Cycle Visions CV-7290 Batwing Fairing Bracket Instruction Manual


Batwing Fairing Bracket”


Part # CV-7290

For use with an 96-UP Harley Davidson Batwing Inner and outer fairing
Fits 84-up FLSTC, FLSTF and FLSTN, except Springers

Parts included

  • 2– Brackets
  • 1- Ignition Switch Cover Plate
  • 2-5/16-24 x 1 ¼” Button head
  • 2-5/16-24 x 1” Button head
  • 2-5/16-24 x ¾” Button head
  • 4-5/16 SS Washers

NOTE: Must be installed by a Qualified Technician

  1. Remove triple tree tins/nacelle and headlight.
  2. Install brackets as shown below.
  3. Install inner and outer fairing as per Harley Davidson manual.
  4. Install Ignition Switch Cover Plate by remove backing on two-way tape.

Below is a list of H-D parts needed for fairing installation, with the exception of windshield, radio, and gauges and must be purchased separately.

  1. Speaker Opening Cover (2) (P/N 77046-96A)
  2. Screw, Pan Head Torx, Type A (4) (P/N 2965)
  3. Screw, 10 x 1.12, Pan Self Tapping ( 4) ( P/N 3639)
  4. Outer fairing, Prime (P/N 58236-96)
  5. Headlight Bucket ( P/N 67728-02A)
  6. Kit-Clamshell, Retaining Ring (P/N 67001-08)
  7. Contoured Headlamp Trim Ring (P/N 67616-03)
  8. Screw, Self Tapping (P/N 67718-60A)
  9. Extension Nut, Outer Fairing (2) (P/N 58949-96)
  10. Inner Fairing (P/N 58497-96B)
  11. Weldment-LH Frng Support (P/N 58478-96B)
  12. Weldment-RH Frng Support (P/N 58479-96B)
  13. Support RH/LWR Inner Fairing (P/N 58939-96C)
  14. Support LH/LWR Inner Fairing (P/N 58938-96C)
  15. Inner Fairing Cap (P/N 58510-96)
  16. Screw, SEMS (2) (P/N 2445)
  17. Screw, SEMS (2) (P/N 2941)
  18. Screw (4) (P/N 2446)
  19. Screw (3) (P/N 2445)
  20. Skirt (P/N 58208-96)
  21. Trim (P/N 58208-96)
  22. Trim (P/N 62786-96)
  23. Seal (P/N 62787-96)


Batwing Fairing Bracket

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Cycle Visions CV-7290 Batwing Fairing Bracket Instruction Manual – Download [optimized]
Cycle Visions CV-7290 Batwing Fairing Bracket Instruction Manual – Download

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