped ice cubes
  • Up to 9 pieces of ice can be made per eight minutes
  • Daily ice output: 12kg / 26.5lbs per 24 hours
  • Ice storage facility: 1.5L / 600g
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Noise level: ≤6 0dB(A) [ambient noise level ≤1 7dB(A)]
  • Prompts when ice basket is full and when water level is insufficient.

DURONIC ICM120 Ice Maker Components

  1. Micro switch
  2. Evaporator
  3. Water tray
  4. Ice shovel
  5. Ice basket
  6. Water tank
  7. Drainage plug
  8. Control panel
  9. Front housing
  10. Ice scoop
  11. Top cover
  12. Transparent lid
  13. Motor
  14. Back housing
  15. Air vent
Before First Use
  • Before first use, remove all the packing materials, check the machine carefully and make sure that the machine, power cable and plug are normal and do not have any damage.
  • The machine should be positioned on a level surface. To ensure sufficient ventilation, the distance of the back of ice maker to the wall and surrounding objects should be at least 15cm. It should not be positioned near an oven, radiator or any other heat source.
  • Before using the machine for the first time, put the machine in place and leave the transparent cover open for at least two hours.
  • Distilled water should not be used. Mineral water is recommended.
The Control Panel

There are light 3 indicators and 1 button on the control panel:

DURONIC ICM120 Ice Maker The Control Panel

ICE FULL Ice full alarm
ADD WATER Water shortage alarm
ICE MAKING Ice is being produced
DURONIC ICM120 Ice Maker The Control Panel A Power button
Before First Use


  • When you plug in the ice maker machine the ICE MAKING light indicator will flash.
  • Press the power button to switch on the machine. The ICE MAKING indicator light will stay on and the machine will start to make ice cubes.
  • After the first batch of ice cubes have finished being made, the de-icing will activate, followed by the ice shovel which will move the ice into the ice basket.


  • When the ADD WATER light turns red, it means that there is not enough water left in the tank. You will need to add more water and then press the power button to restart the machine.

beko BLSA210M2S - Warning 1 Do not fill up the tank directly from a tap. When refilling the water tank, use a bottle or jug to pour water into it.


  • When the ice cubes fill up the ice basket and it reaches the maximum capacity, the ICE FULL light will flash, and the machine will automatically stop. You will then need to empty the ice basket using the ice scoop.
  • Once the sensor inside the machine can detect the ice basket is empty, the machine will restart automatically and continue making ice cubes.
How to Use
  1. Open the transparent lid, take out the ice basket and add water to the water tank. The water should not exceed the MAX mark. Use either cold or room-temperature water to fill the tank. Do not fill the tank with hot water. If the water exceeds the MAX mark, you will need to drain a little water away. You do this by opening the bottom drain plug and releasing some water.
  2. Put the ice basket back into the machine and close the lid.
  3. Plug in the machine and switch it on at the plug.
  4. Press the power button to start the machine.
  5. The machine will start to make ice cubes.
  6. The ICE MAKING indicator light will light up stay on while the machine works making the ice cubes.
  7. When the ice basket is full, the machine will automatically stop. Remove the ice cubes using the ice scoop. The machine will then restart and continue making ice cubes.
  8. When you have finished making ice cubes, turn off the machine by pressing the power button again. Switch off the plug socket and unplug the cable from the mains socket.
Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean the inside of the machine (ice basket, water tank, ice shovel) and the ice scoop frequently.

How to clean your ice maker:

  1. Switch off the machine and allow it to de-ice for a 2-3 hours. Do not use any mechanical devices or any other means to accelerate the defrosting process.
  2. Before cleaning, unplug the machine and remove any ice cubes from the ice basket.
  3. Use a diluted solution of water and white vinegar to clean the inside and the outside surface of the machine using a cloth. Do not use chemicals or diluted agents such as acids, gasoline or oil on the machine.
  4. After using the water/vinegar solution to wipe over the machine, rinse the cloth in water and wipe over the same parts again to clean away the solution.
  5. Allow the machine to air and dry thoroughly. Keep ventilation openings in/ on the machine clear of obstruction.

