DAEMA RCW-120AW Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner



Welcome to use our vacuum cleaner. You should read the manual before operation to make sure safety. Please keep the manual properly for reference later

  • Your vacuum cleaner is a electric appliance: it should be operated under normal conditions. Basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, and injure to person, including the following:
  • Material listed as following should not be sucked in, otherwise it may damage the appliance(cause fire, or injure to persons)
    1. Hot material, such as ashes, flaming cigarette.
    2. Big piece of scraps, such as glass.
    3. Poison material(imp regnant, corrosive), erosive material(acid material, detergent).
    4. Any flammable or volatile liquid as gasoline or alcohol goods.
      When not operation, cut off the power. Remove plug from the wall socket before any service like clean, check or repair. Never switch off the appliances by pulling the plug. Do not strongly pull the power cord from body .
      Avoid to pull or fold the hose, otherwise may cause deformation or damage.
  • Make sure the rated voltage of the appliance is conform with the supplied power.
    Do not let the power cord go through sharp material to avoid damage.
    Do not immerse the appliance into water, or never put the appliance directly in sun or near any heater or the like to avoid deforming of the plastic components or fire accident.. Never move the appliances by pull the power cord
    Never let children paly the appliance to avoid suddenness.
    Do not operate the vacuum cleaner if happens following conditions:
    1. The appliance be drop down and operates abnormally obviously.
    2. Power cord is damaged
      You should take the appliance to the authorized maintenance store if happen conditions listed above.
      Never operate the appliance when the inlet has been blocked to avoid heat or deforming of the plastic component or damage of the motor.
      The power wire and the motor of this productor joined in type Y,so if the power wire is damaged ,it should be changed with special tools, so you must go to the authorized maintenance for change.
  • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are aged from 8 years and above and supervised.
  • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard


Structure figure


  1. Blowing Cover
  2. Real Cover
  3. Handle
  4. Auto Cord Rewinder
  5. Parking Groove
  6. Accessory Cover
  7. Speed Control Board
  8. Power Switch
  9. Inhale Plug
  10. Hose
  11. Curved Tube
  12. Adjustable Tube
  13. Double usage brush
  14. Small Brush
  15. Small Suction nozzle
  16. Water Barrel
  17. HEPA Cover
  18. HEPA Cover Key
  19. Air Inhale Window



Operation Guidance
  1. Take out the Inhale Plug by pressing the button according to the direction indicated, in the figure at left side.
  2. Open the Rear cover according to the direction indicated in the figure at left side.
  3. After opening the Rear Cover, take out the water barrel by grasping the groove up forward according to the direction indicated out in the figure.
  4. Adding water of proper capacity before operation.
    Refer to the figure at the left side.
    Adding about 0.5 liter water, refer to the figure.
  5. Posit the barrel into the machine after adding water, and make sure that the barrel is setting in proper position in the machine.
  • Replace the Rear Cover
  • Set in the adjustable tube into the Cured Tube and make sure the connection is firm.
  • Plug in the Inhale Plug into the unit.
  • Use of the Telescopic chrome extension tube. Adjust the the tube to a proper length by pressing the control button. And the tube will be lock automatically after releasing the button.

Startup and Speed Control
Plug in power cord, press the power switch to startup the machine. Press inching switch on the big handle to control speed. 4 steps of speed control is available.

Suction Power Control
It is very easy and convenient to control the suction power by push the pusher on the Curved Tube.

Combination floor nozzle
This double-duty brush can be use for cleaning carpet, floor. Adjust the duty of the brush for bare floor cleaning and carpet cleaning by press the relative button. When the floor nozzle extends out brush, it is for bare floor, if without, for carpet.

  • Press the accessory cover and release, the over will be open auto., Take out the accessories. When use, insert it into the telescope tube.
  • Use the small brush can avoid to injuring surface of furniture and carpet.
  • Use the small brush can avoid to injuring surface of furniture and carpet.
  • Use for place of dutiful, but the floor nozzle can not reach to.

Blowing Function
Insert the inhale plug into the Rear cover, startup the vacuum cleaner

Stop working of the machine
Press the power switch, pull out the plug from the socket, rewind the power cord by pressing the rewinder switch and hold the plug at the mean time to avoid being injured.

Dispose the hose around the telescopic tube, park the floor nozzle onto the side of machine body by a hook on the floor nozzle.


  1. Empty Dust
    • Take out the water barrel from the machine.
    • Pour out the sewage and rinse the barrel under water.
  2. Maintenance
    • Take the filtration rack apart from the machine according to the direction indicated in the figure at left side.
    • Take out the filter, cleaning in water and let it dry naturally.
      1. The filter should be cleaned twice a year. Or if it is visibly dusted, clean it at once.
      2. when operation, dustbin should be fit in.
      3. Check if the dust bag is fitted in properly or been damaged before use the machine once.


  1. Pull the HEPA cover button and open the Cover
    NOTE: Before turn down the unit, take out the water barrel to avoid water pouring out.
  2. After open HEPA cover, take out the HEPA, dispose dust on the HEPA.
    HEPA should be cleaned at least once a year.
  3. Fit the clean HEPA in the machine, replace the cover of HEPA, lock the cover by pushing the button of the cover.
  4. Open the Air Inhale Window
  5. Take out the Air Inhale Window and Air Inhale Filter, clean the filter by water and dry it in air.
    The Air Inhale Filter should be clean at least once a year.
  6. Fit in the Air Inhale Filter and Window.


NOTE: Cut off power and pull out the plug before starting to get rid of troubles.

If the vacuum power decreasing, and sounds abnormally, stop vacuuming or motor Over heat.

  1. Some vacuum components may be blocked -dredge the blocked component.
  2. Filter been blocked – clean or replace:

If the trouble still exists, please contact our maintenance service department.
If there has any question about this Manual Instruction, Please contact authorized maintenance service department.

If the products have improvement, and have a discrepancy with this manual slightly, we do not send again.

You can help protect the environment! Please remember to respect the local regulations: hand in the non-working electrical equipment’s to an appropriate waste disposal center.

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