Donerton Wireless Earbuds, Sport Bluetooth 5.1 Headphones



  • PLAYTIME: 48 hours


Long battery life, sharing/single-mode, and water-resistance are just a few of the benefits of the Donerton Wireless Earbuds. High-fidelity stereo sound is provided through the earphones. They have Bluetooth version 5.1 technology and a 10mm graphene diaphragm. These components work together to provide crisp and clear sound quality. The earbuds come with three different-sized ear tips so you can select the most comfortable fit. The different sizes are small, medium, and large. The headphones have a 60mAh battery built-in. The charging case has a battery capacity of 800mAh. They come with a playtime of 5 to 6 hours when fully charged. The charging can be charged using a type C USB cable. The charging case requires about 1 hour to be charged completely. The charging case features an indicator that is used to show the battery level.

The earbuds have a built-in mic which can be used to answer calls. It comes with a built-in noise reduction technology of CVC 8.0. The earphones include a single and shared mode. This means you may use only one earbud to keep aware of your surroundings when driving, for example. The headphones have an IP7 waterproof certification. They may now be worn in the rain and perspiration. This makes them ideal for jogging, walking, or working out.

How to connect the Donerton Earbuds to your device

  • To connect the Donerton earbuds to your device, take the earbuds out of the charging case.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your device.
  • In the available device list, look for the earbuds.
  • Connect and enjoy.

How to charge the earbuds

The earbuds can be charged wirelessly by placing them in the charging case. The charging case can charge the earbuds completely about three to four times.


  • Can you use the left earbud while the right is in the case?
    Yes, the earbuds can be used in a single mode. You can use the left bud only while the other is placed in the charging case.
  • Can you buy an extra charging cable?
    These earbuds come with a charging cable.
  • Do both L and R Earbuds have a microphone?
    Yes, both the left and right earbuds feature a microphone.
  • Are they compatible with iPhone 11?
    Yes, they are compatible with iPhone 11 and can be connected to your device using Bluetooth.
  • When fully charged how long will they play for?
    When the earbuds are completely charged, they provide a playtime of 5 to 6 hours.
  • Do these have a Mute capability?
    No, you can’t mute yourself using the earbuds.
  • How do I pair them with my iPhone?
    To pair them to your iPhone, open the lid of the charging case and turn on the Bluetooth of your device and connect to the earbuds.
  • Do these earbuds block the outside noise out when you have them on to listen to music??
    They feature a built-in noise reduction CVC 8.0 technology which reduces the ambient external noise.
  • Is this compatible with the iPhone 8 Plus?
    Yes, they are compatible with iPhone 8+.
  • Are these earbuds compatible with Samsung Galaxy 8+?
    Yes, the earbuds are compatible with Samsung Galaxy 8+.

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