DS75IWMSL05A Optical Touch Screen LED or LCD


User’s Manual

P/N: VER:1.0

http://www.donviewware.com 400-001-8522


XVI. Faults and Troubleshooting

No power

Check if AC power wire of this Product is well inserted into power socket. However, if it still has no power, unplug the power plug and wait for 60s before reinsert it, then start the machine.

No picture

Check the connection of antenna at rear side of machine and try other channels.

Poor receiving quality

Ghost or illusion may occur if there are high buildings or mountains nearby and in such case, you may manually adjust the picture quality:please refer to introduction in “manual searching” or change the receiving direction of external antenna. If indoor antenna is used,it may have difficult receiving in some cases. The picture quality can be improved by changing the antenna direction. However,if poor picture quality still exists, please use an outdoor antenna.

Clear picture, but no Increase volume,check if the machine is mute and press Mute button on remote


controller to cancel mute.

Good sound, but poor color

Increase contrast and brightness.

Snowflake in picture and noise

Check connection of antenna at rear side.

Ghost or”illusion”, no response of remote controller
Screen is too bright
or dark (PC mode)

It may be caused by poor antenna position.Picture quality can be improved by using high directional antenna;the remote controller should correspond to remote control sensor on the machine. If there’s no reaction,check if the plastic isolation paper is removed and if batteries are correctly installed, and replace the batteries. If this machine fails to receive signal within 15min it will be auto-matically switched to pause state.
Adjust contrast and brightness in main menu.

XVII. Notice for Waste Recycling
If this Product is no longer needed, or reaches its service life, shall be submitted to the qualified recycling pants recognized by state in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations for recycling of waste electric products in order to care and protect our earth.


XV. Product Upgrade & Maintenance Introduction to product upgrade and module replacement:
System upgrade: Online upgrade: such upgrade shall be compatible to the current AIO and version and enough
storage space shall be reserved for downloading and installation. Local upgrade: the upgrade package which is from existing external device directory and
compatible to this TV is used for local upgrade. Module replacement:
1.Upgrade of software module:during software upgrade,the user may select upgrade of materials, resources, simulation and question bank module.
2.Upgrade of hardware module:if hardware has fault or new functions are needed ,the user may make application to manufacturer for replacement of following modules:interface module,power module,infrared emission/receiving module,ops computer module and Android module. Product maintenance:
Early faults can be prevented and service life of machine can be prolonged by carefully and regularly cleaning .It is a MUST to power off and unplug power wire before start of cleaning. Screen cleaning
1.Way to keep screen clear: add small amount of softening agent or detergentin water, wet the soft cloth in water and have it dried and then wipe the screen.
2.If screen has excessive water on it, make sure it is fully dried before starting the machine. Shell cleaning
1.Please clean the dirt or dust on shell using soft,dry and hairless cloth.It is not allowed to use wet cloth.
2.Please unplug the power plug before this machine is idled for certain period to prevent further damaged caused by lightning or electric wave.
3.This Product shall be disassembled by professional staff only .For any problem please kindly consult local maintenance person. Maintenance instructions:
1.Warranty period of entire machine:3years. 2.Warranty period of other accessories:1year. 3.Software enjoys life-long free upgrade.

I.Outline Drawing………………………………………………………2 II. Brief Introduction to External Labels ………………………………………..2 III. Notice for Operation…………………………………………………..3 IV. Safety Notice – Warning…………………………………………………4 V. Safety Notice – Caution………………………………………………….5 VI. Introduction to Product Operation and Maintenance ……………. ……………….6 VII. Introduction to Quick Use ………………………………………………7 VIII. Control Panel………………………………………………………8 IX. Introduction to Ports at Rear Side………………………………………….10 X. Introduction to Menu Operation …………………………………………..11 XI. Use of Android System…………………………………………………12 XII. Installation of Electric Whiteboard in Computer System ………………………….20 XIII. Drive Installation ………………………………………………….20 XIV. AIO Positioning……………………………………………………20 XV. Product Upgrade & Maintenance………………………………………….22 XVI. Faults and Troubleshooting…………………………………………….23 XVII. Notice for Waste Recycling ……………………………………………23

