DAEMA DW-798HC Washing Machine


Safety Precaution

Be sure to completely with the following to prevent damage to your body, properly or others:

  • The sign stands for “pay attention, and the picture of specific items needs attention shows in.&.
  • The sign stands for “Forbidden”, and the picture of specific items forbidden shows in O.
  • The sign stands for “must do”, and the picture of specific items must be done shows inO.DAEMA-DW-798HC-Washing-Machine-01




Attention To Installation
Lay upper drain hose

  • Needs a drain hose with minimum diameter of 3 cm, and minimum carry away capacity of 40 liters per minute.
  • For upper drain system, the drain hose must be placed at least 86 cm(30 inches) from the bottom of washer , but not higher than 100 cm.



Change the position of the drain hose 

The ex-factory installation position of the drain
hose is located at the spin side . According to the installation site, the drain hose can also be installed
at the wash side of the machine . The method is
as follows:

  • Unplug the power cord and empty water in the drain hose completely.
  • Spread a piece of soft cloth on the floor (e.g. a blanket) and place the washing machine on it gently.
  • Take the drain hose out from the buckle at the spin side, and put it into the buckle at the wash side.
  • Hang up the drain hose kit.


Installation site

In order to avoid electrical failure, discoloration and deformation, do not install the machine in the following places:

  • Locations exposed to direct sunlight
  • Locations exposed to rain or snow
  • Locations with uneven or unstable ground

Usage method

Preparation Instructions
  • Plug in power and connect the water inlet hose.
  • Lay down the lower drain hose and connect it to the sewer , or lay the upper drain hose to places as indicated in page 2.
  • Check that there are no objects such as coins, hairpins, mud or sand in the pocket.
  • Strings should be knotted in advance to prevent entanglement.
  • Clothes can be classified for washing according to the texture, dirty degree and color.
  • For small pieces (e. g., stockings) or fluffy clothes, put them into a nylon net for washing.

Attachment: Reference of laundry quantity corresponding to different capacities


  • The figure above is for reference only, specific weights are subject to actual clothes.

Attachment : Laundry volume and detergent dosage reference

Fabric type Laundry capacity (kg) Water level Water flow Wash time (minutes) Detergent amount(g)
Synthetics, silk, Delicate fabrics 0-3 Low Normal 3 About 50
3-4 Mid 3-5 About 61
Cotton or linen 0-4 Mid Normal 7 About 61
4-7 High 7-10 About 77
Heavy soils 0-4 Mid  


10 About 61
4-7 High 10-35(soak 15) About 77
  • The dosage of washing detergent varies according to dirty degree and texture of laundries.

Structure Instruction

Name Of Parts




Introduction Of Control Panel

*The drawing above is for reference only, specific drawing is subject to actual models.

  • Water inlet: be used to inject water.
  • Wash lime: be used to select required washing lime.
  • Spin time: be used to select required spinning time.
  • Wash-Drain selector: For washing or rinsing, select ” Normal” or” Gentle”. For Draining ,select “Drain”.

Usage method

Quick Start


Washing Method
  1. Insert the water inlet hose into the water inlet mouth , and choose injecting water to the wash tub .
  2. Put the laundry into the wash tub, and add detergent into ii.
    When fill water to half of the desired water level, turn off the water tap and let laundries soak in the solution for minutes, then fill water to desired water level.
  3. Set wash program “Normal” or “Gentle” as per amount and texture of laundries.
  4. Turn the wash timer knob to set wash time.
  5. After washing, set the wash drain selector lo “Drain” position for draining.
Rinsing Method

A. Spraying rinse (rinse in the spin tub)

  1. Put the laundry into the spin tub after washing.
  2. Turn on the water tap, choose to fill water into the spin tub for 3-4 minutes, and then turn off the water tap.
  3. Set the spin timer for 2-5 minutes for rinsing.
  4. The above steps can be repealed.


  • lf there is red rust in water, do not choose spraying rinse, for the rust is easy to adhere to laundries.
  • Ensure that do not fill water into spin tub when spinning.

