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Thank you for choosing our toaster. Before using the appliance, and to ensure the best use, carefully read these instructions.
The safety precautions enclosed herein reduce the risk of death, injury and electrical shock when correctly adhered to. Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference, along with the completed warranty card, purchase receipt and package. If applicable, pass these instructions on to the next owner of the appliance. Always follow basic safety precautions and accident-prevention measures when using an electrical appliance. We assume no liability for customer failing to comply with these requirements.

Security Instructions

  • When using any electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be observed.
  • If the appliance is defective, do not try to repair it yourself. Always have a qualified professional carry out any repairs.
  • This appliance may be used by children over the age of 8 years old and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and know-how, but only if supervised or if they have been instructed on how to use the appliance safely and are aware of its potential dangers.
  • Children are not allowed to clean and maintain the appliance, except if they are over the age of 8 years old and supervised.
  • Keep the appliance and the cable out of reach of children under the age of 8 years old.
  • Keep an eye on children to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • Check that the mains voltage corresponds with that shown on the rating plate of an electrical appliance before you use it.
  • Check that the socket to which you connect the electrical appliance is earthed.
  • Always install electrical appliances on a stable and level surface where it cannot fall over.
  • Certain parts of an electrical appliance may become warm or sometimes hot. Do not touch them as you may burn yourself.
  • Make sure your hands are dry when you touch an electrical appliance, a cord or a plug.
  • Electrical appliances must be able to lose their heat to avoid fire hazards. Therefore, make sure that the appliance has sufficient clearance around it and that it does not come into contact with flammable materials. Electrical appliances must never be covered.
  • Make sure that electrical appliances, cords or plugs do not come into contact with water.
  • Never immerse electrical appliances, cords or plugs in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not touch electrical appliances if they have fallen in the water. Immediately pull the plug out of the socket. Stop using the appliance.
  • Make sure that electrical appliances, cords and plugs do not come into contact with heat sources, such as a hot hob or open fire.
  • Never let cords hang over the edge of the sink, a worktop or a table.
  • Always remove plug from the socket when you are not using the electrical appliance.
  • Remove the plug from the socket by pulling the plug itself and not the cord.
  • Regularly check if the cord of the electrical appliance is not damaged. Do not use the electrical appliance if the cord shows signs of damage. If the cord is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, a technical service provider or a person with an equivalent qualification, to avoid any danger.
  • The appliance may not be switched on with the aid of an external time switch, or by a separate system with remote control.
  • Be careful when using the appliance ou tdoors.
  • Never use the appliance in damp or wet locations.
  • Thoroughly clean the appliance after use (see Cleaning and Maintenance).

Parts ListCREATE-5910707-Retro-Toaster-1

  1. Bread toasting slot
  2. Bread-carriage lever
  3. Reheat button with light
  4. Defrost button with light
  5. Cancel button with light
  6. Browning adjustment dial
  7. Housing
  8. Crumb tray


Operate the toaster a couple of times, without bread, at the maximum setting (setting 6). This will remove the last traces from the manufacturing process. A little smoke and odour may be emitted by the toaster when it is used for the first time.


  1. Put the appliance on a stable and flat surface.
  2. Put the plug into the wall socket.


  1. Set the browning with the adjustment dial. The browning is lowest when the dial is set to the lowest position (setting 1). The browning is highest when the dial is set to the highest position (setting 6). In the event of doubt, always begin at a lower setting. Older bread will need to be toasted at a lower setting than fresh bread. Brown bread will need to be toasted at a higher setting than white bread.
  2. Put two slices of bread in the bread toasting slots.
  3. Lower the bread carriage by pressing the lever until the lever locks into place. The indi- cator light lights up. The appliance will now start toasting the bread; it will automatically switch off once the toast is ready. The bread carriage will then rise automatically.
  4. Remove the toast from the toasting slots.
  5. Remove the plug from the wall socket.
  6. Allow the toaster to cool down before storing it. Wrap the power cord around the Lugs on the toaster’s base.

WARNING: You can stop the toaster at any time you require. Press the ‘Cancel’ button to stop the toaster.
Switch off the toaster by pressing the ‘Cancel’ button if smoke is emitted from the toaster or the bread. If toast remains caught in the toaster, then you should remove the plug from the wall socket and allow the toaster to cool. You can now carefully remove the toast from the toaster. Do not use sharp and/or metal implements.

This toaster also has a reheat function. Once you have lowered the bread carriage
by pressing the lever, press the ‘Reheat’ button. By pressing the button, the ‘Reheat
indicator light will get illuminated.

This toaster also has a defrost function. You can use this to thaw deep-frozen bread.
Once you have lowered the bread carriage by pressing the lever press the ‘Defrost’
button. By pressing the button, the ‘Defrost indicator light will get illuminated.


  1. Fit the roll holder to the toaster.
  2. Lay the rolls or the French bread on the roll holder.
  3. Use the same procedure as for toasting bread, but without putting slices of bread on the bread carriages.


  • Remove the plug from the wall socket, and allow the appliance to cool
  • Take the crumb tray out of the appliance and remove any breadcrumbs.
  • Clean the exterior of the appliance with a damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth. Make sure no moisture gets into the appliance.
  • Slide the crumb tray back into the appliance.

WARNING: Never immerse the appliance, plug or power cord in water. Never put the appliance in a dishwasher. Never use corrosive or scouring cleaning agents or sharp objects (such as knives or hard brushes) to clean the appliance. CREATE-5910707-Retro-Toaster-2

In compliance with Directives: 2012/19/EU and 2015/863/EU on the restriction of the use of dangerous substances in electric and electronic equipment as well as their waste disposal. The symbol with the crossed dustbin shown on the package indicates that the product at the end of its service life shall be collected as separate waste. Therefore, any products that have reached the end of their useful life must be given to waste disposal centres specialising in separate collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment, or given back to the retailer at the time ot purchasing new similar equipment on a one for one basIs. Ine adequate separate collection Tor the subsequent start-up of the equIpment sent to be recycled, treated and disposed of in an environmentally compatible way contributes to preventing possible negative effects on the environment and health and optimises the recycling and reuse of components making up the apparatus. Abusive disposal of the product by the user involves application of the administrative sanctions according to the laws.

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CREATE 5910707 Retro Toaster [pdf] User Manual
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