LCD Touch AIO I. Outline Drawing (For illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product)
II. Brief Introduction to External Labels Warning
Please assemble, use and maintain this Product in strict accordance with regulations below to keep safety since electric shock or fire hazard may be incurred by improper operations,even if we have attached much attention to personal safety in design and manufacturing stage. Please carefully read the safety instructions below before using it.
Warning: This Product is highly sensitive!
Please keep it away from rainwater or humidity to keep out electric leakage or fire alarm. Never open shell without permission; otherwise, electric shock may be incuRrrSedKbEyLhSigChT-vRoIlCtaSgeHwOiCreKinside.


1?Display and Replacement of Current Series

Click”Current series”and choose AIO series ; then click “Enable device” button;after connection is done, the window will be changed
<as shown in the left figure>.


Click”Device positioning ” button or click service program icon,select”Positioning”option
to pop up the window<as shown
in the left figure>.

Click one positioning mode to enter the positioning of electric whiteboard. <As shown in the left figure>
Please click the center of positioning cursor using whiteboard pen,the green light circle will gradually become orange; when entire circle becomes orange,the positioning is finished and positioning cursor will be automatically moved to the next point . (as shown in the left figure).
Repeat the above action,until the positioning of all points is finished. 3. Shortcut Configuration
Click”Configuration” button to change corresponding functions of shortcuts of AIO. 4. Exit Server Program
Click”Disable” button to exit the server program and the tray icon of system will disappear. 5. Enable Whiteboard at Startup
Tick”Enable device at startup” to automatically connect AIO and enable service program at the next startup.

XII. Installation of Electric Whiteboard in Computer System 1. Introduction to installation of electric whiteboard software CD WhiteBoard electric whiteboard software includes 2 CD: Electric whiteboard software(Junior version):applicable to kindergarten and junior schools; Electric whiteboard software(general version):applicable to junior high school, senior high school,vocational school,colleges and universities and other industries. 2. Key notices in installation Note:if software is blocked by antivirus software or firewall during installation, please select”Allow all operations of program” and tick”Remember my choice, no more prompt”;otherwise,it may lead to installation failure or software installation cannot be normally used. 3.Installation interface of electric whiteboard Put electric whiteboard CD in the drive of computer and it will have auto run and pop up the interface below:

This mark reminds users to correctly use this Product in accordance with the User’s Manual to keep safety.
FCC Warning

Note: if the interface above is not popped up automatically,please click the autorun. hta application program in CD to pop up it. XIII. Drive Installation
. No drive is needed to be installed for this LCD AIO
XIV. AIO Positioning Once the electric whiteboard software is installed, it will generate “Device positioning”icon on desk: and double click to open it<as shown in the right figure>.

III. Notice for Users 1.Recommended distance for comfort viewing The best distance for viewing shall be 5-7 times of that of screen height.
2.Height & angle Appropriate viewing height and angle can help get you rid of an easy fatigue.
3.Volume Please keep proper volume to keep out interference to others(at night,in particular). 4.Ambient brightness Your eyes may suffer from an easy fatigue in case of direct sunlight to screen,excessive brightness or darkness of room, intense darkness without light around, or fluorescent screen has reflected light. So, please keep soft and indirect lighting, instead of direct sunlight on screen. The brightness sufficient for reading newspaper shall be the best. 5.Adequate rest It is highly recommended that you take a periodic rest, even if this Product has neither blink nor harm from radiation by using LED technique.


6. Operation of remote controller Never cover receiving window of remote controller or expose it to strong sunlight to keep good receiving sensitivity.

7. Notices The servic











In case remote controller is faced with short operation distance and low flexibility,

please replace both old cells of it.

Note: mixed use of new and old cells, or dry cells of different types is not allowed;

otherwise, the remote controller can be damaged by liquid leakage.Please take out

dry cells of a remote controller to be long idled. In case liquid leakage occurred,

please firstly clean up the liquid in cell box before installing the new cells.

