PHILIPS CL261 Smart Bright LED Oyster User Manual

Discover the versatile and energy-efficient CL261 Smart Bright LED Oyster. This reliable lighting solution by Philips offers a luminous flux of up to 2,100 lumens and is available in two versions, with power consumption options of 15.5W or 22W. Enjoy the convenience of dimmable functionality and a 3-year warranty. Perfect for residential, office, and hospitality applications. Transform your space with this tri-color selectable LED Oyster.

PHILIPS VLE MASTER Value LED Tube T8 Owner’s Manual

Discover the features and benefits of the VLE MASTER Value LED Tube T8 in this comprehensive user manual. Perfect for various applications, this energy-efficient LED tube offers wide compatibility, easy installation, and long-lasting performance. Replace your T8 fluorescent lamps with confidence and enjoy up to 50% energy savings. Explore its optimal value and excellent performance for office, retail, and industrial lighting needs.

PHILIPS 929003070008 MASTER Value LED Tube T8 User Guide

Discover all the details about the 929003070008 MASTER Value LED Tube T8 in this user manual. Find information on installation, usage instructions, and product specifications for optimal lighting performance. Ensure the longevity of your LEDtube by following maintenance guidelines.

PHILIPS RU254 Universal Remote Control Instruction Manual

The RU254 Universal Remote Control user manual provides instructions for setting up and using the Philips SBC RU254 remote control. Learn how to program the remote control manually or automatically, understand the functions of each button, and find TV setup codes. Available in multiple languages.