To ensure the ice made is fresh, change the water in the reservoir at least once a day. If you do not plan to use the machine for a long time, drain the water out and clean the machine before storing it away.


Note: If the power is accidently disconnected while the machine is on during an ice making cycle, small ice chips may form and lodge in the ice shovel. If this occurs, check that the machine is switched off at the mains socket, then gently push the shovel backwards towards the rear of the machine to remove ice chips. Then restart the machine as normal.

Problem Possible Cause Suggested Solutions
The ice shovel does not move ice into the ice basket. The water tank is not on a flat even surface. Check that the surface the machine is on is flat and even.

With the machine switched off at the plug, gently push the ice shovel using your finger, then press the power button to restart it.

The compressor works abnormally with a buzzing noise The voltage is lower than recommended. Stop the machine and do not restart it until it’s plugged into the correct voltage.
Water shortage indicator light is on. 1. There is no water
2. The pump is full of air
1. Add to some water until it reaches MAX position.
2.Press POWER button to restart the machine.
Indicator lights on display are not on. 1) No power
2) Blown fuse
1) Turn the power on
2) Replace fuse
The ice made is too large and with pieces sticking together. Ice of previous cycles left in the water tray. Switch off the machine by pressing the power button and remove the ice.
The ice making process was correct, but no ice has come out. 1. The compressor has no refrigerant
2. Compressor damaged
3. Fan motor damaged
Call Duronic Customer Care Team for advice.
All indicators twinkle simultaneously. Water tray is blocked by ice cubes. Unplug the power, take out the ice which blocking the tray, then plug in the power and press the POWER button. The machine will restart after around 3 minutes.
The machine has been working, but the water has been warming up Solenoid has broken down Call Duronic Customer Care Team for advice
When the ice is full, the machine does not display the ICE FULL icon ‘Ice Full’ sensor is damaged Call Duronic Customer Care Team for advice

1 Year Guarantee from Shine-Mart Ltd, Trademark owners of Duronic Products.

This product has been manufactured under the strictest or quality control procedures, and using the highest quality of materials, to ensure excellent performance and reliability. It will give very good and long lasting service, provided it is properly used and maintained. The product is guaranteed for 1 years from the date of original purchase. If any defect arises due to a faulty materials or poor workmanship, the faulty product must be returned to the original place of purchase. Refund or replacement is at the discretion of that company. Duronic Products are offered with a 1 year guarantee under the following conditions:

  1. The product must be returned to the retailer with original proof of purchase.
  2. The product must be installed and used in accordance with the instructions contained in this operating manual.
  3. It must be used only for domestic purposes.
  4. It does not cover wear and tear, malicious damage, misuse, neglect, inexpert repairs or consumable parts.
  5. Shine-Mart Ltd has no responsibilities for accidental or consequential loss or damage.
  6. Shine-Mart Ltd are not liable to carry out any type of servicing work, under the guarantee
  7. Valid in the UK only


Disposal AThis product is fitted with CE:1363 plug and fuse
Imported by Shine-Mart Ltd, RM3 8SB


Information on waste Disposal for Consumers of Electrical & Electronic Equipment.
This mark on a product and/or accompanying documents indicates that when it is to be disposed of, it must be treated as Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment, (WEEE).
Any WEEE marked products must not be mixed with general household waste, but kept separate for the treatment, recovery and recycling of the materials used.
For proper treatment, recovery and recycling; please take all WEEE marked waste to your Local Authority Civic waste site, where it will be accepted free of charge.
If customers dispose of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment correctly, they will be helping to save valuable resources and preventing any potential negative effects upon human health and the environment, of any hazardous materials that the waste may contain.

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