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DRI-EAZ 119218 Rescue Mat System Owner’s Manual

DRI-EAZ 119218 Rescue Mat System

The Rescue Mat System uses the power of Dri-Eaz DriForce® and DriForce® XL high-pressure blowers to pull evaporated moisture from inside wood floor assemblies. Two different mat sizes make it easy to custom-fit the Rescue Mat System to any floor layout.




CAUTION: Do not alter or modify your Dri-Eaz product in any way. Use only replacement parts authorized by Legend Brands, Inc. Modifications or use of unapproved parts could create a hazard and will void your warranty. Contact your authorized Legend Brands distributor for assistance.

Hoses and mat edges are a trip hazard. Place the Rescue Mats out of traffic areas or re-route foot traffic.

WARNING: This product and other substances that may become airborne from its use contain chemicals, including lead and phthalates, known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to


Please visit to register your purchase. If you determine service is required, have your equipment model, serial number and original proof of purchase available and call your distributor for assistance with obtaining a return material authorization (RMA).


IMPORTANT: The Rescue Mat System should only be used on wood plank flooring. Do not use on non-porous surfaces.
Before Using Rescue Mats: Extract Water

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use the DriForce or DriForce XL to extract standing water. Liquid water drawn into the DriForce or DriForce XL may damage motors and void those units’ warranties.

  1. Remove standing water from the surface of flooring assembly using portable or truckmount extractors.
  2. Using a moisture meter, determine how much of the flooring is affected by the water intrusion; temporarily mark the outline of the area with a releasable tape.
  3. Extract subsurface water in the marked area, connecting Rescue Mats to the extractor hose of a truckmount or portable extractor. Operate the extractor until no more liquid water is drawn from the floor. Move the mat/mats to a new section and repeat process on all affected flooring.
    Rescue Mat System First-Use Setup Connect the vacuum hoses to the Rescue Mats via the T-connectors paired up with the loose black hose cuffs. The larger ends of the hose cuffs slide onto the stems of the T-connectors. The smaller ends are for connecting to the flange of the mats.
    To achieve a secure fit, use an electric heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the small (interior threaded) end of a hose cuff. Rotate and heat thoroughly and evenly, until that end becomes more pliable. Immediately slide it well onto the flange of a mat and hold. Allow to cool. Repeat this process for each of the 4 remaining hose cuffs.

DriForce XL only: For the remaining hose cuff, heat the small end as described above and slide it well onto the “Vacuum In” hose barb of the DriForce XL blower. Allow to cool. This single hose cuff will be reserved for connecting the T-connector directly to the DriForce XL as shown in Fig. A.
The Rescue Mat System is now ready for field use.

Using the Rescue Mat System in the Field

  1. Arrange the mats over the affected floor area as show in Fig. A. To maximize coverage in the affected area, a) orient each panel so that the longer edge crosses the greatest number of boards at a right angle, and b) set the mats no more than six inches apart and no more than two feet from the wall.
  2. The mats are self-sealing. However, if the floor is too uneven for the mat to maintain a strong vacuum seal, secure the mat edges with removable painter’s tape.
    Attach the Rescue Mat’s hose to the inlet filter (Fig. B.) Arrange the hoses, T-connectors, and mats and as shown in Fig. A. Turn on the DriForce or DriForce XL and check for leaks at hose connections and along the mat edges. Adjust connections and mat seals as necessary.
Kit no. 119218 (F286) 119217 (F287)
Large mat 4 4
Small mat 2 2
Vacuum hoses 3 n/a
Hose cuffs 6 n/a
T-connectors 5 n/a
Component Descriptions

Large mat: 46 × 30 in.; Small mat: 23 × 30 in.

Mat material: Clear PVC plastic. Mats are stackable for storage. Hose with cuffs: 7 ft. vacuum hose lengths with cuffs attached.

Loose hose cuffs connect the vacuum flange of the mats to the bottom barb of the T-Connector.

T-connectors: Connects hoses to one another, and to mats via hose cuffs.

Fig. B: DriForce Airmovers

15180 Josh Wilson Road, Burlington, WA 98233
Phone: 800-932-3030 Fax: 360-757-7950

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