8. Way of handling Please firstly uplift this Product before handling. Make sure this Product is handled by at least two persons to keep its stability
and protect shell. Do not scratch the screen during the handling.
9. Condensation If this Product is moved from cold to warm place quickly, or from room with electric heater to other places, this Product may have puzzled interface, failed color display at certain images,or uneven color,all of which are caused by condensation in machine. The image can be recovered after volatilization of steam.

IV. Safety Notice – Warning
4.1 Immediately shut off the power supply and unplug the socket in case of any smoke, and consult the dealer at once . Fire hazard or electric shock may occur if continuing using it.

4.4 Never plug in/out the power socket by wet hands to keep out electric shock.

4.2 If screen has no output of image or audio, please immediately power off this Product and unplug the power socket. If such fault occurs suddenly at normal state, please do not keep using this Product,but consult the dealer.
4.3 If this Product falls onto ground acciden-
tally or shell is damaged,please immediately power off this Product and unplug the power socket.Please do not keep using this Product, but consult the dealer, to keep out fire hazard or electric shock.

4.5 Keep power socket free from accumulated
dust to avoid degrading insulation performance of plug. Please regularly clean the dust to keep out a fire hazard.
4.6 Do not maintain,transform or disassemble this Product without permission;otherwise,
electric shock,fire hazard or damage of internal parts may occur since this Product contains high-voltage and fragile articles.For details of maintenance,please refer to the Letter of Guarantee and consult the dealer.



Please use the Whiteboard pen to vertically tap the center of the positioning cursor. Now the green light circle grades into orange. When the entire circle turns orange, the positioning of the point is finished,and the positioning cursor will automatically move to the next point, as shown below.

Repeat the above action until all points are positioned.
7.2.Shortcuts setting (This series products not hot key)
On the Android OS, not all the shortcuts on the left and right sides of the integrated machine are enabled. The shortcuts that are enabled are:1 Switch mode, 2 Collapse toolbar, 3 New page, 4 Page up, 5 Page down, 6 Blue pen, 7 Red pen, 8 Black pen, 9 Highlighter, 10 Smart pen, 11 Eraser, 12 Undo, 13 Clear screen, 14 Text pen, 16 Open file 1) Disable shortcuts The default status of shortcuts is enabled. After Disable shortcuts is checked, the shortcuts function on the Android OS is not available. After it is unchecked, the shortcuts function is restored. (This series products default option “Cancel HotKey”)

(Shortcuts are disabled if checked)

2) Flip Whiteboard

If the function of Whiteboard flipping is enabled by service program on the Windows

OS, shortcuts will be disabled on the Android OS, meaning it is also required to check

Flip whiteboard on the Android OS


8.About It displays software version and copyright information.


5.Settings and about 5.1Main toolbar settings The user can customize the main toolbar icons by tapping Settings -Main Toolbar Icon Settings to open the main toolbar icon settings window, as shown below:
The upper part of the window (boxed rectangle) indicates the icons currently displayed on the main toolbar, and the lower part (boxed oval) indicates the icons that can be added to the main toolbar.
Removing a main toolbar icon:Tap the icon displayed on the main toolbar to remove it. Tap the “Finish” button after setting.
Add a main toolbar icon: Tap the icon to be added in the lower part, and the icon will be selected and its function will be displayed at the bottom of the window. Tap again while it is selected and it will be moved to the main toolbar display area.Tap the “Finish”button after setting.After icon adding or removing,tap the”Restore Defaults” button to restore the main toolbar to its default state.Alternatively,long press the first icon on the main toolbar, and tap OK in the pop-up Restore Defaults dialog box. 6.Open Eshare receiver After the Eshare receiver is installed on the Android OS of AIO, youcan quickly open Eshare application with the button .
If the Eshare software is not installed, the following prompt appears:
7.Positioning and shortcuts positioning 7.1 Positioning For touch position correction on the Android OS, tap Settings – Positioning to offer options of 4-point positioning,5-point positioning,9-point positioning and 16 points positioning. After one of the positioning option is selected,it will jump to the positioning screen,as shown below.


