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Thank you for choosing JBL Commercial CSSM100 Studio Condenser Microphone. CSSM100 is a general-purpose condenser microphone for recording & on-stage purposes. It can also be used to record instruments. Since every instrument radiates sound in a specific way, to get the best sound it is crucial to experiment with microphone placement.


  • CSSM100 studio condenser microphone
  • Addasydd stand meicroffon


The microphone uses a condenser capsule designed for 48-volt phantom powering & needs an external power supply.JBL CSSM100 Studio Condenser Microphone User Guide Fig1

Mae'r meicroffon yn darparu allbwn cytbwys ar gysylltydd XLR gwrywaidd 3-pin.

  1. Pin 1: Ground
  2. Pin 2: poeth
  3. Pin 3: Oer
    • Use an XLR cable to connect the microphone to balanced XLR input with phantom power.
    • Switch the phantom power ON (refer to the user manual of the unit to which you connected the microphone) the white LED on the microphone indicates it is receiving the phantom power.


  • The front of the microphone is on the side of the body with the JBL Commercial logo on it. Therefore, always aim the logo at the sound source you are going to record. CSSM100 will pick up very little sound from the rear.
  • When recording wind instruments or vocals, make sure not to blow or sing directly into the microphone. To void unwanted wind & pop noise, place a pop screen between the microphone & vocalist/instrument.
  • Keep the microphone dry. Moisture from blowing or singing directly at the capsule from a short distance, or extremely high humidity may cause the microphone to start crackling or go very quiet.


  • Defnyddiwch frethyn meddal wedi'i orchuddio â dŵr i lanhau wyneb corff y meicroffon.


JBL CSSM100 Studio Condenser Microphone User Guide Fig2


JBL CSSM100 Studio Condenser Microphone User Guide Fig3


  • All metal, rugged microphone with a sturdy front grill.
  • High sensitivity condenser capsule.
  • Hyper-cardioid pickup pattern.
  • High headroom with minimum distortion.
  • Wide frequency response suitable for vocal & instrument recording.


Patrwm pegynol Hyper-cardioid
Transducer Capsiwl cyddwysydd 14mm
ymateb amledd 20Hz i 20KHz
Sensitifrwydd -36dBV ±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
Lefel sŵn gyfwerth ≤24dBA
SPL uchaf 110dB (THD ≤1% at 1KHz)
Rhwystr trydanol 100Ω
Amrediad tymheredd -40 ° i + 55 ° C.
Phantom yn pweru +48V ±4V
Defnydd cyfredol 3mA
Dimensiynau Dia.: 54mm, Length: 148mm
Pwysau net 383g

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CSSM100, Studio Condenser Microphone

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