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CREATE LICUADORA Mini Slow Juicer User Manual


Thank you for choosing our slow extraction blender. Before using the appliance, and to ensure the best use, please read these instructions carefully.
The safety precautions included in this document reduce the risk of death, injury, and electric shock when properly followed. Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference, along with the complete warranty card, sales receipt, and package. If applicable, please forward these instructions to the next owner of the appliance. Always follow basic safety precautions and accident prevention measures when using an electrical appliance. We do not assume any responsibility for the breach of these requirements by the customer.


When using any electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be observed.

  • Make sure that the mains voltage matches the voltage indicated on the rating label of the appliance and that the outlet is grounded.
  • Do not immerse the cord, plug or any non-removable part of the appliance in water or any other liquid, or expose the electrical connections to water. Make sure your hands are dry before handling the plug or turning on the appliance.
  • Unplug the appliance from the main power source when not in use.
    WARNING: If the appliance accidentally falls into water, unplug it immediately. Do not put your hand in the water.
  • Check the power cord regularly for visible damage. If the cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the official Technical Support Service, to avoid any type of danger.
    WARNING: Do not use the appliance if it has a damaged cord, plug, or case, or after it has malfunctioned, or has been dropped or damaged in any way.
  • Do not kink, bend, stretch, or damage the power cord in any way. Protect it from sharp edges and heat sources. Do not let it touch hot surfaces. Do not let cord hang over edge of work surface or counter.
  • The appliance is not designed to be operated by means of an external timer or a separate remote control system.
  • Turn off and unplug the appliance from the mains when not in use and before cleaning. Pull the plug, not the cord, to disconnect from the outlet.
  • This appliance is designed for household use only. It is not suitable for commercial or industrial use. Do not use it outdoors.
  • Do not use any accessory that is not recommended by the manufacturer, as it may cause injury or damage.
  • The appliance is not designed for use by children under 8 years of age. It can be used by children over 8 years old, provided they are under continuous supervision.
  • This appliance is not designed for use by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental disabilities, or lack of experience or knowledge, unless they have been supervised or instructed in the safe use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety that you understand the dangers involved.
  • Supervise young children to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Close supervision is necessary when the appliance is being used by or near children.
  • Keep the appliance and its cord out of the reach of children under 8 years of age. Place the appliance on a dry, stable, flat and heat resistant surface.
  • Do not use the appliance in the following circumstances:
  • On or near a gas or electric hob, in hot ovens, or near open flames. On soft surfaces (such as carpets) or where it can tip over during use. Outdoors or in areas with high humidity levels.
  • The temperature of the accessible surfaces of the appliance can be high during use and could cause burns.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces while in use or immediately afterwards.
  • Do not cover the appliance while it is in use.
  • Do not leave the appliance unattended while it is in use. Disconnect it from the network when you are finished using it or when you leave the room.
  • Do not try to repair the appliance yourself. Contact the official Technical Support Service for advice.
  • Cleaning and maintenance must be carried out in accordance with this instruction manual to ensure
    that the appliance works properly. Turn off and unplug the appliance before moving and cleaning it. Cleaning and maintenance tasks must not be carried out by children.
  • Do not wash the appliance in a dishwasher.
  • Store the appliance and its instruction manual in a safe and dry place when not in use. No responsibility is accepted for eventual damage or personal injury resulting from misuse or non-compliance with this instruction manual.


  1. Pusher plunger
  2. Feeding cup
  3. Pressing propeller
  4. Filter
  5. Silicone ring for filter
  6. Pressing cup
  7. Main body
  8. Pulp cup
  9. Juice cup


  1. The filter and filter silicone ring are preset when shipped from the factory. After completing the cleaning each time, mount them as they were so as not to affect the result of the operation.
  2. No component can be sterilized in microwave ovens or at high temperatures. Otherwise, they can be deformed, which can cause structural damage to the extent that they cannot


  1. Place the silicone ring of the filter around the bottom edge of the filter. Aim the pulp outlet plug of the silicone ring into the filter space. Press the silicone ring along the filter groove to make sure the ring fits snugly into the groove.
  2. Mount the press cup on the main body. Align the clamping position and insert it downward.
  3. Mount the pressing propeller on the pressing cup.
  4. Mount the filter in the press cup. Align the point of the filter with the point of the press cup (the largest buckle with the largest slot). Insert the filter into the pressing cup.
  5. Mount the feeding cup on the machine and rotate it to the correct position. Align the feed cup with the press cup. Turn it clockwise until the buckle presses on the microswitch. After hearing a click, it indicates that the installation is complete.


