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Crosby WNI10TC WNITC Compression Load Cells

Crosby WNI10TC WNITC Compression Load Cells

All products manufactured and sold by Straightpoint Ltd, are sold with the express understanding that the purchaser and user are thoroughly familiar with the safe use, proper care and application of the product. Responsibility for the safe use, proper care and application of the product rests with the user. Failure of the product can occur due to misapplication, abuse, overloading, or improper care and maintenance. There are numerous government and industry standards that cover products manufactured and sold by Straightpoint Ltd. This document makes no attempt to reference all of them. We do reference standards that are most current like ASME B30.26-2010 “detachable load indicating devices.” Ratings shown in Straightpoint Ltd literature are only applicable to new or “as new condition” products. Rated capacities define the greatest force or load a product can carry under usual or normal environmental conditions. Shock loading and extraordinary conditions must be taken into account when selecting products and product capacity. Some of the products in the Straightpoint Ltd catalogues are designed for use with rigging hardware and components which could be supplied from several different manufacturers. It is crucial that you read and understand the literature from these manufacturers, as well as governmental standards and industry technical manuals.
The rated capacity, design factor and efficiency rating of each Straightpoint Ltd product may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading, corrosion, deformation, intentional alteration, age and other use conditions. The recommended proof load on all items manufactured and sold by Straightpoint Ltd is twice the working load limit (WLL), unless otherwise shown. Proof testing is included on all Straightpoint Ltd load indicating products.

WNITC fitting batteries

Crosby WNI10TC WNITC Compression Load Cells 1

Before using the loadcell the 4 x AA batteries supplied should be fitted. To fit the batteries remove the single screw retaining the side cover plate as shown below. Fit the batteries and then replace the cover plate. Pay attention that the batteries are fitted correctly as shown on the label.

WNITC positioning

Crosby WNI10TC WNITC Compression Load Cells 2

When positioning the WNITC it is important to ensure that the loadcell is positioned correctly in relationship to where the receiving device is located. Note the direction of wireless signal on diagram above.

Connecting the NITC

Crosby WNI10TC WNITC Compression Load Cells 3

nnect the loadcell using the cable supplied to the instrumentation that is calibrated to the loadcell. If using the Straightpoint Handheld Plus, the full operating instructions for this is detailed in manual SU3343.

Using a compression load cell

Place the loadcell on a base plate or surface that is sufficiently strong enough to withstand the load that will be applied. This mounting surface should be flat, smooth and level. The top of the loadcell is domed – packing plates or a loadcap may be required to protect the item being loaded onto the loadcell.

Product aftercare

These devices are sealed to IP67/NEMA6 standards. The effects of solvent on the device can not be guaranteed, and should therefore be avoided. Avoid use within 20-30 minutes of rapid changes in temperature, for example moving the device from a cold vehicle into a warm room. The change in temperature can affect the accuracy of the device. The operating temperature is -10 to +50° C or 14 to 122° F.

Service and calibration

These products are supplied with a certificate of calibration which is valid for one year. After this date, it is recommended the device is recalibrated by Straightpoint or an approved calibration laboratory. Contact the Straightpoint service department or your supplier for more information. In the unlikely event of this device failing, fit new batteries and re-test. Only when this has been done should you contact your supplier to report the fault. When reporting the fault it is important to give a full description of the problem and the type of application the device is being used for.


Straightpoint (UK) Ltd warranty this product against malfunction for a period of two years from manufacture. Conditions of warranty:

  1. The equipment is used as described exactly in the operators manual supplied.
  2. Whilst we make every effort to ensure each device is calibrated before despatch, Straightpoint (UK) Ltd do not accept responsibility for inaccurate readings indicated by this equipment.
  3. In the event of malfunction, the device is returned to the manufacturer: Straightpoint (UK) Ltd, Unit 9 Dakota Park, Havant, Hampshire, UK, PO9 2NJ.
  4.  If we consider any malfunction to be caused by misuse, this warranty is void and any repair will be charged for accordingly.

Documents / Resources

Crosby WNI10TC WNITC Compression Load Cells [pdf] Instruction Manual
WNI10TC WNITC Compression Load Cells, WNI10TC, WNITC Compression Load Cells

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