CREATIVE SB1570 Sound Blaster Audigy Fx


Jacks & Connectors

Thank you for choosing the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx audio card. Welcome to a world of sound never before experienced.


Installing Your Hardware

  • Remove the power cable. Remove the computer cover.


  • Remove the existing sound card. Remove the metal casing of a PCI-e slot


  • Firmly slot the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx sound card into the PCI-e slot. Ensure that the sound card is fully seated in the PCI-e slot when securing it to the computer casing


  • Replace the outer casing. Reconnect the power cable.


Installing Your Software

To take full advantage of your Sound Blaster Audigy Fx audio card, you need to install device drivers and applications.  Download the Sound Blaster Audigy Software Pack from


The use of the WEEE Symbol indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help protect the environment. For more detailed information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local authority, your household waste disposal service provider or the shop where you purchased the product.

Using Your Sound Blaster Audigy Fx

Your Sound Blaster Audigy Fx works seamlessly with many external devices, delivering enhanced audio effects via the SBX Pro Studio engine to drastically improve your listening experience.

  • External audio device


  • Microphone


  • Gaming Headset / Headphones 


Select Headphones in the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx Control Panel.

  • 2.1 Channel Analog Speakers


  • 5.1 Channel Analog Speakers


Product Registration

Registering your product ensures you receive the most appropriate service and product support available. You can register your product during installation or at Please note that your warranty rights are not dependent on registration.

Technical & Customer Support Services

Go to to resolve and troubleshoot technical queries at Creative’s 24-hour self-help Knowledge Base. You can also find customer support services and other helpful information here.

Other Information

Please visit for the user guide and safety and regulatory information.

Documents / Resources

CREATIVE SB1570 Sound Blaster Audigy Fx [pdf] User Guide
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