DENALI LAH.11.10700 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Front DM D2 Mounting Bracket



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Please Read Before Installing
DENALI products should always be installed by a qualified motorcycle technician. If you are unsure of your ability to properly install a product, please have the product installed by your local motorcycle dealer. DENALI takes no responsibility for damages caused by improper installation. Caution: When installing electronics it is extremely important to pay close attention to how wires are routed, especially when mounting products to the front fender, front forks, or fairing of your motorcycle. Always be sure to turn the handlebars fully left, fully right, and fully compress the suspension to ensure the wires will not bind and have enough slack for your motorcycle to operate properly.

Installation Tips
We strongly recommend using medium strength liquid thread locker on all screws, nuts, and bolts. It is also important to ensure that all hardware is tightened to the proper torque specifications as listed in your owner’s manual. For included accessory hardware please refer to the default torque specifications provided below. Inspect all hardware after the first 30 miles to ensure proper torque specifications are maintained.

Hardware Sizing Guide
Not sure what size bolt you have? Use this ruler to measure screws, bolts, spacers, etc. Remember, the length of a screw or bolt is measured from the start of the “mounting surface” to the end of the screw, so only include the screw head when measuring countersunk screws.

What’s In The Box?DENALI-LAH-11-10700-Triumph-Tiger-660-Sport-Front-DM-D2-Mounting-Bracket-FIG-3

Kit Contents

  • Bushing…(LAH.11.008)………………………………………………..Qty 2
  • Mounting Bracket…(LAH.11.007)…………………………………….Qty 2
  • M8x55 Socket head screw DIN 912…………………………………..Qty 2

Compatibility: DM, D2 Tools
Required: 6mm Hex

Installing The Light MountDENALI-LAH-11-10700-Triumph-Tiger-660-Sport-Front-DM-D2-Mounting-Bracket-FIG-4

 Location Prep & Installation

  • Step One: Locate the mounting points on the upper triple tree and remove the top factory bolt from the fork clamp.
  • Step Two: Secure the Bushing (a) and Bracket (b) to the mounting location with the provided M8 x 55mm Socket Head Screw (c).
  • Note: The Bracket should be mounted in line with the fork with the round side pointed up.
  • Step Three: Mount your DM or D2 LED Light Pod to the open mounting hole on the bottom of the installed bracket (b). The mounting hinge on the pod should be rotated backwards and the
  • pod itself should be rotated out towards the turn signal and positioned evenly spaced between the top and side fairing. See the photo for position reference.

Documents / Resources

DENALI LAH.11.10700 Triumph Tiger 660 Sport Front DM D2 Mounting Bracket [pdf] Instruction Manual
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