Set-Up Your Crock-Pot Connected Slow Cooker

Step 1


Download the free Alexa App

Download the latest version of the Alexa App from the app store.

Step 2


Prep the slow cooker for use

Remove all packaging components and wash the lid and stoneware.

Step 3


Plug in the slow cooker

Plug the Crock-Pot® slow cooker into an electrical outlet.

Step 4


Check slow cooker Wi-Fi® indicator

The Wi-Fi® indicator on the Crock-Pot® slow cooker should be blinking orange and green, meaning the slow cooker is in setup mode. If this does not occur, please hold down the restore button on the side of control panel for 5 seconds.

Step 5


Follow instructions in the Alexa App

In the Alexa app, tap the devices icon in the lower right and then add your slow cooker as a new device.

Step 1


Ask Alexa or press and release the Step 1 button to use voice instructions.

Cook for a Specific Time & Power

“Alexa, set the Crock-Pot to Low for 6 hours”

Changing Cook-Time

“Alexa, add 2 hours to the Crock-Pot”

Starting and Stopping Cooking

“Alexa, start the Crock-Pot”

“Alexa, turn off the Crock-Pot”

Check the Status

“Alexa, what is the setting on the Crock-Pot?”

“Alexa, when will the food be done?”

Additional information regarding your Crock-Pot® slow cooker, including compliance and safety precautions, can be found in the User Manual or at
Set-Up Your Crock-Pot Connected Slow Cooker Guide – Optimized PDF
Set-Up Your Crock-Pot Connected Slow Cooker Guide – Original PDF

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