Make sure you clean your slow extraction blender well before using it.

  1. Place the installed machine firmly on a level table.
  2. Prepare the ingredients. Cut them into suitable pieces according to the different ingredients.
  3. Turn the switch to the “STA” position and the device will start to work, and then put the ingredients into the feeding cup. When the ingredients are too large to press gently, use the pusher plunger to push the ingredients in properly.
  4. If the ingredients are blocked in the press cup, turn the switch to the “REV” position for 3-5 seconds, then turn the switch to the stop position, stop working for 1-2 seconds, and then turn the switch to “STA” for normal work.
  5. After use, remove the components from the juice and clean them in time. Please note that you need to reinstall it on the filter after cleaning the filter silicone ring so that no parts are missing in the next use.


  1. After use, the main body should be wiped with a dry cloth, and any remaining juices should be wiped with a soft cloth and water. If there is serious dirt, use the cloth with neutral detergents to wipe them gently, and then wipe them with the cloth moistened with water. When washing the filter, remove the silicone ring from the filter and rinse it with clean water. In addition to using a cleaning brush, clean up the residue. Afterwards, reassemble the filter silicone ring in the original position in time for the next use.
  2. It is forbidden to use volatile oils and detergents for cleaning, which may cause discoloration or deformation of the device.
  3. If the device remains inactive for a long time, keep it clean and dry, and store it in a well-ventilated and dry place.


WARNING: There must be special vigilance against possible risks of personal danger, serious injury and significant loss of property.

  1. Putting hands, spoons or other hard objects into the feeding cup is prohibited so as not to cause injury, accident or damage to the machine.
  2. It is forbidden to disassemble the housing of the device to avoid damage to the motor or any other danger.
  3. It is forbidden to disassemble, hit or pierce the device. It is forbidden to put the device in water, fire or under an environment whose temperature is higher than 60 ° C to avoid a fire.
  4. This device can only be used in conjunction with parts and components such as the main body and components provided by our company. Please do not rebuild it by yourself or use alternative parts so as not to affect work performance or cause any accident.
  5. Do not put this device in a dishwasher, microwave oven, any system or hot water above 60 ° C so as not to damage the parts or affect its use.
  6. In the squeezing process, remove the shells and cores from the ingredients as much as possible and cut them into appropriate pieces. Slowly put them into the feeding cup one by one, and do not take too much force. If the ingredients cannot be extruded smoothly, turn the switch to the stop level, pause for 1-2 seconds, then turn it to “REV” to reverse for 2-3 seconds, and turn the switch to “STA” after 1 -2 seconds. Then the device can work normally.
  7. In the middle of the juicing process, if you find it difficult to dismantle the juicer components, turn the switch to “REV” to reverse it for 1-2 seconds, and it will be easier to dismantle the device.




Unable       to     function normally

1.  The plug does not connect properly.


2.    The components of the machine are not installed in the correct position.

1.  Reinsert the power plug securely.


2.    Reinstall the components according to the user manual.







Stops midway during use.




1.    The feeding cup is not installed correctly.


2.        Inserting too many ingredients or running continuously for too long causes the motor to stop automatically.

1.  Make sure the feeding cup is installed in the correct position.


2.    Push the switch to the stop level and remove the power plug.


3.    Remove the feed cup and reduce the ingredients.


4.    Assemble the feeding cup, insert the power plug and turn the switch to “STA” to continue working.


5.     If the device stops due to too long working time, please turn off  the  power  of the device. Half an hour later, keep it running.

Difficulty disassembling the pressing cup once the squeezing is finished.

Ingredients were added too quickly, causing a crash.

Turn the switch to “REV” and run the device for about 3 seconds.

Louder    noise     during work.

The degree of noise differs from the type and size of the ingredients.

Cut the ingredient into smaller pieces to reduce the noise properly.

In compliance with Directives: 2012/19/EU and 2015/863/EU on the restriction of the use of dangerous substances in electric and electronic equipment as well as their waste disposal. The symbol with the crossed dustbin shown on the package indicates that the product at the end of its service life shall be collected as separate waste. Therefore, any products that have reached the end of their useful life must be given to waste disposal centers specializing in separate collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment, or given back to the retailer at the time of purchasing new similar equipment, on a one-for-one basis. The adequate separate collection for the subsequent start-up of the equipment sent to be recycled, treated and disposed of in an environmentally compatible way contributes to preventing possible negative effects on the environment and health and optimizes the recycling and reuse of components making up the apparatus. Abusive disposal of the product by the user involves the application of administrative sanctions according to the laws.

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