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Dedeman Shelf ANDORA ZP Instruction Manual

Dedeman Shelf ANDORA ZP

The specified installation time applies to professionally trained persons (professional installers)

  1. Assembly of the product should be done on a clean and soft surface (cardboard, fabric)
  2. To prevent damage of the product, it is necessary to adhere to the assembly instructions
  3. While reporting defective products, please quote codes in manual

Delivered plastic plugs are intended for fitting on a standard brick wall.
Before fitting, the buyer needs to check if the delivered plugs are suitable for the wall they are foreseen for.
If the plugs are not suitable for the wall, buyers have to visit a specialized store and get suitable plugs by themselves.

Dear customers, in order to avoid possible damages and injuries due to the fall of the product, please observe the assembly instructions for fixing the products to the wall.

User guide
All PANEL and UPHOLSTERED furniture is of acknowledged quality, certified by an independent institution accredited for quality testing. All electrical components are safe to use and certified by an accredited institution specialized in testing electrical devices.
PANEL FURNITURE Products are moisture-sensitive. It is required to keep them in enclosed spaces, at 50-70% humidity and temperature 18°C-25°C.Use only dry, soft cloth and agents without abrasive properties for cleaning all wood and refined chipboard products.
UPHOLSTERY –Fabric upholstered products may be vacuum cleaned. Use water at the temperature of 40°C with neutral chemical agents for cleaning the upholstery fabric. Vinyl, faux leather and leather upholstered products must not be cleaned by dry-cleaning agents, solvents, polishing agents, oils, abrasive agents and ammonium soap.

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS – Do not cover them and provide enough space around heat sources in order to release the heat.

NOTES AND WARNINGS ON GENERAL PRODUCT SAFETY: There is a risk of injury in case of inappropriate use of the product. Assembly shall be conducted by trained personnel.

Furniture MUST be fixed to a wall if foreseen by assembling instructions, all in order to avoid tipping. Check the type and strength of the wall. Glass elements must be handled with caution in order to avoid injuries caused by broken glass. Products with built-in mechanisms, as well as products with flexible design (e.g. adjustable backrest chairs) should be handled with caution in order to avoid injuries (hand or finger injuries). Do not expose products to high temperatures, heat sources and open flame in order to avoid damages, combustion and fire. Keep smaller elements out of the reach of children in order to avoid the risk of swallowing and choking. Additional attention should be paid when handling products with sharp edges around children.

Furniture made from natural wood and panel materials
Dear customer, Thank you for your order! No matter if you bought a piece of furniture made from natural wood, a high-gloss front or a plastic front – every piece of furniture has unique characteristics. Even the texture and structure of wood, such as small knots in natural wood furniture, are part of the individual charisma of each piece of furniture. Since natural wood furniture are permanently exposed to climate andhumidity fluctuations, changes to the surface may occur (e.g. hair cracks or changes in colour) in some cases. In general, brightness decreases and colour saturation increases in the course of time  the wood darkens.
The changes mentioned above are normal for natural raw materials such as wood.
This booklet provides some care tips for your piece of furniture so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

The following applies in general:

  • Don’t place any hot objects on the furniture.
  • Don’t place candles directly on the furniture.
  • Immediately wipe off any spilled liquids.
  • Regularly check if the screws and fittings are tight.
  • The typical, aromatic wooden dour is always a proof of quality for natural wood furniture.
  • The natural emission of resin may produce bright spots on the knots which can be polished with a dry, lintfree cloth.
  • Initially, a slight intrinsic odor is unavoidable for other wooden, paint, leather or upholstery materials too. These odors automatically disappear after a while. If you want to speed up this process, ventilate more often at the beginning and/or wipe out the furniture with a slightly damp cloth which was soaked in water mixed with a small amount of vinegar.

Keep these notes in a safe place.

Care notes for stripped/oiled furniture made of natural wood
The surface of your new piece of furniture has been treated with pure organic oil. We recommend an occasional after treatment with suitable furniture oil to preserve this natural, stripped/oil gloss. Since some
residue of natural oil may remain on the furniture due to the surface treatment method, we recommend to rub off the furniture with a lint-free cloth. After use, let the cloth dry completely before disposal.

Care notes for untreated/painted furniture made of natural wood
Using a moderately damp cloth is the most suitable method for cleaning the surface. Attention: Corrosive cleaners as well as cleaners containing solvents or polish must not be used.

Care notes for furniture made of panel materials
We recommend using a soft, lint-free cloth or a shammy for conditioning your piece of furniture made of panel materials. Wipe off the surfaces with a slightly damp cloth or shammy.

The following applies in general:

Please don’t use the following detergents or cleaning agents at all:
  • microfiber cloths or dirt erasers . They often contain fine abrasive particles which can cause scratches on the surfaces;
  • aggressive chemical substances as well as abrasive cleaning agents or solvents. They may damage the surfaces too;
  • scouring powder, steel wool or scouring pads. They destroy the surface so badly that reconditioning is impossible;
  • vacuum cleaners. The nozzles and brushes can cause scratches on the surfaces;
  • steam cleaners. The surfaces may be damaged or separated from the ground due to the high pressure and heat of the water vapor.

Documents / Resources

Dedeman Shelf ANDORA ZP [pdf] Instruction Manual
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