CZI GL60-ZOOM Gimbal Spotlight User Manual
CZI GL60-ZOOM Gimbal Spotlight

Introduction of Gimbal Spotlight

This series of products are suitable for UAV night patrol search, film and television light supplement, electric power repair, emergency lighting and other purposes.

It uses the DJI Skyport V2 universal adapter ring, no extra power, plug and play, perfect for DJI M300 RTK and M210 V2 UAVs.

Disclaimer and warning

Thank you for purchasing our products. The content mentioned in this article is related to your safety, legal right and responsibilities. Before using this product, please read this article carefully to ensure that the product has been set up correctly. Ignoring the instructions and warnings in this article to operate may cause harm to you and your friends, may also damage the product. The right to interpret this document and all related documents shall remain with us. All updates are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for the latest product information.

GL60-ZOOM is a precision optical equipment, the body needs a high seal for dust and water proof. If there is any problem with the hardware, please send it back to the manufacturer and contact after-sales service. You must not disassemble and repair by yourself, otherwise you will lose the warranty and maintenance qualification.


  1. The installation method of GL60 ZOOM is the same as that of DJI the PTZ camera. Please confirm whether the installation is correct before taking off.
  2. When GL60 ZOOM works before the UAV takes off, its power will be limited below 50%; After take-off, the power can reach 100%.

The introduction of GL60 ZOOM

The GL60 Zoom weighs only 740g and has a power rating of up to 65W. It consists of an optical imaging structure of up to multiple lenses that emit light from angles ranging from 7° to 34°, with an effective irradiation distance of up to 200 meters. Its brightness uniformity and color uniformity are extremely high, providing unprecedented aerial lighting for unmanned aerial vehicles operating at night. Through the DJI SKYPORT V2.0 interface, this product can be directly mounted on DJI M300 RTK, M210 V2 for use.
Connect DJI Pilot APP to control switch, switch regular light and flash mode, and automatically follow the rotation of the PTZ camera. It has a fan – free fuselage to achieve a fully sealed design, providing excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, can work reliably in harsh weather conditions. It has an advanced automatic temperature control system. The attenuation of light after 1000 hours is less than 5%.
The introduction of GL60 ZOOM

  1. Dust Cover
  2. DJI SKYPORT V2.0 adapter ring
  3. Memory card slot
  4. Triaxial stabilized Gimbal 5、Light export

Description of parameters

Model GL60 ZOOM
Electrical DJI SkyPort V2.0
Weight /g 740
Size /mm L166*W110*H137
Power /W 65
LED Power 60
Luminous Flux
FOV/° 7.5~33
Central illumination/Lux 50m     7.2°     125lx

100m   7.2° 28lx

Controllable Angle Pitch


Horizontal Angle ±135°
Structural design scope Pitch Angle -110.3°~+40°
Horizontal Angle Omnidirectional(360°)
Roll Angle -90°~60°



How to use the DJI Pilot

  1. Click DJI Pilot to enter the main interface.
    How to use the DJI Pilot
  2. Enter the main interface and the word GL60 ZOOM is displayed in the lower left corner, indicating that the LOAD identification of GL60 ZOOM is successful. You can proceed to the next step and click manual flight.
    How to use the DJI Pilot
  3. Enter the main interface and then click the Multi-Gimbal Connection button, and then select the GimbalⅠand GimbalⅡ, achieve the result of two Gimbals synchronization.
    How to use the DJI Pilot
  4. Click the menu bar and click the third-party load option to enter the GL60 ZOOM operation interface.
    How to use the DJI Pilot
  5. Click the button to display real-time data, and a status display box will pop up in the upper left corner of the main interface to observe real-time temperature, power and other parameter states of GL60 ZOOM.
    How to use the DJI Pilot
  6. Click the switch button to control the on-off state of the light; Click the Twinkle button to turn on the flash mode. Slide the Brightness bar option to adjust the brightness of the GL60 ZOOM.
    How to use the DJI Pilot
  7. When H20 and GL60 ZOOM are used simultaneously, the Pitch adjustment button Roll adjustment button and Yaw adjustment button can be used to keep the spot in the center of the screen. Click the save fine adjustment button after a single fine adjustment. Each time the maximum fine adjustment range is ±5°. You need to save the adjustment and then make another fine adjustment of ±5°.
    How to use the DJI Pilot
  8. When observing the target, if the camera is overexposed, it can be adjusted by the aperture button on the sliding screen.
    How to use the DJI Pilot

How to use the CZZN

  1. Click CZZN to enter the software interface.
    How to use the CZZN
  2. Enter the main interface, and the words GL60 ZOOM are displayed at the bottom of the interface, indicating that the load identification of GL60 ZOOM has been successful. You can proceed to the next step and click to enter the device.
    How to use the CZZN
  3. Enter the operation interface, click the setting button in the upper right corner, and the menu bar pops up.
    How to use the CZZN
  4. Click the “General Settings” button in the menu bar and click the “Gimbal Light” option to open the suspend button of the GL60 zoom. (Tips: Open the suspend button is more convenient for users to use.)
    How to use the CZZN
  5. Click “Yes” to jump to DJI Pilot software.
    How to use the CZZN
  6. Meaning of a symbol.
    How to use the CZZNHow to use the CZZN
  7. When connecting GL60 ZOOM for the first time, steps 2~5 are required. In the future, the prompt box for DJI Pilot will pop up directly on the main interface of CZZN.
    How to use the CZZN

To upgrade the firmware

Online firmware upgrade

  1. Open the CZZN software, click the menu button in the upper right, and click the firmware.
    To upgrade the firmware
  2. Find the latest version of firmware and click Upgrade.
    To upgrade the firmware
  3. Click Update Now.
  4. Wait for the firmware upgrade to succeed.
  5. After the firmware upgrade is successful, GL60 ZOOM will enter the recalibrated state. You need to wait a few seconds to complete the upgrade operation.
    (Reminder: if GL60 ZOOM does not respond, you need to restart the aircraft and wait for the successful calibration.)

TF card firmware upgrade 

To learn about GL60 ZOOM firmware update or to download the latest version of the firmware, please visit the official website of CZI:
In case GL60 ZOOM cannot work normally due to UAV firmware update, please contact the local agent or manufacturer in time.

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