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1.1 formål

MTBL Baijiu Dispenser G4 (hereinafter referred to as the device) is a low-pressure smart alcohol dispenser developed by our company. This product works through the Bluetooth connection between the Bluetooth module of the personal mobile phone terminal and the device , and control alcohol output through the mobile APP

1.2 Brug miljø

A) Ambient temperature: -10 ~+55 C;
B) Relative humidity: no more than 85%;
C) Atmospheric pressure: 86 kpa~106 kpa;
D) Brug miljø: indendørs
1.2.2 After loading the new bottle of wine, due to the air in the pipeline and pump body, the first 3 cups and last cup of wine will not be accurate, so it is necessary to explain to customer.
1.2.3 Sealed silicone cap is a disposable item,so must use new sealed silicone cap when replacing the new bottle.
1.2.4 This equipment is specially designed for this small-packed MTBL Bottle,so When removing the original inner lid and flow-limiting beads of a wine bottle,must use the specially equipped lid opener,No violence to avoid injuries.

1.4 Tekniske funktioner
A) Set Integrating wireless communication, pump liquid, liquid metering and other functions as one;
B) Use lithium batteries with short circuit protection;
C) Use various liquid contact parts that meet food grade specifications;
D) LED status indicator, dual color light display, various states are easy to distinguish;
E) Small size, easy to place, and need only small space;
F) Laser light can specify the location of the cup;

2、technical parameter

A) Shape size: 140 x 175 x 172 mm (high)
B) Outlet height from desktop: 60mm
C) Weight of equipment: 860g (excluding wine)
D) Battery specification: 2000mA 18650 lithium battery x 2
E) Adapter: 5V / 2A
F) Nominel effekt: 5W
G) Opladningsport: TYPE-C
H) Standby time: about 1 year

3、Device description

3.1 Control circuit board: The device includes two function boards,the main control board and the light board
3.2 Main control circuit board Select Bluetooth module with low power consumption as MCU and CMT4502 as module chip. The module antenna is a board antenna with an antenna gain of 1.5dBi. Modulation frequency: 2402MHz-2480MHz; Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5.0.
3.3 Lamp panel consists of 12 1206 encapsulated red and white dual color LEDs. The red light indicates that the machine is charging, and the white light indicates that the machine is charging or that the machine is working.The lamp panel also has a laser light which can place the glass in the right position
3.4 All parts of the device that come into contact with liquids (needles, bottle stoppers, silicone tubes, water pumps, water flow sensors, one-way valves) are food-grade safety certified.

4、Part name

MTBL-004 Baijiu Dispenser G4

  1. plastic transparent cover
  2. plastik krop
  3. type-C charging hole
  4. plastic bottom cover
  5. alignment light
  6. 2-D code sticker
  7. wine outlet
  8. LOGO light/indicator

A) When charging the light is red, when fully charged, the light is blue
B) When charging a new bottle, turn on mobile Bluetooth, Use mobile APP maintenance mode, scan machine QR code, pair mobile phone with device. After clicking “Open the shield”, remove the shield. Then click on” Change” to pull out the wine bottle, insert the new one and cover the shield.
C) When the wine needs to be delivered, the mobile phone turns on Bluetooth, scans the code with the mobile app, matches with the device, clicks “free taste” to try the drink, or directly selects the amount of wine to buy, and then the purchase can be completed
D) When tasting or purchasing wine for free, The glass should be placed on the spot from the counter-position lamp before clicking the “Out of Wine” to avoid spilling the wine.

6、Special Tips

MTBL-004 Baijiu Dispenser G4 not 18

(1) Unusable for minors
(2) Alcohol allergy should not use this device
(3) Do not drink excessively, which is harmful to the health. Please discourage excessive drinkers from continuing to use
(4) If the device is not in use for a long time,Replace new wine bottle before use
(5) When the device piping needs cleaning,Turn on mobile APP maintenance mode, Equipment bottles filled with high concentration liquor ,then press the alcohol outlet button continuously use to flush pipeline.

7. Godkendelse


FCC Advarsel:

Eventuelle ændringer eller modifikationer, der ikke udtrykkeligt er godkendt af den part, der er ansvarlig for overholdelse, kan annullere brugerens ret til at betjene udstyret.
Denne enhed overholder del 15 af FCC-reglerne. Betjeningen er underlagt følgende to betingelser:
(1) Denne enhed kan ikke forårsage skadelig interferens, og
(2) denne enhed skal acceptere enhver modtaget interferens, herunder interferens, der kan forårsage uønsket drift.

FCC RF-eksponering for stråling:

  1. Denne sender må ikke placeres sammen eller fungere sammen med nogen anden antenne eller sender.
  2. Dette udstyr overholder grænserne for RF-stråling, der er angivet for et ukontrolleret miljø.
  3. Dette udstyr skal installeres og betjenes med en afstand på mindst 20 cm mellem radiatoren og din krop.

Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 except for conformance with IEC 60825-1Ed.3., as described in Laser Notice No.56, dated May 8, 2019.” provided on the external MTBL surface of the product or on the outer surface of the packaging


MTBL MTBL-004 Baijiu Dispenser G4 [pdf] Brugsanvisning
MTBL-004, MTBL004, 2A6DL-MTBL-004, 2A6DLMTBL004, MTBL-004 Baijiu Dispenser G4, Baijiu Dispenser G4

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