4.7 Keep this Product free from long contact with rubber to protect this Product against shell metamorphism or coating peeling.
4.8 This Product is applicable to 220VAC power socket only. Never use this Product out of rated voltage (220VAC); otherwise, fire hazard or electric shock may occur.
4.9 In case of thunder or lightning, please do not touch antenna or power wire , but immediately unplug the power socket,so as to keep out electric shock.
4.10 Never place this Product in places with high temperature or direct sunlight to keep
out abnormal temperature rise and fire hazard.
4.11 It is strongly recommended that you share wall-mounted plug to extension wire and other power consumption goods and, if it is inevitable,please check if its rated vol-
tage is sufficient;otherwise,a fire hazard may occur if extension wire has excessive load.
4.12 Never place vase,flowerpot,glassware,
cosmetic,chemical containers,liquid or small metal object on this Product to keep out fire hazard or electric shock if liquid or small object falls into it, and if it occurs, please immediately power off this Product and unplug the power socket, and consult the dealer.

4.13Please well protect this Product against foreign matters to prevent fire hazard or electric shock. However, if foreign matters
are found in it,please immediately power off this Product and unplug the power socket, and consult the dealer. Much attention shall be attached to preventing children from putting foreign matters in this Product.
4.14 Never expose this Product to oil,smoke and vapor, or near heater or dusty place to
avoid degrading the image quality,fire hazard or electric shock.
V. Safety Notice – Caution 5.1 Never block the ventilation hole of this
Product, put screen face upwards, laterally or invert it.Never put this Product in poorly ventilated place,such as closet or bookshelf. The distance between machine and wall should be over 15cm.Never put this Product on carpet or flammable staffs, or cover it using curtain or tablecloth to keep out a fire hazard.
5.2 This Product shall be installed in stable place with good ventilation.
5.3 Never put heavy objects on this Product to prevent unstable center of gravity,inverting this Product or hazards by falling of heavy objects.



5.4 This Product shall be handled by at least two persons.It is needed to unplugthe power wire plug,remove antenna and other devices before handling . It shall be handled with caution to avoid impact or screen damage. 5.5 Never stand or sit on this Product. For family with children,much attention shall be attached to preventing children from climbing or playing the TV to avoid displacement, overturning, damage or other injuries.
5.6 Never disassemble the rear cover, shell panel or any other cover to avoid electric
shock due to high-voltage parts inside.Please consult the dealer for any adjustment or maintenance.
5.7 Never put this Product or power wire
near the heater to keep out a fire hazard,since the surface of shell or power wire may have deformation and melting if being heated.
5.8 Please firstly unplug the power plug of motor before cleaning or maintenance;otherwise, an electric shock may occur. Please clean the screen using soft clothes to avoid scratching it (see maintenance chapter).
5.9 Never cut, twist, bundle , transform or bend the conduct,or pull it with much force during operation, or put anything heavy on power wire;otherwise,fire hazard and elec-
tric chock may occur due to damage of power wire.If power wire is damaged, please consult the dealer.

5.10 While unplugging the power plug,make sure to grasp the plug,instead of pulling the power wire, since it may damage the power wire and cause a fire hazard or electric shock.
5.11 Never place this Product in a shocking, tilted or unstable place;otherwise, this Product may be falling or overturned and thus leading to an injury or damage.
5.12 If this Product is to be long idled if you are in travelling or business trip, please un-
plug the power plug to keep out a fire hazard due to degraded insulation performance of power wire.
VI. Introduction to Product Operation and Maintenance
1. Daily maintenance of touch screen 1) Gently wipe off the dust on surface using buckskin or high-grade glass cloth. 2) Fingerprint on touch screen of AIO shall be cleaned using specific detergent for LCD electronic whiteboard screen.While cleaning this Product using detergent,please wipe it from the center to the surroundings until the detergent is fully cleaned. 3) In no way should water flow into the interface between electric whiteboard screen and framework to avoid burning the display due to short circuit. 4) Never wipe the electric whiteboard screen using hard towel to avoid affecting the display effects due to fluffing. 5) Stubborn oil dirt may be removed by pasting transparent tape on screen and then removing it.


