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Founded in 1990, DEGSON Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of terminal blocks and industrial electrical connection products in Asia.As a high-tech enterprise, DEGSON owns the first UL and VDE authorized laboratory in Asia.DEGSON products have been approved by .The company has been granted ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO80079-34 , ISO/TS22163 and IATF16949 management system certificates.

DEGSON products are very popular in China,Germany,UK,Italy,Spain,Poland,Russia, India,Turkey,Brazil,USA,Japan,Korea,South Africa,etc.totally more than 100 countries and areas. DEGSON provides excellent products and service for the customers all over the world, especially in Industrial Automation, Instrument, Elevator, Electric Power, Rail Transport, New Energy, Lighting, Telecommunication, Power Supply, Security, Ship-building and so on.

DEGSON fulfills the sales network all over the world and sets up marketing centers in
Germany and Shanghai, China. Pragmatic, Sincerity, Responsibility, Innovation, Harmonious Development, Rule and Win-win. In accordance with these spirits of enterprise for 30 years, DEGSON will keep providing more speedy, comprehensive and professional local service to our customers.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks,10 types, more than 1100 s p e c i f i c a t i o n s . P r o d u c t s c o n f o r m t o IEC/EN61984, IEC/EN60998, IEC/EN60947-7-4, UL1059, CSA C22.2 NO.158 etc. International s t a n d a r d s . Widely applie d i n I n d u s t r i a l automation, Electric Power, Elevator, Rail Transport, New Energy, Security, Lighting , Power S u pply, Telecommunication, and Ship-building industries etc.

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PCB terminal blocks
Wire cross-section ranges from 0.08mm2 to 10mm2 , pitches range from 2.5mm to 10.16mm, according to customer requirements, Wire insertion direction, connection direction, insertion and removal direction are optional.

Barrier terminal blocks
Straightforward connection and wire cross-section range from 0.5mm to 300 mm2 . Pitches range rom 6.35 mm to 60mm, cover are optional.

Transformer / Through wall terminal blocks
Transformer terminal blocks, screw connection design, firm and easy connection .Quick and easy installation on 2x10mm rails. Through-wall terminal blocks, screw type, easy and firm connection. Wire cross-sections ranges from 0.5mm2 to 95mm2.

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Din Rail Series

Din rail products have DS, DC, WS and PC type, totally 4 series. Push-in type, Steel cage type , cage clamp type and brass cage type connections a r e a v a i l a b l e , p r o d u c t s d e s i g n c o n f o r m t o IEC/EN60947, UL1059 and CSA C22.2 NO.158 International standard etc.. It is widely applied in Industrial Automation, Electric Power, Rail Transport and New Energy industry etc..

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DS series
With nickel-chromium stainless steel springs, excellent corrosion resistance. Anti-vibration, Anti-loose, maintenance-free. Push-in connection for fast wiring. Wire cross-section range from 0.2mm2to 16mm2.

DC series
Steel cage structure, excellent contact force, Sn plated copper alloy conductor to ensure low contact resistance and good air tightness. Wire range is from 0.2mm2 to 35mm2.

PC series
Brass cage structure, suitable for harsh environments applications such as humid, salt mist.Wire range is from 0.02mm2 to 150mm2. Fuse type and other functional terminal blocks are available, low voltage drop.

WS series
Suitable for solid wire, stranded wire , fin e -stranded wire ,fine-stranded wire with ferrule or tightening processed fine-stranded wire. Wire range is from 0.2mm2to 35mm2.

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Circular Connector

Circular connectors have a wide range of products. Adopt advanced technology to save more installation time. Molded case, high IP class, safe for on-site assembly, screw type, soldering type, crimping type and other connection methods are available. Shielded parts are optional to prevent signal interference, and ca n b e u sed for data transmission of different facilities. It is suitable for general networks and field-bus.

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M8 series
Signal, data transmission connector, compact design, reliable transmission and 3600 shielded connection are optional.

Rated current Rated voltage Pins number
4A 60V Pin

M12 series
Signal, power, data transmission connector, with metric or PG nut fastening, diversified installation methods.

Rated current Rated voltage Pins number
12A 630V Pin

M23 series
Signal, power, transmission connector, compact design, reliable transmission and 3600 shielded connection.

Rated current Rated voltage Pins number
28A 600V Pin
push-pull self-locking

Quick and easy plug and unplug, easy connection to prevent electro- magne anti-vibration, anti-shock performance.




for blind insertion, tic interference, ex

Rated current Rated voltage Pins number
maximum current 30A maximum current 800V 2-26 Pin

Heavy Duty Connector

Heavy-duty connectors have screw type, crimp type , spring type and axial connection type products etc. It can meet electrical and signal connection in different fields and different situations. It is mainly used for electrical and signal connection between different equipments and functional units. Rich combination methods can simplify the wiring difficulty and greatly improve the convenience even in complex applications.

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DA/DQ compact series
Small size, compact structure and save space.

Rated current Rated voltage Pins number
10A/16 250V/400V 1-32 Pin

DE/DEE standard series
Multiple connection methods, can be used in different working conditions, easy to install and maintain.

Rated current Rated voltage Pins number
16A 500V 1-92 Pin

DD/DDD high density series
provide highly integrated connection, massive and complex circuits pre-installation are available, greatly improve work efficiency and reduce installation costs.

Rated current Rated voltage Pins number
10A/16 250V/400V 1-32 Pin

DK/DM combination series
Modular design and rich combination, greatly improve the utilization of space.

Rated current Rated voltage Module number
maximum current 200A maximum current1000V 12 standard modules

EV Charger

AC EV chargers can provide convenient and safe home charging to individual user. DC EV chargers are installed in charging station for fast and safe charging of electric vehicle.

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Relay Module Interface Module

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Relay module and interface module are used as basic control, connection components, small size, high power, fast and tidy connection. It is widely used in Automatic Machine, PLC Control Cabinet, Servo System, Mechatronics and Power Electronic Equipment.

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Magnetic valve connectors

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Magnetic valve connectors are safe,reliable and practical products.According to the pipeline, hydrodynamic,pressure,electrical parameters, mode of action and special requirements to choose products model, built-in circuit protection and LED indicators.Can meet the different customers needs. Widely used in hydraulic valves,pneumatic valves, pressure switches, robot systems, sensors and so on.DEGSON EV Charger fig13

Customer-specific electronics

DEGSON EV Charger fig14DEGSON has a comprehensive, integrated platform that provides customers with customized solutions.

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Cable harness

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Cable harness series are diversified , suitable for different environments, p r o v i d i n g different transmission specifications for signals and currents, and anti-Corrosion, anti-interference, high flexibility cables can be customized. It is widely used in industrial control, new energy, automotive and other industries.DEGSON EV Charger fig17

DEGSON is a professional industrial connector manufacturer that offers customized solutions to customers.

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Add: No.1585. Xiaolin Road. Cixi.Ningbo China P.C.: 315321

T el: +86-574-63504333 Fax: +86-574-63512345 E-mail: [email protected]

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