FISHER PAYKEL OS24NDBB1 24-Zoll-Dampfbackofen-Kombination Benutzerhandbuch

OS24NDBB1 24-Zoll-Kombinationsdampfofen

Kombi-Dampfbackofen, 24″, 9 Funktionen
Serie 9 | Minimales Schwarz
Get more flexibility in the kitchen with both convection cooking and steam cooking, which reduces the need for oils and fats.
Cooking flexibility with nine oven functions, including five Steam functions, Broil and Convection Steam cooking allows you to cook a food in its own juices, to retain nutrients and flavour Part of our suite of companion products, designed to match aesthetically for flexible configurations 1.3 cu ft total capacity

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18 1/16 "23 1/2" 22 1/8 "

Sized to suit This compact 24″ Combination Steam Oven can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen. Companion products share the same dimensions and can be installed in multiple configurations to suit your kitchen design and preference.
Cooking flexibility The Combination Steam Oven allows ingredients to retain their nutrients, moisture content and coloration. With nine oven modes, it doesn’t just steam, but also has Broil and Fan functions.

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Easy to use An easy to use, intuitive display shows the time and provides useful information about functions along with a refill alert.
Beauty of choice With the choice of a stylish stainless steel or elegant black trim, our Companion products help you achieve a coherent kitchen aesthetic that suits your design style.
Easy cleaning Cleaning and care of the Combination Steam Oven is simple. After each use, just wipe the smooth stainless steel interior with a dry cloth.
Safe and convenient The CoolTouch door is safe to touch from the outside, protecting your hands and the surrounding cabinetry. The water tank slides in easily, with no plumbing required.

Accessories Baking pan Food probe Optional lower trim kit Perforated baking tray Wire shelf

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Controls Audio feedback Automatic cooking/minute Celsius/Fahrenheit Electronic capacitive touch High resolution touch display Intuitive information display Multi-language display Multi-language interface Precise electronic temperature Recipe and food based True convection oven

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Anzahl der Funktionen


Ringen + grillen


Steam + ring


Türkisches 100


Türkisches 130


Steam assist


Performance Fan Element Power Grill power Steam generator

1500W 1500W 1800W

Leistungsbedarf Versorgungsfrequenz Versorgungsvoltage

60Hz 208 – 240V

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Safety ADA compliant Control panel key lock CoolTouch door

22 1/8 "18 1/16" 23 1/2 "
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