: Open the saved.donv file,tapped to pop up the file selection window (showing all the Android directories by default),where the user can tap the “default path” to go directly to the the Board install path, or select the USB path, or other local Android path, as shown below.
: Save current page as .png picture, automatically name after the machine’scurrent time, and the picture can be viewed in the gallery. : Save all pages as .donv file, tapped to pop up the file saving window (showing all the Android directories by default),where the files are automatically named after the machine’s current time,and the user can tap the “default path” to go directly to the path to install the Board, or select the USB path, or other local Android path, as shown below.
Note: Uninstalling and reinstalling the WhiteBoard software will automatically
delete all files in the installation directory. If the files are saved in the default path, uninstalling and reinstalling the software will delete the previously saved files. If you
don’t want the files to be deleted, you can choose to save them in the other local Android path.


: Blue,red and black pens,which can be tapped to quickly switch the pen colors. : Pen color settings, which offer various color options and take effect after the color is selected,the brightness is adjusted and OK is tapped. : Pen size, including 5, 20, and 50.
: Pen size settings, which offer sizes 1-80.
: Curve,which allows a switch from Draw status to Annotate status without changing the solid or dashed line setting of the pen.
: Straight line, selected to keep drawing straight lines.

: Text, selected to add an input box when tapping on the whiteboard page,where you can input text;you can do it all over again after each input.
: More graphics, including circle, triangle, and rectangle.

: Circle, selected to keep drawing circles.

: Triangle, selected to keep drawing triangles by tapping on three points on the page.
: Rectangle, selected to keep drawing rectangles.

4.2.1Page features
WhiteBoard for Android provides various page operations, including creating a new page,setting page color, undo and redo,page up/down,page clearing,page preview, saving picture, saving file, and opening saved file. The corresponding icons are as follows:
: Undo the last action on the page.

: Redo the undone action.

: Page up.

: Page down.

: Clear page, which allows clearing of all the annotations (including graphics and texts) on the page by one tap.

: New page, which allows creations of a new blank page.

: Set page color,which offers convenient colors,such as transparent,white,black, green,blue,red and yellow,provides multi-color settings,and allows users to customize background color, and adjust brightness and transparency.



2.Daily maintenance of display: 1) It is needed to turn off the display or
reduce the brightness if it is idled;otherwise, the display may be burnt due to burning or aging of internal parts after longterm operation.Besides,certain LCD pixel may be overheated and further lead to internal burning if the LCD has longterm and continuous display of certain content.Therefore,it is needed to turn off the LCD screen or screen saver if it is idled, or display all white contents of electric whiteboard screen.
2) Unnecessary vibration shall be prevented: spare parts of LCD are highly sensitive and accurate and screen may be damaged due to strong vibration. 3. Introduction to daily operation:
1) Maintain humidity of environment at a certain degree.
2) Its needed to start,stop and operate this
Product correctly in order to protect data and prolong the service life of it.
3) It is needed to start/stop this Product
in strict accordance with the sequence;firstly turn on the screen before starting computer; and firstly turn off the computer before stopping the Product;power off until the indicator lamp of computer and screen is off.
4) It is forbidden to write or draw on the touch infrared frames at four edges, or damages the infrared frame using any objects;
besides,its needed clean the dust on them on a regular basis to avoid affecting the infrared touch function.
5) Electric products shall be free from humid,shocking and unstable position. Statement: this Product may realize zero
energy consumption only if it has no connection to external input power supply.
VII. Introduction to Quick Use 1Introduction to startup & shut-
down of the AIO 1)Make sure power wire is well connected (power socket of AIO is connected to the
left or right side of screen)and power supply is safe.
2)Press the power switch which faces
downwards at the left side(or right side)and now,the remote control receiving window at the lower right corner of AIO should be red, which means,the AIO is ready to be started.

