125938 HEPA Air Scrubber
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DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber

Operation and Safety Guide
HEPA Air Scrubber HEPA 700 – Model #125938
Vendor Website: HD.drieaz.com
Support Phone No. 1-800-932-3030

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Read and understand the manual before use.
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  1. The unit must be electrically grounded.
  2. Insert 3-prong plug-on power cord directly into matching grounded receptacle
  3. Do not use it with an adapter.
  4. Do not use it with an extension cord.

DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber - icon 5DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber - icon 4 WARNING

  1. Keep wiring and motor dry.
  2. Do not operate in standing water.
  3. If electrical components become wet, allow them to dry completely before using.


  1. Wear appropriate respiratory protective gear when changing filters.
  2. Change filters after every remediation job.
  3. Change HEPA filter when display indicates.
  4. Dispose of used filters according to your local regulations before returning air scrubber to Tool Rental Center.

DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber - icon 7 TIPPING HAZARD

  1. When stacking units, beware of tipping.
  2. Do not stack more than 3 units on top of each other.
  3. Falling equipment could cause bodily harm.


  1. Make sure standard filters are installed in this order (from inside the unit to outside):
    a) HEPA filter (124966) in the inside compartment
    b) 2″ Prefilter (125026) in lid compartment
    c) If removing smoke, odors or fumes, insert 1″ Activated Carbon Filter (#125027) first in lid compartment, then 1″ Prefilter (#125029) instead of 2″

Tool Application: The HEPA air scrubber removes airborne particles like dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and miscellaneous debris. Each unit can treat up to 7000 cubic feet of enclosed space. With the optional carbon filter, the unit can also remove odors from paint, varnish, dead animals and more.

Command Hub Controls:

DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber - fig DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber - icon 1 On/Off. Switches unit on or off.

DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber - icon Use + / – to adjust blower speed.
DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber - icon 2 Menu. Select to view system info, service, error messages, wireless setup, settings, and other information.

Tool Operation:



1 Unwrap the cord completely. Rotate the inlet cap counter-clockwise to remove. then attach with hook and loop on the back of the unit.
2 Place the HEPA 700 upright (vertical with a handle at the top).
3 Plug the unit into a standard 115V grounded outlet. Each HEPA 700 crawls 1.5 amps on low. 3 amps at maximum fan speed.
4 See above Command Hub Control — adjust blower speed from 275CFM up to 700 CFM.
5 The HEPA Air Scrubber can be operated upright or on its back (with a large outlet opening up).
6 The -HEPA Filter Health” display indicates when you need to change the HEPA filter.
7 You can connect up to 8 HEPA units to customize your air filtration needs. Each unit can conduct a maximum of 12 amps when turned off. and 9 amps when it is on (you can plug other equipment into the unit but the amperage is limited).
8 The circuit breaker (red) protects the machine by turning the unit off when more than 12 amps run through the on-unit circuit.
9 The GFCI helps protect the user if it detects a ground fault; the GFCI will interrupt the electric current. The GFCI will also trip when a short circuit or an overload occurs.
10 When the GFCI trips. unplug the unit, and look for potential hazards: standing water, frayed cords, etc. anything that would cause a surge of electrical current. Relocate the unit and plug it into a different outlet. Then push the ‘reset” button. If it’s operating if so, continue use, if not follow store procedure for reporting rental unit problems.


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DRIEAZ 125938 HEPA Air Scrubber [pdf] User Guide
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