DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual

Thank you for choosing our product. Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Get started

1. Turn On
Automatic turn-on after charging.

DENVER Smart Watch-Turn On

2. Download and Install Denver SW-350 APP

Download “Denver SW-350” app from App Store or Google Play, and install it on your smartphone.
Note: System requirements are as below

apple iconiOS 9.0 and above

Android iconAndroid 4.4 and above

Bluetooth iconBluetooth 4.2

3. Connect to smartphone correctly.

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Connect to smartphone correctly

4. Bind the Watch

Slide down on the home screen of the app to display the binding request. Select the product model, and tap “Confirm Binding” to complete binding.

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Bind the Watch

Use Instructions

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Use Instructions

1. Activate Sports

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Activate Sports

Enter the Sports interface, slide up or down to select a sports item, and tap the icon to start sports.

2. Start Sports

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Start Sports

When Sports is activated, the Watch will show sports countdown. Sports starts after the countdown

3. Operations during Sports

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Operations during Sports

4. Reminder about heart rate during sports

During sports, the Watch will continuously detect current heart rate. If the current heart rate exceeds the maximum heart rate, the Watch will remind you to reduce sports intensity or stop sports through vibration and alarm information. Set your safe heart rate reminder through More > Heart rate zone > User defined max. heart rate in the mobile app

5. Pause or stop Sports

Pause sports

In the screen unlocking state, press and hold the UP button to pause sports. Tap the Continue icon to resume sports
In the pause state, slide the screen up to view the current sports data

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Pause sports


Stop sports

In the pause state, select the stop icon to stop sports

After sports, the Watch will keep details of the sports. View sports details in sports records.

Other Functions

1. Health Data

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Health Data

2. Notifications

Turn on smart reminder.

When it is in use, you need to turn on “Smart Reminder” on the app. Select your desired notification types for activation. This function requires the connection between the Watch and your smartphone.

View message

When receiving message, the Watch will vibrate for reminder.

If the message is not immediately viewed after being received, slide the screen down to view the message.

Delete message

The Watch can save the most recent 12 notifications. Beyond the limit, the earliest notice will be automatically deleted once a new notification is received.
When the notification contents exceed one screen, it will be displayed continuously on the message list interface. Slide left a single message box to display the Delete icon, and tap the Delete icon to delete the message.

Slide down from the top of message list, and tap the Clear icon to clear all messages.

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-clear all message

3. Heart Rate

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Heart Rate

The Watch supports heart rate detection. Slide to the heart rate interface, hold down the interface screen for two seconds, the Watch will
automatically detect your heart rate. Stand still during the detection, so that the Watch can output more accurate heart rate data

Note: To improve the accuracy of heart rate detection, wear the Watch correctly and keep clean the part in contact with your skin.

4. Weather

DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-Weather

Weather function allows you keep track of the weather in your city. Weather data is obtained through mobile phone network, so it requires the connection between the Watch and the phone to timely update weather data.

5. More functions

You can record multiple times of stopwatch.

You can set count-down. The Watch vibrates for reminder after the count-down
is over.
You can set alarm through the mobile app.

When the alarm time comes, the Watch vibrates for reminder. The vibration will last 20 seconds if the alarm is not switched off. The vibration occurs again as alarm after 5 minutes. Press the UP/DOWN button to pause the alarm, and after 5 minutes the alarm will remind again. Press UP/DOWN button to turn off the alarm reminder

Call reminder

Call reminder can be set through the mobile app. Turn on Call Reminder function and keep the connection between the Watch and the phone. When there is an incoming call, the Watch will vibrate for reminder.

Close the call pop-up by pressing the UP/DOWN button. Press UP/DOWN button to reject the call.

6. Control center

DND mode

Slide up once on the dial interface to enter the control center interface. Tap the

DND icon lighten the icon ( DND on mode icon). DND mode is on. Tap the DND icon again to

dim the icon (DND Off mode icon ). DND mode if off

Brightness adjustment

Slide up once on the dial interface to enter the control center interface.

Brightness level is set as Level 2 by default. Tap the brightness icon ( DENVER Smart Watch Instruction Manual-brightness icon) to toggle brightness levels among Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

System settings

Slide up once on the dial interface to enter the control enter interface, and tap

the System Setting icon (Setting icon ) to enter the System settings.

You can make the following settings through the System settings.

Dial settings: Tap and enter this function to switch different dialing ways. Pressing and holding UP button: tap and enter this function to set sports style through pressing and holing UP button.
Factory data reset settings: tap to enter the factory data resetting procedure.
Firmware information: tap and enter to view firmware information and Bluetooth address.

Please notice – All products are subject to change without any notice. We take reservations for errors and omissions in the manual.


Denver icon

Certification icon

Electric and electronic equipment and included batteries contains materials, components and substances that can be hazardous to your
health and the environment, if the waste material (discarded electric and electronic equipment and batteries) is not handled correctly.

Electric and electronic equipment and batteries is marked with the crossed out trash can symbol, seen above. This symbol signifies that
electric and electronic equipment and batteries should not be disposed of with other household waste, but should be disposed of separately.

As the end user it is important that you submit your used batteries to the appropriate and designated facility. In this manner you make sure that the batteries are recycled in accordance with legislature and will not harm the environment.

All cities have established collection points, where electric and electronic equipment and batteries can either be submitted free of charge at
recycling stations and other collection sites, or be collected from the households. Additional information is available at the technical
department of your city.

Hereby, Inter Sales A/S declares that the radio equipment type SW-350 is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: and then click the search ICON on topline of website. Write model number: SW-350. Now enter product page, and red directive is found under downloads/other downloads.
Operating Frequency Range:

Max Output Power:

Omega 5A, Soeften
DK-8382 Hinnerup

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DENVER Instruction Manual
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