DAB DIVER Submersible Pump

DAB DIVER Submersible Pump


  • This booklet contains instructions for the use and maintenance of the DIVER and DIVER HF series water pumps, both single phase and three phase. The DIVER and DIVER HF electropump has been designed to pump clean water not containing abrasive particles it can be used in wells with a minimum diameter of 125 mm (5″), as well as in containers or cisterns. The use of the pump for irrigation, gardening, and in the residential and household field is subject to local legislation. Before installing and using the pump, read the following instructions carefully.

Read this manual carefully bifore installing and using the product.

The manufacturer declines any responsibility in case of accidents or damages caused by improper use of the water pump or due to negligence or lack of observance of the instructions described in this booklet or use of the pump under conditions that differ from the ratings on the nameplate.

Description of Diver water pump

  • The electopump DIVER and DIVER HF is supplied in a solid carton box, with its instruction booklet, ready for installation, complete with electric cable.
  • These are Diver data :

1 phase pumps Diver

  Power I Capacitor Fatt. Pot. Capacity L/min Head m.c.a.
Model W Max. Amp. mF Cos.Fi min max min max
75M 850 4,6 16 0,89 5 80 5 36
100M 1100 5,9 20 0,89 5 80 10 48
150M 1600 7,8 30 0,89 5 80 13 72
200M 2300 10 35 0,89 5 80 16 96
100M HF 1100 6,2 20 0,89 25 200 10 28
150M HF 1690 8,1 30 0,89 25 200 10 42
200M HF 2140 10 35 0,97 25 200 10 56

3 phase pumps Diver

  Power I max. Fatt. Pot. Capacity L/min Head m.c.a.
Model W Amp. Cos.Fi min max min max
75T 800 1,7 0,78 10 80 5 36
100T 1190 2,4 0,78 10 80 10 48
150T 1590 3,3 0,80 10 80 13 72
200T 2150 4,9 0,80 10 80 16 96
100T HF 1200 2,5 0,80 25 200 10 28
150T HF 1800 3,5 0,79 25 200 12 42
200T HF 2100 4,9 0,82 25 200 16 56

Stocking and handling

  • The pump should be stocked in vertical position, in a clean and dry place and inside its original packing. When storing do not put weights or other boxes on top.

Never lift or transport the pump by its electric cable.

Preliminary inspection

  • Unpack the pump and check its integrity in all its components.
  • Check that the data on the nameplate are according to your needs. In particular the electrical data (voltage, phase number, frequency, rated power and amps) have to correspond with those of the power supply where you want to connect the pump.
  • Check, in the case of a preinstalled control box and of a single phase pump that the value of the capacitor is according to the one stamped on the nameplate.
  • In case of anomalies or any doubt please immediately contact your supplier or service point signaling the facts.

Never use the pump in case of doubts about its safety or its use.

Conditions of use

  • The following conditions must be observed when using the water pump:
  • Temperature of pumping liquid between : Min. +0°C – Max. +35°C
  • Max. depth : 70 mt
  • Voltage variation allowed : +/- 5%
  • Starti for hour : Max. 40
  • Minimum positive head level : 150mm
  • The pump is not suitable for pumping inflammable liquids or for operating in places with danger of explosion.
  • The pump cannot be used in swimming pools or garden Ponds.