3)The power button on remote controller has the same function with”POWER”button at lower right corner of screen.If the remote control receiving window at lower right
corner of screen becomes red,press”POWER” button or power button on remote controller, the remote control receiving window will become orange and enter startup picture at the same time.If AIO has computer,it will be automatically started several minutes after start of screen.
4The user may have other operations after successful startup of the AIO. 5If this Product is under startup state, the user may click”POWER”button at lower right corner of screen, or power button on remote controller to pop up the prompt of whether shut down on screen;Select”Yes”to turn off screen and computer; the remote control receiving window becomes red and AIO enters standby state. 6If this Product is under standby state, turn off the downward power switch at the left side (or right side), the remote control receiving window at lower right corner of AIO is off and AIO has normal shutdown.
2Quick use of remote controller 1Reverse the remote controller, install two AAA alkaline batteries and close the cover of battery bin. Note:never use rechargeable batteries such as nickelcadmium battery to ensure correct operation , since such batteries may have
different shapes and performance.The waste batteries shall be disposed in an environmentally friendly way.
2Press “Signal Source”button on remote controller to quickly switch to the channel needed, including AV and YPbPr ,VGA and HDMI by using Up,Down and OK key. 3For detailed functions of remote con-
troller,please refer to Article X of this Manual Introduction to Use of Remote Controller.
3Operation method for external PC of the AIO There are three operation methods of external PC of AIO : connection via VGA wire( self prepared ); connection via HDMI wire ( accessory or self prepared).


In the first method, it should be connected through the following steps: 1)Connect VGA wire end to the VGA output port at left side(or right side)of AIO,and connect another end to VGA end of PC.
2)Connect the end of USB wire to”TOUCH USB”end at left side of AIO,connect flat end of USB to the USB port(touch is available if this end is connected) of external PC.
In the second method, it should be connected through the following steps: 1)Connect HDMI wire end to the HDMI
port at front side of AIO,and connect another end to HDMI port of external PC.
2)Connect the flat port of USB wire to TOUCH-USB port at front of AIO,and connect another flat port to external USB port(touch is available if this end is connected).
In the third method , it should be connected through the following steps: 1)Connect HDMI wire end to the downward HDMI port at left side of AIO, and connect another end to HDMI port of external PC.

2)Connect the square opening of USB wire to the “TOUCH-USB”port at left side of AIO,and connect the flat side of USB port to the USB port of external PC(touch is available if this end is connected)
Suggestion:HDMI interface at front panel is connected to HDMI wire3m;The HDMI interface at lateral side is connected to HDMI wire 5m.
After wiring is finished, you may switch the screen of external PC to the screen of AIO for display and touch operation.Now, the user may write and mark using whiteboard software of external PC. For details about installation and operation of whiteboard software,please refer to detailed introduction to installation and operation of whiteboard software in this Manual.
Note: For any inconsistency between the real object and introduction in this Manual, the real object shall prevail.

