CRUTCHFIELD 70-5517 Receiver Wiring Adaptor



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  • Match wires below to the matching function of each wire on your receiver (refer to instructions supplied with the receiver). The wire colors of your new receiver may, or may not, match the wire colors of the adaptor. Match adaptor and receiver wires by function, disregarding color.
  • If your receiver does not have a Dimmer or Illumination wire, tape off the Orange wire.
  • Connect the Black wire to the Ground wire of the new receiver.
  • Connect all Black/White wires together and secure to the chassis of the new receiver.
  • Individually tape off any unused wires.
  • Make final wiring connections following instructions on the next page.

Tools & Parts Required


CRIMP CONNECTIONSCRUTCHFIELD-70-5517-Receive-rWiring-Adaptor-FIG-2CRUTCHFIELD-70-5517-Receive-rWiring-Adaptor-FIG-4

  1. Strip wires back 1/2”.
  2. Twist wires together and insert in crimp cap.
  3. Squeeze the middle of cap for tight connection.
  4. Complete crimp connections for all necessary wires.
  5. Be sure to wrap any wires from the Wiring Adaptor that are not necessary (wires with no match from the new receiver) with electrical tape.


When ready to install the receiver, plug the Wiring Adaptor from the new receiver or receiver assembly into the factory radio harness(es) in the vehicle dash.


Documents / Resources

CRUTCHFIELD 70-5517 Receiver Wiring Adaptor [pdf] Owner's Manual
70-5517, Receiver Wiring Adaptor, Wiring Adaptor, 70-5517, Adaptor

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