  • The installation is safety relevant, therefore it must be carried out by an expert and authorized installer.
  • during installation apply all the safety regulations issued by the competent authorities and dictated by experience and common sense
  • Make sure that the well is free from sand and other dirt, and that its dimensions are sufficient to fit the pump.
  • Install a non-return valve on the delivery pipe to avoid the backflow of water
  • Install an antidry rotation system, (or check an already installed one)
  • The pump may be installed with either a metallic pipe (which can be used for sustaining the pump) or with a flexible pipe. In the latter case use a stainless steel cable to sustain the pump. The cable should be anchored in the hole on the discharge head of the pump.
  • For no reason whatsoever lift or support the pump with the electric cable\
  • The pump should not touch the well bottom, keep it suspended (with the help of a support) at a height of at least 150 mm.
  • Fasten the electric cable to the delivery pipe to prevent it from getting damaqed. Do not pull the cable too tight, so that the possible heat expansion of the pipe is compensated for
  • Make the eventual extension or the cable exclusively with a suitable cable and with a rating according to the necessary length as per our table in paragraph 10.
  • Extension junctions should only be made with a safe and waterproof system
  • The ground cable connection must be physically separated from the power cable junction
  • The pump (both single phase or three phase) should be installed with an electric switchboard guaranteeing the following functions: overload protection, short circuit protection, antidry rotation protection.
  • We strongly request the installation of a around fault interrupter / RCCD-protector, whose current differential operation must not exceed 30mA
  • For the connection of the single phase pump follow the wiring diagram shown in paragraph 9.
  • In case of a three phase pump check also the right sense of rotation. It should be clockwise for DIVER and counterclockwise for DIVER HF looking the arrow on nameplate
  • For no reason, even for only a few seconds, the pump can run dry (without water)
  • Be sure, before connecting the power, of the good insulation of the installation (min. 100 Mohm) and of a correct ground connection.
  • The pumps DIVER and DIVER HF single phase versions equipped with a build in thermal overload protector. It disconnects the pump when overheated and automatically starts it again once the temperature has gone down to normal.

Maintenance and hydraulic inspection.

  • Before proceeding with any kind of inspection or maintenance, make sure that the pump is disconnected from the power fine
    without any chance of accidental reconnection.
  • Normally the pump doesn’t need any maintenance. It may happen that impellers get blocked by small rocks, sea-weed or fibres.
  • To clean these or other components unscrew the screen counterclockwise clamping the shroud .
  • The mechanical seal is oil lubricated with 6 ccm of WHITE OIL 300 inside a chamber in the lower bearing body . After disassembling the pump it must be carefully filled up again with the same volume.
  • We strongly suggest to replace all seals every time you disassemble the pump. The manufacturer will supply these seals in one complete Kit
  • If you disconnect the cable-connector, do clean the male connector pins (in the stator) and the female part (on the cable) before riconnect, preferably using dry compressed air
  • The liquid can be polluted from loss of mechanical seal lubricating liquid.
  • If the power supply cable is damaged, must be changed by the manufacturer or by any service.
    For any requirements, please contact our Sales and Service Department.

Operating troubles

Troubles Cause Remedial action
The pump starti and stops. a) Incorretct voltage or voltage drop.
b) Open-circuit in motor power cord.
c) The motor protection trips out.
a) Check the voltage durino starting; if the cable cross-section is too small, the voltage drop may be such that the motor cannot function normally.
b) Measure the resistance between phases. Refit the pump if necessary and check the cable.
c) Check the current settino on the thermal relay and compare it to the indicated value. Important: do not insist if the relay trips out repeatedly (try to locate the cause); forced operation of the unit could damage the motor (by overheating) in a very short time.
The pump fails to deliver or the discharge flow is too small, a) Voltage low.
b) Suction strainer clogged.
c) Wrong direction of rotation (three- phase motor).
d)  No water in borehole, or level too low.
a) Check the supplì voltage at the box.
b) Refit the pump: unclog and clean.
c) Interchange two phase wires at the box.
d) Check the level; it must be at least 150 mm above the pump strainer (with pump running).
Pump starti too often. a) Differential on pressare-sensitive switch too small.
b) Float or electrodes (PMS) incorrectly placet.
c) The bladder tank is too small or is insufficiently pressurized.
a) Increase the Stop/Start difference.
b) Ad just the distance between them so that the time between the stopping and starting of the pump reasonable.
c) Chek and ad just the pressures (On/Off). Chek the pressure in the tank. Add a tank to increase capacity or change the tank.

Single phase wiring connection

Cables lenght

Diver Model Sect. mmq 1 1.5 2.5
75 Max. lenght 40 60 100
100 30 45 70
150 20 35 55
200 10 25 40

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