DAB RADIO SY-8800 FM Bluetooth Radio



Dab/Dab+ digital radio
Compatible with Fm and DAB digital signals, Bluetooth player function, alarm clock function, and more.
Button introduced DAB-rADIO-SY-8800-FM-Bluetooth-Radio-1

  1.  “POWER” button    Long press to turn ON/OFF; Short press to switch Standby (Display me)/Working
  2. “PR/MO” button
    Working state, short press to switch “FM-Bluetooth-DAB” Fm state”, long press“SL/SC” to recall or store the sta on, use “←, →” to select the loca on to recall or store.
    Short press the SL/SC key to call up playback, long-press the “SL/SC” to store
  3. “VOL +/-“button:  Short press to adjust the voice.A total of 16 levels of Volume
  4. “←” or “→” button:
    1.  In the FM state, short press the step to select a radio sta on, long press to automatically search for the sta on down/up, and stop playing when the sta on is found.
    2.  In the DAB state, select the channel downwards, and long press to quickly select the radio sta on down/up.
    3. The previous/next song in Bluetooth
    4. Set theme, year, month and day to adjust the number downward. Long-press can quickly adjust up and down.
  5. “SL/SC” button:
    1.  The function setting is to confirm the function.
    2. Long press FM to automatically search for radio stations and save them.You can see the saved stations in the “Station List”
    3.  Short press to change the date display during the standby display me.
    4.  In the Bluetooth state, long press to disconnect.
    5. Short pause/play.
    6. Short press the auto ma  channel search in the FM state. Stop playing when the sta on is found. Finally, short press “←” or “→” to control the frequency direc on of the search.
  6. “M/I” Button:
    1.  Menu/Back
    2. FM state, short press “M/I”to display [No Radio Text]; [No PTY];squares represent (signal strength); Time and Date.
    3. Long press to enter Audio Setting; Station list; System.
    4.  Audio Setting: Set the Stereo allowed and Force mono.
    5. Station list status: Cannot display without storing radio stations Ⅲ) System state: Six function settings Time setup; Alarms; Sleep; Language; Backlight; Factory reset;
  7. In the time setting state: The set clock; set date; Auto update; Set 12/24 hours.
    1. In the alarm state: 2 alarms can be set at the same time.
    2.  In Sleep state: select off, 15, 30, 45,60, 90 min.
    3.  Language: including English
    4. Backlight: Timeout——On, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180 second, Brightness-high, medium and low.

Factory reset: restore the initial settings
DAB / Bluetooth setting
In the Dab state: There are two types: Sta on scan and System. Press “°˚” or “°˙” to select one of the two.
Preset a sta on Your radio can store up to 20 DAB stations and 20 FM stations in its preset memories for instant access to your favorite stations.
The system as the same as the setting in the FM state.
“Full scan” and “Manual tune” £¨Two search methods for scanning at the sta on. Press the “SL/SC” button to enter.

 Antenna: Extending the antenna can improve the stability of the FM/Dab signal. Hear the broadcast clearly.
Battery capacity: A grade 1200mah battery with overcharge,over-discharge,Over Temperature
Protec on, short-circuit protected on. Bluetooth is high-grade JL Bluetooth 5.0, fast speed to connect with noise cancel c rystal clear bass sound.
11£© Language
There are 10 languages available for the menu, English, French, German, Italian, etc.DAB-rADIO-SY-8800-FM-Bluetooth-Radio-2

What is included in the box

  • DAB Radio
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

WEEE and Recycling The European laws do not allow any more the disposal of old or defective electric or electronic devices with the household waste. Return your product to a municipal collection point for recycling to dispose of it This system is financed by the industry and the ensures environmentally responsible disposal and the recycling of valuable raw materials.

Documents / Resources

DAB RADIO SY-8800 FM Bluetooth Radio [pdf] User Manual
SY-8800 FM Bluetooth Radio, SY-8800, FM Bluetooth Radio

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