Usage method

Common rinse (rinse in the wash tub)

  1. To save time, water and energy, can do pre- spinning before rinsing.
  2. Put laundries which have already been dehydrated into the wash tub.
  3. After filling water to the desired level, turn off the water tap to save water.
  4. Turn the “Wash selector” knob to the “Normal” or “Gentle”.
  5. Set the “wash timer” to the desired time (about 3-5 minutes)for rinsing.
  6. After rinsing, put the washing materials into the spin tub to spin for 1 to 5 minutes. CT)Drain out the rinsing water in the wash tub.
  7. The above steps can be repeated.
Spinning Method
  1. Shake out the laundry and put them into the spin tub.
  2. Put the inner spin cover on the laundry. Confirm the inner spin cover is placed horizontally.
  3. Close the safety cover and the spin cover.
  4. Refer to the following table to select spinning time.
  • The appliance can not be used by children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction.
  • The new hose supplied with the appliance are to be used and that old hose should not be used.
  • When choose to inject water to wash tub or spin tub. water injecting is forbidden.
  • If strong vibration occurs in time of spinning, open the spin cover immediately. Make sure that the washing machine is placed on a flat and stable floor ,and then adjust washing materials, distribute them evenly. & To do spinning and draining together, please spin for 1 minute before draining.
  • Do not wash or spin waterproof clothes or clothes that float easily to avoid abnormal vibration or damage to the clothes.

Usage method

Efficiency Program

(For efficiency program only )
“Normal” wash, 15minutes with 40°C warm water, spin twice,3minutes each; Rinse once for 5minutes with 20°c cold water, spin twice,3minutes each; Rinse once for 5minutes with 20°C cold water, spin twice, 4minutes each Water level “H” used for all wash and rinse.

Main Technical Parameters

Model No


Power Supply

Input Power Maximum water Overall dimension Net weight
Wash Spin Wash I Spin
DW-798HC 7.0kg 5.0kg 220-240V-


400W/180W 0.1-0.6Mpa 770x430x880( mm)

Attention To Maintenance

Cabinet maintenance 
After using the washing machine, wipe the moisture and stain on it with a piece of soft cloth. To avoid damage to the surface ,do not use corrosive or volatile chemicals. DAEMA-DW-798HC-Washing-Machine-16

Cleaning the lint filter 

  • Press the button head, and pull the lint filter out.
  • Turn the filter net inside out, and rinse it in water.
  • After inserting the claw, press the button to insert it into place.
  • A sound of “ba” means proper installation.

Anti-freezing protection 

  • To prevent from freezing:
    1. Turn off the water tap, remove the water inlet hose and empty water in the water inlet hose completely.
    2. Lay the drain hose and turn the drain selector knob to the “Drain” position to empty the water in the tub.
  • If the water is frozen, please take the following steps:
    1. Put the water inlet hose into warm water of about sac.
    2. Keep about 2 liters of warm water below sac in the wash tub for about 10 minutes. and then lay the drain hose and turn the  wash drain selector knob to the “Drain” position to empty the water .
    3. Fil the water inlet hose and turn on the water tap to confirm water filling and draining work properly.

Operation when objects are dropped into the outside of the spin tub

  1. Remove all screws on the frame with a screw driver and loosen the connector of the brake belt .
  2. Pull up the frame with both hands and turn it backwards.
  3. Take out the clothes dropped into the outside of the spin tub.
  4. Fasten the connector of the brake belt ,Press the frame to reset and lighten screws. DAEMA-DW-798HC-Washing-Machine-19

After you use the washing machine, never forget to do the following two things:

  1. Disconnect the power plug.
  2. Remove tile water inlet hose.

The washing machine employs alternative current with rated voltage and frequency . When voltage fluctuates between -10% and 10% of the rated voltage, the machine can work normally.
Connection mode of the power cord of this machine is Y-shaped connection. Users should not detach or reconnect the wire by themselves. If this part needs to be repaired, please contact the designated service center.


  • Do not connect to the hot water supply.
  • After using, be sure to unplug the power plug.
  • Be sure to use plug that is properly grounded.
  • The maximum gradient of the supporting surface for the washing machine should not exceed 2° .
  • Do not tear down electrical wires and components in the machine by yourself.
  • There are holes on the base for ventilation. These holes should not be blocked by foreign objects (carpets, etc.).
  • Never connect the grounding wire with the live wire, or it may lead to an electric shock.
  • If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified person to avoid a hazard.

If the following symptoms occur, please disconnect the power plug and perform the following checks:

Symptom Reason
The washing machine does not work.
  • Check that the power supply is in good condition.
  • Check that the power plug is inserted properly.
  • Check that the wash timer knob or the spin timer knob is not in the “0” position.
The drain hose does not work.
  • Check that the drain hose is not laid too high.
  • Check that the drain hose is not frozen.
  • Check that the drain hose is not blocked by foreign matter.
There is abnormal

noise during washing.

  • Check that there are no coins or any other foreign objects dropped into the wash tub.
There is abnormal noise and violent vibration during spinning.
  • Check that the washing machine is placed on flat, stable floor.
  • Check that clothes are evenly distributed in the spin tub.
  • Check that there are no washing materials or foaming debris dropped into the outside of the spin tub.

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DAEMA DW-798HC Washing Machine [pdf] User Manual
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