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ZIPPER ZI ASA550E Vacuum Extractor - icon1 WARNING

Starkey Standard Charger & Custom-Consult Read and understand the manual before use.
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  1. Haier HWO60B7EX2 60cm Double Oven - icon1The unit must be electrically grounded.
  2.  Insert the 3-prong plug on the power cord directly into the matching grounded receptacle.
  3. Do not use it with an adapter.
  4. Do not use it with an extension cord.
  5. Inspect power cord before use. Never operate with a damaged power cord.

RYOBI RY401017 20 Inch Walk Behind Lawn Mower Kit - Shock WARNING

  1. Keep wiring and motor dry.
  2. Do not expose to rain, snow or water.
  3. Do not operate in standing water.
  4. If electrical components become wet, allow them to dry completely before using.

The Sahara produces high-velocity airflow for ventilation and to accelerate the evaporation of moisture from structural and other materials.


  1. Ensure the control knob is in the off position. Unwrap the cord and plug the unit into a standard 115V GFCI-protected outlet.
    Fig. A: Parts Identification
    DRI-EAZ 108028 Carpet Blower - fig1
  2. Direct the Sahara air outlet where desired. The unit may be operated in 4 positions (0°, 10°, 45° or 90°) for drying floors, walls, stairways or ceilings.
  3. Set the control knob to the desired speed.
  4. Carpet Clamp: To “float” a carpet, use the Carpet Clamp (see Fig. A) to secure the edge of the carpet over the top of the snout to direct airflow underneath the carpet.
  5. When finished, switch the unit off, unplug the unit and rewrap the cord.

Electrical safety device
Circuit breaker: If the circuit breaker detects an electrical overload or short circuit conditions, the breaker will automatically shut off the air mover. If this should occur, check the power cable carefully for any damage and ensure it is plugged into a properly grounded outlet. Press the Circuit Breaker Reset Switch (Fig. A) to reestablish the electrical supply.


Always use the handle to load or carry the unit. For cold storage, wrap the cord around the top housing groove. Pull cord snug and secure with plug clip (Fig. A). Units may be stacked up to 3 high for transport and storage (Fig. B). To stack, place one unit on top of the other in an upright position. When transporting, secure the unit(s) carefully to prevent sliding and damage to the unit and/or injury to vehicle occupants.

Operation and Safety Guide
Carpet Blower
Sahara Pro X4 – Model # 108028
Support: 800-932-3030

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DRI-EAZ 108028 Carpet Blower [pdf] User Guide
108028, Carpet Blower, 108028 Carpet Blower


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