Quick Guide
Model CL-30
Amplified DECT Telephone with Talking CID & Talk-Back Feature 



  1. Install rechargeable batteries in the handset (included) and base( batteries not included) as shown
  2. Connect the AC adapter and phone cord to the base as shown.
  3. Charge handset for 24 hours before use.

Answering a call

  1. Press button when the phone rings. (Pressto engage speakerphone if need).
  2. Press button to end the call.

Making a Call

  1. Enter a phone number in idle mode.
  2. Press Button to go online and dial. (Press to engage speakerphone if need).
  3. Press button to end the call.

Function, Volume & Tone Controls

  1. During a call, Press the button to toggle amplify function.
    Caution: When it is On (illuminated), an extra level of amplification is added to the receiver volume.
  2. Press Volume buttons (on the side) to adjust the volume level (5 settings).
  3. While is ON, press or T° buttons to select a tone setting (4 settings) for best voice clarity.

Programming One-Touch Memories

  1. While off-line, enter your phone number.
  2. Press and hold (or M1 to MO) for 5 seconds to save.

Dial from a One-Touch Memory

  1.  While off-line, press  to select.
  2. Press to go on-line and dial.
  3. Press to end the call.


  1. In-Use / Ring Flasher / Voice mail I Missed Call indicator
  2. M2 to M8 buttons: One-touch memories
  3. button: Redial / Pause
  4. button: Generates a -Flash” signal to activate call waiting
  5. button: Press to end a call.
  6. Auto-Amplifier Switch: Enables automatic function.
  7. Talking CID/ Talking Keypad Switch: (6 & 7 are in the battery compartment)
  8. Keypad
  9. (Amplify) button with indicator: Press to engage extra handset receiver amplification.
  10. button: Press to make or answer a call. During a call, press to engage speakerphone.
  11. button: For tone control and ringer volume setting.
  12. button: For tone control and ringer tone setting.
  13. M1 button: One-touch that activates speakerphone.
  14. Speaker
  15. VOLUME Up/Down (side)
  16. Battery Compartment Cover
  17. Base Flasher / In-Use Indicator
  18. One-Touch Memory Directory Label
  19. Page Button: Press to page all registered handsets
  20. Charging Indicator
  21. Audio Jack: For receiver audio ouput.
  22. Page button: Press to intercom or transfer a call.
  23. Headset Jack
  24. Base Ringer Volume Control
  25. AC Adapter Jack (rear): For connection to power
  26. Phone JACK (rear): For connection to phone line.

Reset Missed Call Indicator
While off-line, press and hold button for 5 seconds to reset.

Power Down A handset

  1. While off-line, hold for 5 seconds to power down.
  2. To power up. press and hold for 5 seconds.
  3. Wait for a confirmation tone before using. This indicates handshaking has been established with base.

Register A New Handset

  1. Press and hold the button on the base for 5 seconds so it goes into Registration mode (confirm by a double beep & flashing LED).
  2. Press and holdon the handset to register.
  3. Wait for a confirmation tone.

Automatic & Talking Switches

  1. Open battery compartment and locate two small slide switches.
  2. Set Switch 1 to ON if you want to be ON every time.
  3. Set Switch 2 to ON for talking CID and talking keypad.

Language Switch

  1. Locate Language switch in the battery compartment.
  2. Move the switch to select English or French.

Documents / Resources

diglo CL-30 Amplified DECT Telephone [pdf] User Guide
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