VIII. Control Panel (for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product)

Left Control Panel

Right Control Panel


3.Starting program Tap the application icon (for a infrared LCD integrated machine, tap the home icon or the shortcut toolbar icon) to open the software, and the main toolbar appears on the left side of the screen. Now annotating is available on the current Android screen.
4.Basic operation 4.1Switching status 1) Desktop status and Annotate status After opening the software,the default status is Annotate,which allows such operations as annotating and drawing.In the Annotate status,tap the first toolbar icon to switch to the Desktop status. The Desktop status allows to operate other applications on the desktop.Tap the floating icon in the upper left corner to switch to Annotate status. 2) Collapsed status and Expanded status In the Annotate status, the toolbar is expanded by default. Tap the second toolbar icon to switch to Collapsed status. Now the toolbar remains in Annotate status before it is collapsed. When the toolbar is in Collapsed or Expanded status, long press icon to move the toolbar. 4.2Closing software Tap the last toolbar icon to close the software. Before it is closed the prompt “Do you need to save the file?” pops up. Tap “Cancel” to quit exiting the whiteboard software, tap “Yes” to save the annotations and exit the software, and tap “No” to exit the software without saving the annotations.
4.2Main features
4.2.1Annotation features
Tap the annotation pen icon on the toolbar to quickly select a pen status for annotation; tap the pen setting icon to set the annotation pen. The pen setting features are as follows:
: Annotation pen, which, despite attributes that are set, once tapped becomes a red pen with font size5, solid line, and curve.
: Eraser, which is divided into large, medium and small sizes, and can be used to erase annotations, graphics, and texts.
: Solid line,which once switched from dashed line can be used for annotating or drawing. : Dashed line,which once switched from solid line can be used for annotating or drawing.

LCD Touch AIO 5Use of Whiteboard Software in Android System
WhiteBoard for Android is a practical software installed on the Android OS,which integrates such features as annotating,drawing, saving picture and saving annotation. It is easy to operate with simple icons, and allows commenting on the Android OS. 1Operating environment WhiteBoard for Android supports Android 5.0 and higher. 2Software installation On the Android OS, tap on the .apk file of WhiteBoard for installation, and the following screen will appear. Tap Install in the lower right corner, and tap Finish or Open after installation is done.


Left control panel








Port Name




USB 3.0









Right control panel

USB interface on TV/Android/OPS system(Public USB3.0) USB interface on TV/Android/OPS system(Public USB3.0) USB interface on TV/Android/OPS system(Public USB3.0)
USB interface for HDMI1 Touch connection HDMI wiring interface (HDMI wire =3m recommended)
TYPE-C interface U S B + V I D E O + A u d i o + c h a r g e ( 5 V / 3 A ) (Public USB3.0)



S/N Port Name



Menu button to switch between Android and Window


Volume regulation button. Press button on screen menu to


adjust volume and adjust volume in other sub menus.


MENU Switch button to display menu on screen

Press “CH-” to confirm entering sub menu, press “CH-” & 4 CH- and CH+ “CH+” to select sub menu, select signal source; or to select

channel in TV mode.

5 SOURCE To switch signal source


Power switch


Remote control receiving window


Light-sensitive receiving window



IX. Introduction to Ports at Rear Side




RJ45 Out

RJ45 In





Port Name




TYPE-C interface on TV/Android/OPS system(Public USB3.0)



RS232 interface (serial port)


Earphone out

Earphone interface



Cable output interface



Cable input interface



Optical audio output



USB interface for DP touch connection



Display Port input port(DP wire 3m recommended)





USB 2.0 (A)

USB 3.0

USB 3.0

USB 2.0 (O)



S/N 1/2 3 4
5 6 7 8 9 10 11/12


Function HDMI input port (HDMI wire =5m recommended) USB interface for HDMI1/2 touch connection HDMI output port(HDMI wire =5m recommended)
TYPE-C interface USB+VIDEO+Audio+charge (20V/3.25A)(Public USB3.0)
MIC input port USB interface on Android system USB interface on TV/Android/OPS system USB interface on TV/Android/OPS system USB interface on Android system TV wireless network interface

LCD Touch AIO 4Use of floating menu


Annotation: open whiteboard annotation.


Page up: go to previous page.


Page down key: go to next page.


Whiteboard: open whiteboard software.


Back: exit current interface and return to the previous menu.




Home: switch between Android home page and OPS channel.


Overview: show all the opened applications.


Source: select input signals.


Menu: open the control panel.


Setting: open the android setting.


More: adjust more functions on the sidebar.


Documents / Resources

Donview DS75IWMSL05A Optical Touch Screen LED or LCD [pdf] User Manual
GC561622, 2A8HI-GC561622, 2A8HIGC561622, DS75IWMSL05A, Optical Touch Screen LED or LCD, DS75IWMSL05A Optical Touch Screen LED or LCD


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